The method of WIN8 system computer to prolong the life of liquid crystal display

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The method of WIN8 system computer to prolong the life of liquid crystal display

What is liquid crystal:

Liquid crystal is a kind of polymer material, because of its special physical, chemical, optical characteristics, 20th century century began to be widely used in light and thin display technology. People familiar with the material state (also known as the phase) for gas, liquid, solid, more unfamiliar is the plasma and liquid crystal. The liquid crystal phase has a special form of molecular composition, they can flow, but also have the optical properties of crystallization. The definition of liquid crystal has now been relaxed to include a liquid crystalline phase at a temperature range that is normally crystallized at a lower temperature. and the liquid crystal component is an organic compound, which is a carbon-centric composition. At the same time, liquid crystals with two kinds of substances are composed of intermolecular forces, and their special optical properties are sensitive to electromagnetic fields, which are of great practical value.

First, the use of LCD display life:

LCD display power Consumption is small and no radiation, for the long-term use of computer workers, liquid crystal display is very suitable. Insufficient is, the life of the liquid crystal display is quite short, now the market most of liquid crystal display's nominal service life is 2~3 million hours (it is said that ViewSonic Liquid crystal display can reach 5~6 million hours). That is, if you turn on 24 hours a day, you can only use 833-1250 days, less than 3.5 years, and in the course of use, the brightness will gradually weaken. Compared with the liquid crystal display, CRT display life is generally up to 10 years, and the display effect will not be affected too much. However, for it products, it is good to use 5 years, it should be replaced.

The core component of the liquid crystal display is the LCD layer and the top and bottom two pieces of polarizer and backlight components, backlight components of the main components are backlight lamp and guide plate two parts, the life of the main decision is the life of the backlight lamp, after reaching a certain period of time, backlight lamp will appear aging, brightness with the decrease, when the lamp brightness attenuation to 50% When the use of time is defined as lamp life.

LCD display brightness reduced to a certain time, there will be less obvious scan line, this is because the display automatically reduces the frequency of the tube.

  Second, the LCD screen resolution settings:

Resolution refers to the number of pixels per unit area displayed. LCD panel as if arranged a small door, used to allow light through the LCD screen can represent the pixel is the unit area of the "small door" number to determine, which determines the physical resolution of the liquid crystal display is fixed. The ordinary CRT display, as long as the adjustment of the electron beam deflection voltage, you can change the different resolution.

Resolution is the main parameter, whether it is an LCD or a general CRT display. The display must be able to support the application of hardware and software required resolution, but the LCD only supports the so-called real resolution, can be likened to the general CRT display the highest resolution, only the real resolution to show the best image.

The display mode of the LCD display with lower resolution is presented in two ways: the first is centered. The whole picture looks as if the image is centered, and the outer edge of the display pixel surrounds the shadow, and the second is the extended display. Although there is no shaded edge wrapping, the sharpness can be affected. So when choosing a flat panel monitor, it is not as high as the resolution that you want to be able to support the original resolution of the application software and hardware you are using. As a general user, can support 1024*768 enough.

Resolution and Life relation:

Ordinary 17-inch LCD screen default resolution is 1280*1024, such as for 1024*768 (algorithm simulation of the resolution), in addition to the impact of clarity, no impact on the life.

Four, the use of liquid crystal display notice:

1, recommended at room temperature/Chang environment work, high temperature/high humidity will affect the life of LCD display.

2, the intense temperature fluctuation will affect the performance of the liquid crystal display, especially the low temperature will affect the brightness and response time. Recommended to work in a smooth, clean environment, dust will cause internal circuit failure.

3, do not let the liquid splash into the monitor inside, if need to clean, please turn off the power, the detergent spray on the soft cloth and then gently wipe.

4, liquid crystal display is glass products, moving should avoid collision, vibration.

5, liquid crystal display surface has multilayer film, is strictly prohibited with sharp device engraved.

6, forbid to disassemble the liquid crystal display at will, in case of trouble must please professional maintenance.

7, long time display fixed screen, will make the brightness drop, image retention phenomenon increase, we recommend the use of screen saver program.

8, long time does not need to turn off the monitor power supply, unplug the power plug.

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