The advantages and disadvantages of solid state drives

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The advantages and disadvantages of solid state drives

About solid-state hard disk knowledge, there are many netizens may not know the hard drive is divided into traditional mechanical hard disk and solid state drive two, traditional mechanical hard disk we can often see, for solid-state hard disk knowledge about very little! Today's small knitting is here to charge everyone! Hope to be helpful to everybody!

Let's take a look at what is a solid-state drive?

Solid-State hard disk is a solid-state electronic memory chip array made of hard disk, is made of unit and storage unit (flash chip) composed of! It is used in the same way as traditional mechanical hard disk! The working temperature range of solid-state hard disk is very wide! ( -40~85℃), solid-state hard disk is more useful than traditional hard disk applications, such as military, video surveillance, network monitoring, power, medical and aviation and other important industrial areas! The cost of solid-state drives is higher than the cost of traditional hard drives, and the technology is different. For the difference between the two of us in the next article will be specific to introduce you! In simple terms, there are many manufacturers only need to buy NAND storage, coupled with the appropriate control chip, you can make solid-state hard drives! The new generation of solid-state drives is commonly used SATA-2 interface and SATA-3 interface.

Product introduction

The solid-state drive (Solid state Drive) is simply a hard disk made from a solid-state electronic memory chip array, with a wide operating temperature range ( -40~85℃). Although the cost is high, but also is gradually popularized to the DIY market. Because solid-state hard disk technology differs from traditional hard disk technology, many emerging memory vendors are produced. Manufacturers can only buy NAND storage, and then with the appropriate control chip, you will be able to make solid-state drives. The new generation of solid-state drives generally adopt SATA-2 interface and SATA-3 interface.

Basic classification

Solid-State hard disk storage medium is divided into two types, one is the use of flash memory (Flash chip) as a storage medium, the other is the use of DRAM as a storage medium.

1. Solid state Drive based on flash memory

Flash-based solid-state drives (IDE flash disk, serial ATA flash disk): Flash chips are used as storage media, which is what we usually call SSDs. Its appearance can be made into a variety of shapes, such as: Notebook hard disk, micro-hard disk, memory card, u disk and other styles. The biggest advantage of this SSD is that it can be moved, and the data protection is not controlled by power and can adapt to all kinds of environment, but the service life is not high, and it is suitable for individual users to use. Product picture

2. DRAM based Solid State Drive

DRAM based SSD: using DRAM as storage medium, the application scope is narrow.

It follows the design of traditional hard disks, can be set up and managed by the file system tools of most operating systems, and provides industrial standard PCI and FC interfaces for connecting hosts or servers. The application method can be divided into SSD hard disk and SSD hard disk array two kinds. It is a high-performance memory, and the service life is very long, in the ointment is the need for independent power to protect data security. DRAM solid-state drives are relatively non-mainstream devices.

Okay, so what's the benefit of the solid state drive we're talking about here?

Solid-State hard disk is the advantage we are in the purchase of hard disk when the time is very much attention to a few! Small series for everyone to enumerate! We look down:

1. Price and capacity

Solid-state hard disk capacity and price are more expensive than mechanical hard disk, mechanical hard disk 1TB capacity of 800 or so! and SSD capacity 128G in Taobao price of about 700 yuan!

2. Physical characteristics

Solid-state hard drive without noise, vibration, small size, low calorific value, power consumption is very low, operating temperature range is very large! There are no mechanical moving parts inside the SSD, no motors or fans, and the computer is 0 DB Noisy! Also need not worry about collision, shock, vibration and so on; A typical hard drive can work only at 5-55 degrees Celsius, while most solid-state drives work in-10~70摄氏度. The same volume of solid-state and mechanical hard drives, solid-state hard disk volume is less than the mechanical hard drive!

3. Reading and writing speed

Solid-State hard disk does not need to use the head, seek the time is basically equal to 0, it uses flash memory as a storage medium, reading speed relative to the mechanical hard disk faster! Solid state hard disk has a very amazing advantage is that it's read and write speed is very amazing! It takes 14 milliseconds to read and write Solid-State drives can easily be read or written to 0.1 milliseconds, perhaps even lower!

4. Service life

Compared with the mechanical hard disk, solid state hard disk service life is relatively low! Small series in the online collection of some information, which has a formula, you can calculate, the new solid-state hard disk than the previous solid-state hard disk performance improved a lot, but also extended the use of solid-state hard disk life! A 120G solid state drive, The file to be written to 120G does not count as a P/E. Ordinary users across normal use, even if the daily written 50G, an average of 2 days to complete a P/E, then 180 times a year P/E. We can calculate 3,000 p/e, how many years can we use?

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