The quality of the logo depends on the behavior and policy represented

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When the bad luck comes, the original intention again good design will suffer. The quality of the logo depends on the behavior and policy represented.

When the bad luck comes, the original intention again good design will suffer. The quality of the logo depends on the behavior and policy represented. At the beginning of the 20th century, the million-character "Swastika" (swastika)-or hook-shaped cross, a symbol of the ancient symbol of good luck-the following products as trademarks to use: Good luck card (good Luck) bottle with sealant, refreshing card (fresh) Stop Sweat dew, swastika brand fresh fruit, swastika brand cigar, swastika sign matches, And even Coca-Cola, which looks incredible today. However, in 1922 Hitler's National Socialist Workers ' Party (ie, the Nazis) adopted this symbol, and in 1935 it was upgraded to Nazi Germany's national symbol. From that moment on, the symbolic meaning of the symbol changed from benign to evil. In the foreseeable future, the swastika of the Western culture will hardly get rid of its terrible meaning.

Paul Rand for Enron Design "E" (top), and recently discarded Circuit City logo (on).

While this is the most extreme example of a good sign of misfortune, there are numerous examples. For example, Paul Rand (Paul Rand) designed the "E" label for Enron (Enron). The energy company went bankrupt as a result of a corruption scandal, and its employees ' billions of-dollar pension was wiped out; before that, the three bars of the letter "E" represented only three pipelines in a central repository-a succinct way of interpreting the company's main assets. Although this is not necessarily Rand's best corporate logo work, it is an effective memory symbol. Until the public learns of Enron's wrongdoing--and the company's executives end up on trial, prison and suicide--The letter "E" becomes a "scarlet word", a laughingstock that people give acrimony and fierce condemnation.

Rand warns that logos, like "Rabbit's Feet", symbolize luck and are full of mystical and magical features that are not always rooted in reason. He further pointed out that only if the entity represented was good, the mark could be said to be good. Edsel (Edsel) car in the market nationalists awry, so Edsel this name and trademark and stupidity is always linked together. Recently, the boxed electronics and home appliance retailer of Circuit City Circuit closed, and I bet other retailers in the short term will not imitate the use of similar red circular logos to avoid dressing themselves up as losers. Although the cause of the Circuit City bankruptcy is the economic depression, but also inevitably affected people's view of the logo. A logo is the face of a company, institution, or country. It contains the brand's good, bad and ugly and many other aspects. Its fortunate and unfortunate, positive and negative implications depend on the large environment in which it exists. In the Kingdom of the mark, the environment concerns everything.

Many comments have vilified Anil (Arnell Group) for the "Pure Fruit Music" (Tropicana) design of the packaging and logos that they see as prosaic. After unexpectedly encountering public protests, "pure fruit music" was forced to return to a more specific package: the orange and striped straw as the theme. But not many people remember that before this symbolic orange, the fruit juice was packaged with a racist trademark-"Qiao

The "Pure Fruit Music" (right), redesigned by the group in 2009, angered customers, but was dwarfed by the "playful-Anna" (left) of the the 1970s trademark, which had a racist meaning.

Skin-Anna "(Tropic-ana). She is a little belly, topless, dressed in sexy grass skirts, a basket of orange girl, the integration of the "juice Source" (Minute Maid) girls and "Chiquita Banana" (Chiquita Banana) girl characteristics. People may reveal the same affection when they look at the baby bear. In view of the ignorance of the customs of that era, "saucy-Anna" symbolizes a world-wide view of the superiority of the indigenous population (apparently a Florida State Aboriginal person), emphasizing the colonialist/the idea of the doctrine of Providence: "Indigenous peoples" exist only for the purpose of serving the American way of life.

Is this tasteless American fried hot dog sausage (Pronto pups) ad a good idea?

Many trademark figures are eliminated by time because of their insulting depiction. "Ad boy: Vintage ads with characters"(ad Husain boy:vintage with advertising), co-author of Woren Dotz (Warren Dotz) and Massoud Hussein (Masud Character) [10 speed There are some 20 worthy figures in the publishing house (Speed Press). Most of these characters are harmless, stupid and adorable, and some have no taste: the image of a hot dog wearing a cape in a Mexican wide-brimmed straw hat and a cloak for the delicious fried hot dog sausage (Tasty Pronto pups); "Indian River" Maiden, a head like an orange, sexy and moving, Like a femme fatale "woman" (squaw), and, of course, "deep-fried tortilla Bandits" (Frito Bandito), the Mexican gangster who always steals corn flakes (as if all Mexicans are outlaws). There is no need for analysis because the overtones of these characters are self-evident-we know they have a problem when we see them. Racist trademarks have been rife with labels and advertisements for American products (as well as many foreign goods), in part because minorities have little or no say in mainstream society, and their alternative gives them "curious value" (curiosity value). But in the sports community, some of these statements still exist. Other figures, including "Jemima" (Aunt Jemima), "Uncle Ben" (Uncle Ben) and "The Chef" (Cream of Wheat chef), are so deeply popular (in the business press, they are known as "friendly people who can be welcomed by housewives". Instead of being eliminated, it was refined to reflect that era. Jemima, a real African-American female vendor at the end of 19th century, has been selling stalls across the country, turning from a plantation family slave to a next-door aunt. The happy home uncle, has not changed much so far [by the way, the product was originally launched by an African-American entrepreneur Gordon Havier (Gordon L. Harwell)].

The logo is designed to evoke positive perceptions. People's indifference to the logo is the worst, perhaps worse than this is only a worthless logo. Failure design--unattractive work--is worthless. Designers who have designed logos for bankrupt or ailing companies are wise to remove these designs from their own work.

The logo designed by Jerry Carnot (Gerry Kano) for the Archbishop's Youth council in the early 1970s is no longer "black-and-white".

In some cases, identification is not only a sign of failure or illegality, but sometimes it is an inadvertent depiction of a company or organization's flaws or stupidity. In the case of the Archbishop's Youth Council (Archdiocesan Youth Commission), for example, 30 years after the advent of the logo, a sexual abuse scandal took place in the Catholic Church. Given our collective consciousness in the 2009, this unfortunate figurative relationship between priests and children suggests a very ironic explanation. Interpreting the original meaning of this positive/negative image-a guardian protecting innocent children-is indeed a challenge, as the love of the subject is no longer as simple as black and white. When a good design is reminiscent of bad behavior, this is undoubtedly a bad sign.

* The Scarlet Letter(The Scarlet) is a masterpiece published by the American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne (Nathaniel Hawthorne) in 1850. The protagonist in the book is forced to wear a red letter "a" in front of his chest, symbolizing disgrace.

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