The first half of 2012 Baidu K Station Trend analysis

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2012 SEO Industry blockbuster bomb Mo station incident, Baidu has made a successive Baidu 6.22 event, 6.28 events, 7.13 Black Friday events, has set off a major unrest in the webmaster sector, the anti-Baidu alliance also emerged, nearly thousands of webmaster cluster Click Baidu Advertising Action, the army has also come into the flood, Made the click Baidu bid ranking events to Baidu to recover the space of direct dialogue.

Interconnected, unpredictable, boundless land, who is the main ups and downs? SEO and Baidu's the Battle of the elephant, how to deduce? Zaoshi Hydropower ran Dugu fly as a grassroots webmaster, small force, in addition to helpless or helpless, a sigh: watch it change.

Each road great God in succession to the K station serial events and related to Baidu new algorithm problem, make some guesses and analyses. Most people think: The adjustment is affected by the larger area is IT industry (SEO, net earn, etc.) and the medical profession, Taobao Guest site, industry health stations, news site weight reduction, new station evaluation period lengthened, Baidu's own product weight promotion.

For Baidu K Station and algorithm adjustment problem, Xiao ran Dugu fly here not to discuss, each big site has a master in for everyone to answer, today's Dugu fly only to explore the problem is how from the history of Baidu changes in the data to observe the recent changes in Baidu track, groping some spider silk. The following Dugu fly is based on the home of the official site of the authority to provide monitoring of authoritative data, and the combination of Dugu fly weekdays to some of the records of some stationmaster to do some statistics, hope to be able to solve the problem of K station to provide some reference.


Note: "2012 Baidu K-Station statistics" is the 2012 daily Baidu K station of the proportion by date and week of the list, in the K-station a few of the data to give bold, the K-station anomalies in several places with red to mark.

Maybe have this friend read some of the above data or feel a little dizzy and bad understanding, in order to more intuitive understanding of the changes in the data, Xiao ran Dugu fly specially for everyone to produce a trend map. Gossip less, directly above the figure.










We can see from the above trend chart:

1. Baidu Normal K station is within 8, we can 4 as a baseline, used to measure the range of K station is beyond the normal level.

2. We will select the K-station ratio of more than 4 of several dates out: as shown


3. Month Analysis

January: K-Station Proportion of the fluctuations are relatively large.

February: The proportion of K stations as a whole is below 4

March: The proportion of K stations as a whole began to rise, with 4 dates exceeding 4

April: is a stable month, the overall K-station ratio fell back, did not appear more than 4 K-station phenomenon, most of it under 3.

May: Compared with April more moderate, K-station ratio is basically around 2.‰

June: April and May of the quiet behind the hidden murder, this should also be proof of an old saying, the storm before the quiet more terrible, June smoke, June 6 K station ratio of 0.8%, June 28 K station ratio 2.29%, June 29 K station ratio of 1.11% drastic, stir a piece of wolf nationality.

July: July 7th K Station ratio 1.22%, 13th K station ratio 0.81%, 21st K station ratio 0.68%, rolled layers of waves, from the lake no longer quiet.

Thinking behind the K-station

Why do Baidu want K station? On this point we have to measure from the overall, Baidu K station is because SEO hindered the price of the road to make a bid, or the national policy adjustment, or to a clean Internet? There is a cause, there are some problems this is not what we can think of? People are just guessing. The following excerpts are some of the speculations on the Web:

(1). Baidu Bid High profits

(2). SEO received training everywhere

(3). Acquisition Plagiarism Everywhere

(4). Brush the station mass to trample the red line

(5). NET make the gunman all-pervasive

(6). The station group chain wheel is endless

(7). Black Chain Hanging horse walk


Facing such a wide range of K station, how will we face? Today may not be you, the next may be You, SEO Road in the end how far, this is the webmaster are faced with the challenge.

How to upstream, how to fire rebirth? Calm behind, we will also how to face the problem, although we do not know why Baidu K you, was K apart from complaining about the slit to survive, a comeback, not be K we also do not gloat, should prepare for a rainy day, learn to be in danger. How to prevent the site from being K? How to go to the website for self-examination? The following is Hsiao-Dugu fly to talk about some personal views:

1. Whether the recent use of black Hat, using a number of brush flow software such as the rapid flow of experts, days and traffic Wang and other software to do crazy brush station it?

2. Whether the use of mass software, such as forum mass, mass mailing, QQ mass and other tools for viral marketing and create a lot of junk advertising it?

3. Are there any recent purchases of black chains?

4. Whether in the recent forums, blogs and other places desperately to sign, whether the site outside the chain using such as super chain tools such as a large number of mass group caused the chain to soar?

5. Does the recent Web site collect or replicate the content of the outbound sites in large quantities, using collection tools such as train collectors for large area collection?

6. Does your website use station group, sprocket structure, and some of these sites have been k?

7. Has your website recently done Baidu bidding ranking and suddenly suspend bidding, remove advertising?

8. Are there any recent calls from Baidu customer service?

9. Has the recent web site been attacked, hacked or hung by a horse? Is the invasion placed black chain?

10. The recent Web site procedures or database problems, due to improper operation mistakenly deleted a lot of content, the site appears dead chain, lead to a large number of 404 pages?

11. Your Web server uses foreign space, such as the United States host, Hong Kong host, server instability, the site is often open?

12. The content of the site is bad, such as pornography, gambling, reactionary, pictures, medical and other illegal information?

13. The site has a large number of advertising information, using JS window and so on?

14. Whether the recent revision of the site, a wide range of changes in the structure of the site, content, path. or frequently modify the site title, keyword tags, description tag it?

15. Is there an excessive optimization of the website, the keyword density is too high, the keyword is serious piling up? Whether excessive use of the anchor text, deliberately increase the site chain? Whether to overuse the label of the aggregation weight, such as H1 label, Strong label, b label, etc.

16. Whether the site uses some cheating methods, such as using Bridge page, hidden link, link station color and background same, reduce the font so that users can not detect.

Robots.txt writing problem, search engine is robots.txt prohibit crawl?

18. Whether the website appears vinegar sells the dog net, the website title and the website content does not match.

19, does your website have the record?

20. Is there a link between bad links, of which there are three sites, has been Baidu pull hair?

21. The recent rental of your virtual host with the IP address of the site is Baidu think cheating site, and led to the phenomenon of IP blocked?

22. Web site for a long time did not update the content or often no one to manage?

23. Your site has no substance, whether there is more than 90% of the site bounce rate, the average user stay time shorter, PV low phenomenon?

K Station incident to our grassroots webmaster, is a challenge is also an opportunity, for many novice webmaster, is undoubtedly an opportunity, because by K site in addition to some rubbish site, there is a large part of the previous weight is very high but the user experience very poor old station, this time when their site was K, For us less a very strong competitor, of course, to seize the opportunity is also difficult, because after all after the adjustment of Baidu, the remaining site is usually very excellent, we want to go beyond the words, but also to add strength!

Do network secret: you insist! The most brilliant SEO: Dilute the optimization traces, do the article quality, improve user experience, status quo can win the Magic weapon!

This article from Shanghai SEO Hsiao-dugu Fly original article source: Dugu Fly SEO blog, welcome reprint! Please specify the source, thank you!

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