The Penguin Empire and strangers are becoming more and more distant, and the rookie is rising.

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BBS, SNS, social networking has long been the past, even the flourished Weibo is now popular today, social networking has been completely to the era of mobile society. In the mobile acquaintance social domain, although has the intercourse, Forex and so on the challenge, still unified Jiangshan, but in the mobile stranger social domain, but is another flowers blooming scene, Mo Mo, tenderness, neighboring, several degrees, presence, touches and so on the series strangers social platform to rise.

In many people's view, the rise of strangers who are represented by Momo is because of the loopholes that give strangers the opportunity to socialize. In fact, this is not the case, it is based on the acquaintance of a friend circle social. But QQ is not the same, QQ is not only an acquaintance social, but also a stranger social platform, in the PC era, almost most people will be through the QQ search to add unfamiliar friends. Look at today's mobile phone QQ, in the acquaintance of social networking has been almost completely replaced, QQ has become a tool to transfer files, but in the Stranger social field, QQ is constantly in the impact from other platforms, there are very few people want to make a strange friend will think to QQ platform.

When it comes to the mobile age of strangers socializing, nothing is based on two core points: one is lbs positioning and the other is interest. In fact, from the mobile phone QQ dynamic function to see, you will find the top of the mobile phone QQ in addition to friends dynamic, but also near and interested tribes. Friend Dynamics is based on friends between acquaintances social, nearby and interested tribe is a lbs location of strangers social, the other is based on the interests of strangers social. It's not hard to understand that acquaintances have lost their social life to their own brothers, but why does QQ, a 800 million-user mobile phone, lose their social skills to many entrepreneurial platforms?

Mobile users from the mobile user's active time, although many people have landed on the mobile phone QQ, but they chat with friends do not through the mobile phone QQ, but through, which led to the mobile phone QQ user activity is actually much less than the previous PC end, the active degree of decline, the user's active time will follow the decline. In the past the PC-era many people through the QQ add strange friends, one of the main reason is because these people all day in QQ bored nothing dry, to find strangers chatting to pass the time. Today, these people in mobile phone QQ less time, they through the mobile phone QQ to find strangers chat probability is greatly reduced.

From the mobile QQ interest social view, mobile phone QQ interest tribe is more like a group, similar to the Watercress group, Weibo group or Baidu Bar. This kind of interest tribe is actually very different from some special interest social platform, the interest social platform refers to a certain kind of common interests to engage in interactive friends, such as karaoke singing bar, the presence of real-life games. The most important thing is that many interest tribes come from all over the same group, unable to search for people of interest in the neighborhood through lbs.

From the PC side of the intrinsic properties and user habits, in the QQ just started on the line, when QQ is a typical stranger social software. But with more and more people joining QQ, QQ gradually became the social platform of acquaintances. To the mobile internet era, a lot of QQ users based on the past a habit, through the QQ is just to communicate with friends, and business communication. This has made it a habit for many users, who have used QQ as a social platform for acquaintances and friends, rather than strangers.

It can be said that these three reasons are caused by today's mobile QQ in the social field of strangers can not unified the important reason, it is because the mobile phone QQ missed a great opportunity to give other strangers the opportunity to rise in the social platform. The market for strangers to socialize is no less than the social market for acquaintances, although Momo has been a big hit in the social arena of strangers, but the current stranger's social sphere is far from being a single biggest phenomenon, in an era of elephant chorus.

  Based on the lbs+ People + information concept as the representative of the MO-type social

For the success of Momo, many people will be credited to two words: dating. For the psychological needs of human nature, it can not be denied that in the early development of Mo Mo, to a certain extent, to promote the savage growth of Mo Mo, but it is not the only key to the success of Mo Mo, Mo Mo today's success is due to the following reasons.

The first reason: In the era of PC Internet, many interest group network aggregation does not need too much user information, just a simple account name, the opaque information directly caused the distrust between users. Mo mo through the contacts, Weibo account and other content of the association, so that the user information more perfect, which greatly enhance the trust between users. Although Momo is based on strangers ' social intercourse, this kind of stranger's social life, if not trust as the basis, it is difficult to go long.

The second reason: Mo Mo's social use of the characteristics of the mobile phone, based on the natural lbs advantage, Mo Mo can effectively guide users from the online communication to the online dating interaction, this advantage is not available in the PC Internet interest groups. Although the mobile phone QQ also imported the ability to search nearby friends, but the phone QQ from the beginning did not emphasize this feature.

The third reason: Mo Mo neighborhood Group is very active, this and mobile phone QQ interest Tribe is not the same, Mo Mo neighborhood Group are based on the nearby crowd formed, this kind of people have common interest hobby, because distance is close, they gather together to eat and drink, far apart chat, Successfully achieved online-to-offline interest dating.

The fourth reason: Mo Mo's Game road has been quite successful, on the one hand to help the platform to achieve a quick profit, on the other hand, Mo mo through the platform of many social attributes into the game, for example, through the LBS function to find nearby players to team up, to provide the official game Momo Bar, game groups and other players to exchange discussions, With the help of playing the game interaction, greatly increased the stickiness of the platform users.

However, after the successful listing of Momo and privatization, and the launch of the 6.0 version of the transformation of pan-acquaintance social, Liu Yan for the future road of Momo also have some concerns.

Worry one: The stranger's social networking is facing competition from other platforms, such as meeting similar social products. In the past, MO-Mo has been known as a "dating" artifact, now the MO-Mo Transformation Pan acquaintance social, on the one hand will face "dating" main social product pursuit, but also will face the crackdown, Charybdis. It is impossible to allow Momo to touch acquaintances socially, even a little, by building up a circle of strangers to socialize.

