The process designer for WF4.0 (for Wxd. WF, BPM. Foundation, and Wxwinter. WF upgrade)

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The process designer for WF4.0 (for Wxd. WF, BPM. Foundation, and Wxwinter. WF upgrade)


Supports debugging, graphical status tracking, automatic generation of data pages, format conversion, and Silverlight.

The function for converting the WF3.x process will be added later.


Main Interface


Create a Workflow


Save Workflow

It can be saved in multiple formats.


View Process




Process Design

VS2010 design style. You can add a custom Activity in the toolbar.


Process debugging


Capture process running results on the console








The process structure that can be converted to a custom structure is used for viewing in Silverlight.




Project Structure


Users of the following versions can download code from my Team Foundation server (Be sure to update the code at any time). the user name and password remain unchanged and cannot connect to the server several times.



BPM. Foundation (ASPNET)

BPM. Foundation (Silverlight)

Wxwinter. WF (Silverlight)



Wxd. WF (Winform)

BPM. Foundation (WPF)

Only two DEOM versions during development were released for you to learn. The two versions do not provide the WF4.0 upgrade solution.



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