The difference of TN,HTN,STN type LCD screen

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TN,HTN,STN Type LCD screen difference!appearance Differences

1.1 TN LCD (Twist nematic Liquid crystal Display) Twisted nematic liquid crystals are generally light gray-bottomed,

A glyph or graphic that is displayed as black.

The 1.2 HTN LCD (high Twist nematic Liquid Crystal Display) is typically a yellowish green bottom with a highly twisted nematic liquid crystal.

Appears as a dark blue glyph or graphic.


1.3 STN LCD (super Twist nematic Liquid Crystal Display) Ultra-high twist nematic LCD

· Yellow Mode: Orange Green Bottom, shown as a dark blue glyph or graphic.
· Gray Mode: A grey-green bottom that appears as a blue-purple glyph or graphic.
· Blue Mode: Dark blue Bottom, need to cooperate with the use of backlight, display font color such as backlight,

The commonly used backlight has yellow, red, amber color.
· Black & white Mode (FSTN): gray-colored bottom, text and graphics displayed in

High duty and multi-picture driving conditions, there is still a high contrast and wide view of the performance.

2. Application differences:

The 2.1 TN LCD (Twist nematic Liquid Crystal Display) is suitable for use in applications where the static to 1/16 duty drive conditions, that is, the drive screen is not too complex, can be well contrasted. Applications such as watches, computers, simple instrument display, handheld video games, general communications products (such as: Pager pager) and one piece car audio and so on.
The 2.2 HTN LCD (High Twist nematic Liquid Crystal Display) has a wider drive range and better photoelectric characteristics than TN products, typically 1/8~1/32 duty-driven product applications such as phone call recognizers (Caller ID ), Personal hand account (Data Bank) and one piece car audio, children's game consoles, learning machines, etc. that require a wider viewing angle.
The 2.3 stn LCD (Super Twist nematic Liquid Crystal display) retains excellent photoelectric properties in high drive conditions such as 1/16~1/240 duty, so STN products are suitable for use in dot-matrix display products such as display gauges, Electronic dictionaries, as well as communications products that require higher characteristics, such as mobile phones, personal satellite navigation systems (GPS), are used in STN products.

The difference of TN,HTN,STN type LCD screen

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