The first WEB2.0 Business Day Review and summary (4)

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A series of promotional programs :

Bababian OPEN: through for many small and medium-sized BBS, BSP, personal blog, SNS and other sites to provide photo storage and sharing functions, in order to quickly improve the number of Babbitt registration. BA-ba change focus and photo storage and sharing, and many BBS and blog due to financial or technical strength of the reasons can not provide users with album function, not to mention the professional sharing function. Through Bababian Open, we open API interface for BBS (Dynamic Network Forum, DISCUZ, phpwind), personal blog (pjblog, Boblog, ZBLOG, F2blog, etc.), BSP (Oblog), SNS (such as Wealink), such as providing photo storage space and photo album services, some of these cooperation objects because of the direction of choice, do not own albums, some because of the strength limit, unable to provide users with enough photo storage space, plus the first open API Photo storage service provider, We are fast at plug-in development, so through the open program, it brings a good effect for Baba, which includes a direct increase in the number of users, and these users are very active "sneezes", their own communication ability is very strong, through their platform, more people know about Baba, The search engine's record has also been greatly increased. I understand that the open plan is a microcosm of our full use of the Babbitt storage function.

When it comes to plug-in development, our technical staff is not, the early stage of a variety of plug-ins are basically by the technical staff to contact the enthusiastic user development, in the early development of the user's strength to support the development of the website, this is very important. Our return to the user is to provide some

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