The distinction between CD-ROM CD-r CD-RW

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Read-only disc memory CD-ROM is the normal CD that we often use. CD-ROM discs can be used to cross storage of large volumes of text, sound, graphics and images and other media digital information for quick retrieval, so the CD-ROM drive has become a standard configuration of multimedia computers.

CD-ROM memory cd-r,cd-r is a one-time recordable CD-ROM, which we usually say can be burned blank discs, can be very convenient to burn the system installation disk, MP3 and so on. CD-R discs are only allowed to burn once. Whether or not you will fill the entire disc at this time. Even if you write only 1M of content, the disc can not be burned.

Erasable Disc Memory CD-RW,CD-RW is also a blank disc can be burned, he and CD-R is different from the CD-R is a one-time burn, when the burn can not be burned once again, (if you burn the wrong disc will be "killed" oh). CD-RW is a disc that can be repeatedly erased. That is, after the disc is written to the content. You can also erase the content to a new one. But there is a useful life. 1000 times in theory ... Actually, it's hundreds of times.

Simply put, ROM is read-only. R is writable (1 times). RW can be written repeatedly (a bit like u disk).

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