The potential development of business social networking in China, realizing the expansion of Socialization

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Commercial social networks in China started late, but developed rapidly. Representative websites include human networks and online business social platforms. Social networks have great development potential in China, where the concept of "connecting" and "relying on contacts" has been applied for thousands of years.

Similar to the traditional SNS website, SNS communicate with users on the same platform and satisfy end users. Unlike traditional SNS websites that focus on leisure and entertainment, the main purpose of business social networks is to create an online social platform for business people. On this platform, users can easily find business contacts, employers, employees, experts, and even investors through an ever-expanding network of people. Another difference is that business social networks are designed to meet new friends, while the traditional SNS feature is to establish long-term connections with old friends.


As a result, commercial social networks in the social networking community must have the following functions:

1. Enterprise social networking websites:

Enterprise websites with social characteristics can directly grasp consumer feedback and adjust product or service strategies in a timely manner based on consumer needs.

It enables enterprises to directly face consumer groups, target groups, direct publicity, and high credibility, making it more conducive to word-of-mouth publicity.
Low investment and quick effect.
1. Enterprise social websites can meet different marketing strategies of Enterprises
2. Enterprise social networking websites can effectively reduce marketing costs for enterprises
3. Enterprise social networking websites can achieve precision marketing for target users
4. Enterprise social websites are marketing methods that truly meet the needs of network users

2. mobile client (APP ):

Mobile apps provide Internet portals for enterprises on mobile phones and other mobile devices, and establish direct communication channels between sellers and consumers. We provide Android and iOS clients, it is easy to communicate instantly and supports voice and video.

The application of geographic location technology (lbs) opens the door to map marketing to meet people's demands for consulting, shopping, social networking, entertainment, and search.

3. Authentication Service:

Enterprise Certification: review enterprise information, retain historical records, and build a integrity management platform.
Resume Certification: Review personal information and promote the creden system. false proofs will permanently leave a credit stain and reduce recruitment costs.


Bringing groups with the same interests or characteristics together for information exchange and sharing,

Enterprises can create their own groups to better serve users. People with a common topic are more likely to get together and create a common topic. Groups with a common topic can also generate greater value.

5. Map Marketing:

We not only allow users to find sellers on the map, but also present their information to users in real time, and can communicate with users in real time, and even reserve their favorite products.

You can search for an enterprise or store through a map to interact with the merchant.

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