BenQ (BenQ) fp71e LCD monitor boot black screen Repair process

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I haven't written a computer repair experience for a long time, think about it, big things, small things are quick to make me not like people, hehe! Well, today in the shop finally idle down to write a monitor repair feeling, just repaired a benqfp71e LCD screen boot black, the failure of BenQ machine has high pressure board part of the common problem, This should be recognized, the fault is mostly turned on the black screen, or directly black screen, but the indicator is normal. This situation can easily be identified as a high-voltage plate failure, the maintenance of the Monitor is 17 inch (silver frame, round base, there are small speakers, the bottom is blue edge), the fault for the boot black screen, normal indicator, FP series of machines are generally such a problem, of course, there are some failures for the light and then black screen.

Open the monitor to see if there is any apparent burn marks on this board, look carefully, the rectangular capacitor has a foot of virtual welding, the 3-a-meter measurement of the insurance has been burned, after the normal voltage of this insurance is 12V, this voltage for the high-voltage plate power supply, at that time did not have this insurance tube on hand, With 0.22-euro resistance instead, and welding the square capacitor, and then add Electric test machine, power after a two seconds, saw a white smoke with a burnt smell, immediately power off. That white smoke should be from d10pf06 this field tube come out of, weld it under the table test, damage (each foot is short circuit state, but in fact it was already broken before the test machine, just because I used resistance instead of insurance, no insurance, the field tube will also burn up the white smoke), in this case, Another good d10pf06 field tube should still not be, in fact, the beginning of the test machine is wrong, that 3 a of the insurance under normal circumstances is difficult to burn, unless the circuit has a serious short-circuit fault, so carefully find the fault point to determine the damaged components: square electrodeless Capacitor One (drum kit), two C5707 (breakdown ) and field tube d10pf06 one and Bel MS 3 a insurance)

On the old board to remove the yellow se square capacitance instead (the original machine is gray, but they are the same), replace the transistor C5707, replace the field tube fqu11p06 (this tube can be substituted for d10pf06), replace the 3A of the insurance pipe, put them in after the test machine, troubleshooting. BenQ's display is a common problem I have long known that the cause of the failure may be: high-voltage plate inverter Peripheral components of the virtual welding, but listen to note that the basis of the sale of the screen is due to the defect, but in any case, it is best to add the components around the inverter welding, prepare some C5707 and fqu11p06, as well as insurance pipe.

That's it, let's take a break! Technical important body more important amount!

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