The question Bank of university platform--no longer "dead" no longer dynamic

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University platform set examination system, authority system, basic system, evaluation system, freshman entrance system, etc., have the honor to participate in one of the examination system. In the examination system there is a situation, about how the question bank table is stored in the database.

The question bank looked at the simple two words, but contains a lot of questions in the bank, each type has many problems, on the Langfang Normal University, so far, has experienced a number of types of 28 kinds, and every year may be added many types of questions, if simply will be the question list, how also enumerated not complete, How many questions in each question are not sure, perhaps more this year, less next year, perhaps less this year, more than next year ...

So how do we solve this problem? The following three solutions are available:

First: Dynamic Build table (Task question + course = a test bank)

Dynamic building of tables, one question and one course determines a list of questions that are created dynamically when you assign a section to a course.


will use SQL statements that do not conform to object-oriented thinking

Multiple Access tables at the time of the problem

Second: 28 kinds of question Bank table + Dynamic creation table (add a table dynamically when adding new question)

List the existing 28 types of questions, these 28 questions are in line with the object-oriented thinking, for the newly added questions, the use of SQL statement creation and operation. When the problem is drawn, it is extracted from the corresponding question list.


There are too many question bank tables in the database, still need SQL statement, not conform to object-oriented thinking

For dynamically created tables, the number of tables that need to be accessed during a problem-solving process

Third: All types of questions are placed in a table


Easy to add new types of questions

When you draw a question, you only need to query a table


Large amount of data in the table, access to data frequently, easily paralyzed during exams

Data redundancy, extra fields present

We finally chose a third solution for the following reasons:

Mainly to deal with new types of more flexible, easy to draw, about its shortcomings, our solution is to draw questions in advance, before the examination of the subject taken out of the course to put in a temporary table, the process of access to the temporary table, in addition to the early draw, the exam a few minutes before the question in accordance with certain rules taken out of storage.

since this the scheme is convenient to add new questions, so how convenient is he? How is the design of the corresponding table designed?

We know that a complex question set consists of some of the most basic properties (such as courses, question types, etc.) + options + null + correct answer + listening + questions from the basic components of the table. So the table we designed is like this.

The components are as follows: The component is stored in the question and the details

The table of questions and the details of the types are as follows:

The Question bank table is as follows:

The page to add question questions is as follows: Group composition of new task types and the details table

The road is tortuous, the realization is tangled, as for the effect, do not know, is being realized ....

The question question Bank of university platform--no longer "dead" no longer dynamic

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