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Dynamic plot programming method for Liquid Crystal Module Based on liquid crystal control chip t6963

Http:// LCD is the most important channel for human-computer interaction. LCD not only displays text information but also waveform information. Therefore, it is essential to compile a complete set of function libraries, it should include a series of functions such as displaying ASCII codes, strings, integer numbers, floating point numbers, Chinese characters, painting points, and draw lines. The establishment of upper-layer functions is in

LCD liquid crystal display knowledge

Q: What is LCD?The original text of the LCD display is liquid crystal display, which consists of the first letter of each word. The Chinese name is "LCD flat display" or "LCD display 」. The working principle is to use the physical characteristics of the liquid crystal: The arrangement becomes orderly during power-on, s

Flexible liquid crystal using "no substrate" challenge organic El

display. This has also been introduced before (see this site).and LCD display can achieve large-screen, high-precision, with the ability to achieve a large range of color performance, as a high-quality display has been widely used. Moreover, the LCD screen manufacturing technology is very mature, before long, China's production will become the first. However, liquid crystals are always fluid, must be ordered, so, with the development of extremely thi

The method of WIN8 system computer to prolong the life of liquid crystal display

The method of WIN8 system computer to prolong the life of liquid crystal display What is liquid crystal: Liquid crystal is a kind of polymer material, because of its special physical, chemical, optical characteristics, 20th cent

The principle of liquid crystal display

Wiki Wikipedia on the, applications of Liquid crystals section, a lot of English can not understand, only know the image of a general meaning. The use of polarizing film (high school physics to talk about the nature of light waves) liquid crystal in the electric field changes, when the power is not able to let light wa

How to maintain liquid crystal display

If you have a laptop or a desktop LCD on hand, you must be pampering, right? But for that faint liquid crystal display, have you taken good care of it? Do you often touch the lovely blue screen with your hands? In fact, we often do not pay attention to the use of LCD monitor maintenance. Although the service life of LCD is up to more than 10 years, it is very important to keep careful maintenance at ordinar

How long is the life of a liquid crystal monitor?

Liquid crystal display with thin fuselage, save space; do not produce high temperature, low radiation, good health, the screen is not to hurt the advantages of the eye is now widely used, that everyone on the life of the liquid crystal display is not understand how long, the following small series to introduce the life

What to do with water ripple in liquid crystal display

Water ripple problems often occur when using a flat panel monitor. Liquid crystal display of the so-called water ripple problem, refers to the screen of dark wave interference in a form, to the user feel like a ripple on the water. Some friends said that even if the LCD has just bought water ripple phenomenon, the seller does not give a warranty or replacement. In fact, most of the water ripple phenomeno

The skill of the bad spot detection method of liquid crystal display

One, LCD panel is the largest cost As we all know, the cost of the LCD panel itself is the most important part of the liquid crystal display. We take the market mainstream 19-inch widescreen LCD display For example, the latest updated international LCD supply price, 19-inch widescreen TN panel price of 122 U.S. dollars, relative to the 19-inch international LCD terminal price of 205 U.S. dollars, the calcu

Maintenance guide for liquid crystal display tips _ Hardware Maintenance

1. Display machine without powerThis is a very simple fault, the general LCD display extension inside the power supply and external power supply two, outside the common some.Regardless of that power supply, its structure is much simpler than the CRT monitor's power supply, and the vulnerability is generally small components, such as insurance tubes, input inductors, switching tubes, voltage regulators and so on. Relatively rare failure is caused by the motherboard CPU power does not start, this

Maintenance and optimization techniques of liquid crystal display

When you buy a flat panel monitor, you should know that debugging them is completely different from the previous debugging of CRT monitors. If you do not know this matter, then hurry to follow me, step-by-step to adjust their own LCD monitor to the best State bar! When you buy a flat panel monitor, you should know that debugging them is completely different from the previous debugging of CRT monitors. If you do not know this matter, then hurry to follow me, step-by-step to adjust their own LCD

What is the typical contrast of a liquid crystal display?

The contrast of a liquid crystal display is actually the ratio of brightness, which is defined as: In a darkroom, the brightness under the white screen (brightest) divided by the brightness of the black screen (the darkest time). To be more precise, contrast is to subtract the white signal from the saturation of 100% and 0% and divide it by using lux (illuminance, i.e. lux, lumen per square metre) to measur

What is the color saturation of a liquid crystal display

Saturation (saturation) is one of the components of color, and it is a project that photographers attach great importance to. The so-called saturation, refers to the purity of the color, the higher the purity, the more distinct the performance, the lower the purity, the performance is more bleak, in English, saturation and chroma is the same thing. Traditional well-known color systems such as Munsell, din of Germany, Nature Color in Sweden, OSA in the United States, and Cosmos in Japan.

Liquid Crystal Related Problems summary

First, Color chapter(color, brightness, contrast, angle, color temperature) First special emphasis: for any display (crt/lcd/...). ), color is always the first! The authenticity and softness of color display is the most direct feeling to the eye! As for the brightness contrast and even the perspective of why to fall to the color section, the following will have the answer. "Good liquid crystal display co

How to determine the bright spot and dark spot of liquid crystal display

Screen highlights are generally refers to the LCD display can not repair the single color point. The crystal surface of the liquid crystal display is a whole cutting lens, in the process if there is a slight vibration or dust fall into the crystal structure, then this bright spot will be produced, and can not be repair

Optimal setting method of liquid crystal display

Now, most of our friends choose liquid crystal display, brand machine not to mention, the basic is 100% LCD configuration, therefore, it is necessary for everyone to introduce the best way to set the LCD display, including brightness, contrast, color temperature, resolution, geometric parameters of these basic parameters adjustment, come on, let us healthier, More comfortable using a flat panel monitor! Br

Liquid crystal display Dynamic Contrast is the bigger the better?

The meaning of dynamic contrast degree of liquid crystal display Dynamic contrast refers to the contrast values measured by a liquid crystal display under certain circumstances, such as each area of the screen, and the contrast value of the region with the largest contrast as the contrast parameter of the product. LCD

What is tn in the liquid crystal display

TN is known as the Twisted nematic (twisted nematic) panel, low production cost makes TN the most widely used entry-level LCD panel, and is widely used in the mainstream low-end liquid crystal displays currently on the market. At present, we see more than the TN panel is modified tn+film,film that is compensated membrane, used to make up the TN panel visual angle, the current improved TN panel visual angle

Maintenance method of extending the service life of liquid crystal display

Liquid crystal display has been widely used, we enjoy the LCD that special high-grade display effect at the same time, do not forget to maintain this extremely important link. Only if the LCD is well maintained, it can serve the customers for a long time without fault. Learn the following small knowledge for your LCD maintenance to lay a good foundation. All right, let's start with the LCD maintenance. Now

What is MVA in a liquid crystal display

MVA is all called (Multi-domain verticalalignment), which is a kind of multi quadrant vertical distribution technology, which belongs to the VA-type panel. MVA is an early application of the wide view of the LCD panel, developed by the Japanese Fujitsu, the current production of MVA manufacturers have qi Mei Electronics and friends Tatsu photoelectric and so on. It is the use of the protrusion of the liquid crysta

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