Concern two: Mo Mo User's stickiness question. Unlike this kind of acquaintance social, user stickiness is very strong, Mo Mo's user stickiness is mainly based on dating, if removed this, Mo Mo Future road is actually very dangerous, net, Renren, Weibo and other social platform history seems to be at any time in Mo mo body repetition.

Worry three: For Mo Mo's Life service platform construction is not very optimistic. Dating is Mo mo User's main psychological appeal, want to turn these users into Mo mo of the users of the user difficulty is not small, and also is a big game of the Giants are playing, Mo Mo's road is hard and long.

  Presence-like social networking based on lbs real-life games

The presence was the first social app in China to link users to the same event using a "real-life game", and the stranger's social apps were highly recognised by investors and recently completed a round of financing. Liu Yan believes that the social products of this kind of real-life game can get investors ' popularity, mainly due to the following factors.

Factor one: Many people may be aware that the difficulty of socializing with strangers is how to start. Many people chat with strangers when chatting, often is a simple hello, and then soon to end, a short minutes to end the contact with strangers. The presence of virtual game props to connect users with real people around the world, so that they create a real interactive experience of the game. Through a variety of game props to the people around the constant "pick things", in the interaction and naturally unfold the topic.

Factor two: The presence is a 500-meter-wide near-field social application based on LBS, users can view the surrounding 500 meters with their own game interactive information, and friends pass by the information, surrounding and other users of the dynamic, at any time to find the wonderful side. At the same time can also publish their own dynamic to share, and even to the surrounding "Roar", send some interesting requests, such as to find the table, ask the road, etc., due to the existence of near field relationship, users get a very high probability of response.

Factor three: The presence of a unique "fate accumulation system" to allow social relations to change the basis of quantitative change to qualitative change, through the location of lbs real-time event triggering architecture and large data processing, the presence can record the data passed between users, and based on this for the user to match the fate, When the fate of the two users reached a critical point, the two sides will receive from the system of dating recommendations, unfamiliar social success rate will be greatly improved.

But for this near-field social application based on a 500-metre-wide lbs real-world game, it is difficult to make breakthroughs in the presence of strangers.

Difficulty one: The presence is a 500-meter range based near-field social, that is, its lbs must be based on a large number of users or in a certain area to form a very high user density can really make the platform's activity quickly grow, improve user stickiness. Otherwise, after the user download, no other users around the use of the software, interactivity will not be brought up.

Difficulty two: For the present, the research and development of the reality game is also very important. If you want to open the market with a reality game, the fun of the game must be very high, and conducive to the interaction between users. It is a very strong challenge for the team to design a game that everyone likes better.

  Social networking based on two-degree contacts

Based on a two-degree relationship, it uses social relationships to create a true network of people, and opens the box between strangers by expanding their relationships, making it a social platform for strangers in the workplace. At present, the domestic work of social networking products and many, such as the sky, gifted, Jingwei, friends record, street, etc. are in this field, the tenderness can stand out from it, or has its extraordinary.

First, by accumulating more than 40 billion friends and 200 million of personal cards from contacts, Weibo, Renren, and then automatically matching each person's profile to his or her network, and automatically calculating whether it's a once-in-one or two-degree relationship. Users can communicate with each other through the station letter, if the other party does not install "tenderness", will be through the micro-blog private message to notify each other. The need for this two-degree relationship is a strong requirement for many users.

Second, the tenderness can also be through the background of data mining, can automatically each person's pulse of the company, school, position and other information automatically divided into circles. In China, whatever it is, the most important thing is the circle, the circle determines the future development of people, the automatic division of the circle, can let some people through the interaction to quickly find some of their desired network circle.

Third, after 10 years of search engine construction of the technical team, tenderness can be user relations, user data and user needs of real-time, a large amount of computing, you can calculate the two-degree contacts within the scope of job information, as well as two-degree contacts within the scope of job information, effectively improve the "find someone" efficiency.

Finally, because the account information based on social relationship is basically real-name, based on this kind of identity, can make the communication between users more legitimate, irresponsible words and deeds are relatively controllable, and the purpose of communication is more clear.

Although this kind of social intercourse satisfies some people's job demand to some extent, it is because the platform's own characteristics make the platform development Limited.

Restriction one: The user real-name authentication for the platform of workplace communication can be more authentic, but also because the cost of certification is higher, will lead to a lot of users to enter the threshold is too high, some people really have this demand in the user refused to the door.

Restriction two: Compared to some other strangers ' social platforms, this kind of social networking will be more binding, the social atmosphere is more rigid, not conducive to the activity of the platform. As a social platform, the user activity of the platform is critical.

Limit three: Because of the use of real-name authentication, some of the higher status of people may often be harassed by other people, the interests of each other is more obvious, will lead to some people psychological over-guard, worried that the other side always profitable.

Mobile QQ has given the domestic strangers a great opportunity to socialize, other such as the burning of the hug, phone social class, the next, the activities of social micro-poly, anonymous social categories, such as a few degrees have been good development. Although they will face a variety of challenges and even death on the social path of strangers, it is undeniable that the future of the strangers social interest-based, lbs-based, will be a huge market, and it will be a multi-polar situation!

  Liu Yan, Zen Road ponder Internet, public number: liukuang110

The Penguin Empire and strangers are becoming more and more distant, and the rookie is rising.

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