The difference between IBM Business notebook and general notebook is:

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The difference between ThinkPad and other brands is hard to tell in a single word. The great brand effect of IBM is actually behind IBM's superior quality, generous design, operational performance, and excellent service, in addition, the things behind the scenes must be verified by customers for a long period of time.
When a general buyer buys a notebook, the eyeball is basically attracted by the configuration,The configuration determines the performance, but does not determine the availability and comfort of the operation..

The difference between IBM Business notebook and general notebook is:
1Superior Design

IBM uses the same black color for the entire notebook.Later, Xiao Hei became synonymous with IBM ThinkPad. Black is characterized by stability and generosity, and dirt resistance. After many years, it looks like it was originally purchased, and its colors will become obsolete after a period of time. A red finger cap is used on the IBM keyboard, so it is very elegant to choose the red one. Because red can bring strong visual stimulation and enhance the excitement of the brain, which is conducive to work.

IBM uses hinge fixed base design on screen shaft designOne advantage of this design is that the screen can be opened and closed at any angle, which is not easy to do. If you don't believe it, you can take other laptops. When the angle between the keyboard and the screen is less than 30 degrees, many laptops will find that the screen is automatically closed due to gravity, but IBM will not. Another advantage is that you don't have to worry about the broken screen axis of IBM ThinkPad. We have sold so much and haven't found any broken screen. Even if it falls, it's hard to break it.

IBM is dedicated in keyboard design. Without a doubt, the design and comfort of the IBM keyboard cannot be exceeded by other brands, and the words are hard to describe, you will surely feel much more comfortable typing on an IBM keyboard than using other brands. IBM's Red Riding Hood is actually much easier to use than touchpad. For Beginners, it is obviously easier to use than Red Riding Hood, you will find that the positioning of the red hat is faster than that of the touchpad.

IBM's design on the screen frame is also amazingThe ThinkPad light is installed in the upper part of the roof. when the light is turned on and the keyboard is lit up at night, you don't have to worry about affecting the rest of people in the same house when you work at night, you don't have to get up and turn on the lights. Bluetooth antennas and wireless antennas are arranged on both sides. This design makes IBM's Bluetooth signal and wireless signal strength stronger than other brands, So If IBM's notebook wireless does not receive good faith, other brands cannot receive signals. The IBM screen top cover is made of magnesium alloy composite material, which is very sturdy. Unless it is pressed hard, the screen will not make water ripple. On the contrary, many brands of laptops will see water ripple even when opening and closing the notebook.
After purchasing an IBM notebook, if you pay attention to it, you will find that after the screen of the notebook is closed, there is a fairly wide gap between the screen and the Bottom Frame,
It is also arc-shaped. The reason why IBM is designed this way is based on the principle of bridge design. The Arc arch can bear more pressure without breaking, so that at least the compressive capacity of the IBM notebook screen is far greater than that of other brands.

IBM also has many considerations in palm design.. A lot of friends are asking why IBM palm doesn't use magnesium and aluminum alloy design to save money? Generally, the palm of IBM uses high-strength ABS engineering plastics. For example, t4x uses ABS engineering plastics from Mitsubishi, Japan. This plastic is acid-base resistant and has high flexibility, in this way, the sweat on the hand won't easily lead to the color of the palm and paint loss. It is said that this material is much more expensive than magnesium alloy. In addition, it will be mentioned below that if magnesium-aluminum alloy is used, it will lead to discomfort due to heat dissipation. In addition, if magnesium-aluminum alloy is used, it will often feel static electricity, static electricity will make people be stabbed at once.

IBM is superior in internal designPeople who are engaged in motherboard design have to admire IBM's motherboard design and can only be described in two words: exquisite. If it must be described as more, it is an art. The comfort of a machine is usually directly related to the external framework, while the stability of a machine running is mainly determined by the internal framework design. The reason why IBM is so stable comes from IBM's excellent internal framework layout, motherboard design and heat dissipation design. According to our actual repair, the failure probability of the IBM motherboard is very low. I have to mention the IBM heat dissipation design. As we all know, poor heat dissipation is a very important reason for machine instability. IBM is also very well-developed in the heat dissipation design, for example, the heat dissipation material of IBM T43 is the copper long catheter, some of which is covered on the graphics card, and the other is covered on the CPU, and then the heat is discharged mainly through the left-side scale cooling copper. IBM's heat dissipation usually does not discharge heat through the keyboard or through the palm tray, because it affects the comfort of use, IBM's heat dissipation is mainly to the left side, down side heat sink, this not only ensures the full emission of heat, but also ensures the comfort of use.

