The file or assembly "BMC. arnettoc. dll" or a dependency cocould not be found.

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Alas, it's troublesome to do something cold. If something goes wrong, it's hard to find information ~ T


Now, you are using C # as an interface to connect to remedy, or the new version 7.6.

Find the API, test the code, and check for errors .... these are enough headaches, but Google is still from time to time, the company is also blocked from time to time, foreign website pages are still harmonious from time to time can not open ......

Alas, don't let people be depressed will die ~


Because I forgot to keep the error message before fixing the problem... Too RZ, so I borrowed someone else's information, which probably means: I cannot find BMC. arnettoc. dll.

The file or assembly "BMC. arnettoc. dll" or a dependency cocould not be found.

Because the API has been registered by step, BMC. arsystem. dll is also introduced normally, but it is the BMC. arnettoc monster! Obviously, the path is correct, but the reference cannot be found during compilation .. it has been checked for dozens of times !! (Partition _ tables)


I checked and roughly excerpted the suggestions I saw on the Internet.

Well, placing the files in APP & #39; s bin directory is not quite sufficient in Ar. net API case unfortunately. this API implements des a bunch of unmanaged libraries (arcni, arapi, and so on) -- they need to be present in your typical Windows DLL search path. in web app & #39; s case, it is easiest to place them in a dir that is wrongly ded in your pathSystemEnvironment variable. if it is not a hassystemic for you, I suggest you to add your. net API install dir to the path, restart IIS, better yet restart your machine-and verify your app. I am fairly certain you & #39; ll see better results.

As noted in the readme.txt installation instructions of. net API -- any client app that needs to use the AR. net API assembly, must place. net API installation directory in the DLL search path. for standalone apps, one solution is to copy. net API & #39; s entire directory contents into your app & #39; s build Dir (or, other way around-copy/run your client program from. net API dir as working DIR ).
For Web apps, it is best to simply alter your system path env variable and include your. Net API install dir in there.

It maybe related to the runtime version of. net, this wowould have been 3.5 or lower when compiled...


The security settings for the DLL's in the AR. net API does play a role too. try allowing 'everone' or 'users' access to the AR. net API installation folder, and tighten security as appropriate from there.

Also, make sure that it's the AR. net API is the exact same version (version, subversion) as on the Development Box. if you need to upgrade, remember to re-check file permissions in the AR. net API folder once again, as those are reset when you apply the latest version.


-Please double check the readme for the installation instructions.
-As noted in the troubleshooting section, try running the fieldlabelchanger program. Does it work correctly? If so your installation is fine. But if your app is not working, then look at your path.
-. Net API includes few unmanaged DLLs in addition to the BMC. arsystem. DLL. so when you develop a custom program in. net (C #, VB. net etc), you have to do:
A. referencebmc. arsystem. dll assembly from your. Net project
B. Ensure. Net API installation directory is in the path
So that when running your app, the necessary unmanged DLLs can be found/loaded.

-If your app is a com app,
A. Check the readme for registering com wrapper;
B. Same rule about the path still applies.

In most cases, I deduce the issue to be path related issue. Ensure you 've your path right, then this "module cocould not be found" error shoshould go away.



To sum up, it is said that the API path is added to the system variable (the region is the same and you are advised to copy it so many times! ==+

Note that only v3.5 or lower is supported.


========================================================== ==========================================

This article is well written.


How to install. Net API for remedy (arsystem) Overview

Tables of US wocould like to know how to interact with remedy Ticketing System Using. NET framework. This is fairly easy to accomplish following several steps:

  • Login to BMC Developer Network
  • Register accound and download API from this link:
    • Http://
    • Http://
    • Http://

Note:. Net API is backward compatible. So you can use 7.1 With 6.3 server.

  • Create c: \ arapi. Net folder
  • Unzip downloaded files to previusly created folder
  • Create of modify several environment variables:
  • Add DLL into. NET Framework
C:\ARAPI.NET>C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\regasm "C:\ARAPI.NET\BMC.ARSystem.dll" /codebase
Microsoft (R) .NET Framework Assembly Registration Utility 1.1.4322.573
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1998-2002. All rights reserved.
Types registered successfully
  • Create artcpport environment variable. assign value "5920". This variable will be used as default port to connect to remedy system.
  • Add BMC. arsystem and BMC. arnettoc to Assembly Cache at. Net configuration menu

  • Reboot your machine
  • Create sample code: createremedyticket. CS

// Create Remedy Ticket

// C#

// Copyright (C) 2008 Paul Greenberg. All Rights Reserved.


// Tested under .NET v1.1.4322

using System;
using System.Net;
using System.IO;
using System.Text;
using BMC.ARSystem;

namespace Isrcomputing {

class CreateRemedyRequest {

static void Main(string[] args) {

try {
BMC.ARSystem.Server server;
server = new BMC.ARSystem.Server();
server.Login("remedyserver01", "myusername", "mypassword"); // Change this to your server, username , password
String formName = "HPD:HelpDesk";
BMC.ARSystem.FieldValueList fieldValues = new BMC.ARSystem.FieldValueList();
// Create an entry
fieldValues[8] = "C# - Generation II - Ticket that was automatically generated";
fieldValues[240000007] = "Net Trials....\n\rChecking possibilities";
// Category Field
fieldValues[200000003] = "Remedy";
// Type field
fieldValues[200000004] = "Import";
// Item Field
fieldValues[200000005] = "Assets";
// Case Type
fieldValues[260000130] = "Incident";
// Status
fieldValues[7] = "New";
// Priority
fieldValues[260000126] = "Low";
// Login+
fieldValues[240000005] = "myusername";
// Name+
fieldValues[240000001] = "Joe Shmo";
// Agency
fieldValues[200000012] = "ISRCOMPUTING";
// Location
fieldValues[200000007] = "50 Broadway";

// Department
fieldValues[200000006] = "Operations";

//BMC.ARSystem.EntryIdList entryId = server.CreateEntry(formName, fieldValues);
string entryId = server.CreateEntry(formName, fieldValues);
Console.WriteLine("Created Entry: " + entryId.ToString());
} catch(Exception e) {
Console.WriteLine("ARSystem.Exception caught\n" + e.ToString()); }

  • Compile your code:
"C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\csc.exe" /lib:C:\ARAPI.NET /reference:BMC.ARSystem.dll /define:DEBUG /optimize /out:createremedyticket.exe createremedyticket.cs 

Export thanks to OTO slavos from BMC remedy team, who helps developers around the globe to achieve their goals!


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