The colon and his students (serial 22)--Abstract thinking

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22. Abstract

is to be called the shape of the indistinct, the elephant of Nothingness, is to be said to be a trance--"Laozi Dau Sutra"

Colon walk into the classroom, the students immediately sat, into combat status.

"If we are doing a play, then the first five lessons are just one door," he said. "The colon is a pair of self acting posture."

The crowd was secretly surprised: this door is also a bit long.

The colon immediately asks: "Remember the iterative learning method mentioned in the paradigm summary?" ”

The quotation mark responds quickly: "It is between the concrete knowledge and the abstract theory to do the turn-running." ”

"Good memory. "You already have the basics of a certain programming language before this class, so let's start with the abstract programming paradigm and then revert to the discussion of programming languages," said Colon. ”

"In this logic, we are going to return to the programming paradigm again," the period speculates. ”

"We do have a for loop, but believe it's an incremental loop," he said. The colon uses the programming language to emphasize his learning theory.

The comma was somewhat disappointed: "Isn't it supposed to be a topic discussion on the Java language?" ”

"You don't worry, Java it can't run." "The colon sees his mind," the language is the shape, the paradigm is the God, this time we will merge the two, strives for the form God both. Specifically, the paradigm is mainly OOP, language is mainly Java, and may involve C, C + + or C # and other languages. In addition, the sample code can also be significantly increased. ”

A black cloud on the comma's face suddenly dissipated.

The colon then warns: "However, adhering to the concept of the opening speech, our focus is not on the side of knowledge, but in the source of knowledge." So whether we are talking about Java or OOP, we do not pursue the system and the overall, but strive to show the activity of knowledge from different point of view, angle and depth. ”

Here, the colon is a question: "What is the most important ability of a programmer?" ”

The answers are diverse: learning ability, logical thinking ability, problem solving ability, concentration, communication ability and so on.

"There is no doubt that what you are saying is important." This is a matter of opinion, I just use it to start the topic of the future. In my opinion, the ability of abstract thinking is the most important. Of course, not only the computer field, but other science also needs this kind of ability. More broadly, abstraction is the most important tool for human beings to recognize and portray the world. "The colon is on the metaphysical path," he said.

The exclamation mark then recalls: "Before talking about the plane paradigm, it seems to mention the importance of abstraction and decomposition." ”

We have also mentioned that different paradigms are abstractions and decompositions of software in different ways. "Colon supplements," then what is abstraction? It may be summed up as: refine in order to simplify, youbiaojili in order to seek the same in different. More refined, the abstraction is for subtraction and division. ”

The question mark is doubtful: "Subtraction is well understood, by the selection minus the non essential and unimportant part, namely refine." But what about division? ”

Stop suddenly enlightened: "Through the phenomenon to see the essence, found that the similarities between things, that is, different in the same." The same kind of merge, that is division. ”

The colon further explains: "In the language of discrete mathematics or abstract algebra, it is the quotient operation of a set that produces equivalence relations and corresponding equivalence classes through abstraction." ”

The comma muttered: "Originally quickly understood, after such a description, again confused." ”

The colon laughs: "If the mathematics language is too advanced, use the arithmetic language." Multiplication can be regarded as the same kind of copy, as the division of inverse operation is naturally merged. ”

The comma in the eyes of the confusion gradually dispersed, if the realization: "Well, after subtraction and division, the large number of decimal, complex to become simple." ”

"Can the abstraction be more specific?" he said. "Question mark words an exit then self-inductance paradox suspicion: abstract can concrete?"

The colon is self-explanatory: "First, there is an angle to the abstract." The same entity (entity) is abstracted from different angles, and the resulting model is different. In the case of this entity, the topological home is a three-dimensional connected set, a particle in the mind of a theoretical mechanic, a carbohydrate in the chemist's eyes--"

Exclamation mark upon my word: "In the eyes of the lover is Xi Shi." ”

"The filtration shortcoming, extracts the merit, the Xi Shi is this to refine." The colon deliberately elongated the stems ending.

The crowd couldn't help but enjoy themselves.

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