IBM's ThinkPad supporting software design can be said to be painstaking. If you open an IBM pre-installed system notebook, you will find how there are so many software with your own. If you often play with IBM, you will feel that its software is not only rich, but also useful to everyone. For example, APS hard disk protection technology software can be used with hard disk protection hardware systems to protect hard disks, such as IBM Access connections, this software allows you to move between multiple networks without further setup. ThinkPad provides the software installer, a silly Installation Software, for those who are worried about upgrading IBM's own software and drivers, this software saves you the trouble of finding the driver.

IBM provides technical support. If you open a notebook on, there are various drivers relatedTechnical materialsEverything is available, and the classification is very clear and easy to find. This is the way people do. If there is no comparison, there will be no identification. You can look for the comparison of several other laptops by yourself. What worries me most is, one time, my friend asked me to help him find a wireless NIC driver that he brought. I didn't even find it on the official website. I found it most of the time and thought, this NEC is too good, too.

2Superior materials and strict testing
IBM notebooks have never spared no effort in materials.. One is the choice of suppliers, which not only strictly tests the products they supply, but also examines the management capability, production system, and Quality Assurance System of the suppliers, to determine whether the supplier can guarantee the quality of goods for a long time. Generally, IBM selects only the best suppliers, which are also internationally renowned companies. For example, the memory stick is mainly used by companies such as modern, Samsung, micron, and infineon. The hard drive is mainly made of products from Fujitsu, Toshiba, and Hitachi. Nic chips are generally the best, for example, T43 uses a Broadcom wired nic and t60 uses an Intel Nic chip. The choice of the original device on the motherboard is more stringent. For example, the memory slots generally only use the Ampersand and Foxconn, and the resistance and capacitance are generally used by Sanyo, how can common consumers see these things?

3Stable Architecture
In addition to IBM's superior design, superior materials, and strict testing, IBM ThinkPad is the king of business laptops. It is also very important that its architecture is stable and improved over and over again.

For a simple example, the IBM x32 architecture can keep tracking the IBM x20 and provide you with an x32 and an x24 architecture, so that you can stay away a little, it is difficult for you to determine who is x32 or x24. X24 and x32 have been separated for more than three years.
Another simple example is how similar the T43 and T40 of IBM are, similar to that of the T40 series.

The birth of any notebook model has to go through the following process: capture market demands, form product concepts, develop engineering testing prototypes, and enter large-scale commercial manufacturing and launch for sale, then, based on market feedback, we can further improve the model until the model disappears. This completes the model lifecycle.

For example, the IBM t4x series is first shaped by T40 and then improved on this basis. For example, when t41 is added to hard disk protection system technology, t42 mainly changes the CPU configuration, t43 has added fingerprint recognition and used the sonama platform. Next year, t60 is expected to be a big innovation. There are still many such examples. For example, the X Series notebook of IBM has been finalized at x20, And the x22/x24/x30 has not been significantly changed in industrial design since x31/x32, it just keeps up with updates from other components, such as CPU, memory, and hard disk.
The same is true for the IBM X40 series. IBM x41 is almost the same as X40, although it has improved the air cooling Design and adopted a new platform.

From the IBM Business Machine Model, you can always find the shadow of the previous model, such as the unchanging black, red riding hood, and a good keyboard.

This is explained from another perspective: A product cannot always be completely innovative, because it is easy to have problems. The industry believes in one sentence: 80% of a good product should be inherited, 20% of the logic of the philosophy of innovation lies in that there are too many things for a product to be innovated, and the product is prone to failure. If the innovation is too small, it will not inspire the desire of consumers to upgrade.

The success of IBM's business notebook lies in a good grasp of this logic, which makes the reusable design part of the industry almost the ultimate, I want to tell you that my x30 4gu can be upgraded to x32 by changing the x32 motherboard suite. Are you surprised? My x30 is in the P3 era, and x32 is already in the China (") era. How many industry vendors can achieve this? The advantage of doing so: the first is to satisfy the consumer's preference, and the second is that the design can be used repeatedly to reduce the design cost. Third, the high repetitive design has led to a significant reduction in the manufacturing cost, fourth, high repetitive design has led to a sharp drop in maintenance costs. From the market perspective, it is easiest to find the components of IBM xiao. Fifth, the high repetitive design has been tested by the market, it has already been very well-developed, which brings great stability.

what an IBM Business notebook is different from other laptops is that what it creates is stability, overwhelming stability, and stability. At present, there are very few business laptops made by manufacturers, not because they do not make any money. In fact, the gross profit of business notebook is much higher than that of consumer notebook, but there is little to do well.

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