The number of documents with Multiple mouse clicks is lower than that of English people who use Google to translate my articles -_-!

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Multiple mouse clicks are one of the most interesting and contact me content in blog posts, because there are relatively few materials in China, at that time, I did spend some time researching my thesis. (I forgot about it a year ago) but today I found a very interesting thing (see the table below )...... Haha, there is a brother in the UK who lacks the multi-mouse information .... I even used Google's translation function to translate my article into e-files .... Poor guy .... However, it is understandable that there are still some materials in China in this regard. Is this the case? -_-! Haha, it seems interesting. When we are suffering from e-text materials .... It's also a bitter brother ....

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He looks at the detailed path. If he understands e-wen, he can also look at Google's Machine Translation results .... You can also feel the experience of this British brother -_-!

Http:// Hl = en & SL = ZH-CN & U =


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