samsung galaxy lcd screen repair

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BenQ (BenQ) fp71e LCD monitor boot black screen Repair process

I haven't written a computer repair experience for a long time, think about it, big things, small things are quick to make me not like people, hehe! Well, today in the shop finally idle down to write a monitor repair feeling, just repaired a benqfp71e LCD screen boot black, the failure of BenQ machine has high pressure

Samsung LCD S19A330BW (S22A330BW) screen has bad points, how to deal?

because of the LCD screen production process restrictions, can not guarantee that every screen does not appear bad points, so the display manufacturers for the LCD screen of the bad points have their own rules. Samsung 17-inch-30-

How to adjust the screen angle of Samsung S19A330BW LCD

1. One hand put the upper edge of the machine, pay attention not to press to the LCD screen. The other hand holds the bracket while pressing down on the base to prevent the machine from dumping when it adjusts. 2. The hand on the border pushes backwards, you can adjust the screen and tilt the angle about 18 degrees. 3. The hand on the border pulls forwa

Yiyang finger? Unexpected LCD screen repair highlights

Starting from my job search... er, is it too far away? In short, it is the highlight of the LCD display that the company has provided me after work, that is, the kind of LCD display that Asus claims will never appear in their notebook. The highlight is: in the pure black or white background, the point is always green. Because it is a company computer, no one has asked about the warranty, so I have to endure

How do Samsung Galaxy On7 (5.1.1) phones screen? (G6000)

Samsung mobile phone G6000 support screenshots, if you want to achieve this function, please follow the following ways:While holding down the primary screen key and the "power" button on the right side of the phone, the screenshot is successful when the "captured screen capture" icon appears above the screen. If

How do Samsung Galaxy S5 g9006v screenshots? g9006v Screen Cutting method

A, Palm screenshot This screenshot of the previous Samsung S4 is also can be such a screenshot is nothing special, the following to introduce the S5 Palm wipe screenshots of the skills. 1. Crap does not say we clicked "Application" in the opportunity state. 2. Then find the "set" into the screenshot screen. 3. You now need to find "action and gestures" to achie

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) mobile phone screen cutting method? (A9000)

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) mobile phone screen cutting method There are many kinds of small set up here for you to organize 2 kinds of, the specific operation method as shown below. If you are intercepting the screen, follow these steps:method One: Shortcut key screen.Hold down the "main

Samsung mobile phone Galaxy S7 sm-g9350 to turn on intelligent screen-cutting function

Samsung mobile phone SM-G9350 supports intelligent screenshots to intercept current screens and scrolling areas, and to instantly crop and share screenshots. If you want to turn on this feature, follow these steps: 1. Under the standby page, slide the main screen page to the left. 2. Click "Settings". 3. Slide up the screen and cli

Samsung Galaxy A7 (A7009) Multiple Windows full screen mode to floating window mode tutorial

Note: Multiple windows will be full screen mode to the floating window mode is mobile support and applications to support, if there are some applications do not support the window, then our settings are not valid. Here we take the "Samsung application Store" as an example. 1. As shown in the following illustration, we drag a corner of the screen along the diago

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