The relationship and difference between ITIL and ITSM

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1. ITIL (it Infrastructure library) is a set of IT service Management standards Library developed by CCTA (British National Computer and telecommunications) in the late 1980s, which summarizes the best practices in IT management in various UK industries into specifications, Designed to improve the utilization of IT resources and quality of service. Has now become the industry's common standard of fact.
ITSM is called \ "IT Service management," a high-quality approach that helps organizations effectively manage the planning, development, implementation, and operation of IT systems. It combines high-quality services indispensable processes, people and technology three elements---standard process is responsible for monitoring the health of IT services, personnel quality is related to the quality of service, technology to ensure the quality and efficiency of services. The integration of these three key elements makes ITSM a magic weapon for enterprise IT managers to manage enterprise IT systems.

2. ITIL is a best practice framework in the field of IT service management, but ITIL does not equate to ITSM.
ITSM (it servicemanagement), from a macro perspective can be understood as a field or industry, from the perspective can be understood as a kind of IT management methodology, from a micro point of view can be understood as a set of cooperative operation process. At the micro level, ITSM, as a new IT management concept and methodology, enables IT departments to deliver higher quality IT services at a reasonable cost through a collaborative process.

3, first ITSM after the ITIL because ITIL,ITSM get attention and carry forward
ITIL is a best practice for ITSM, and ITIL provides ITSM with a set of core processes and terminology
ITIL is not the whole of ITSM, ITIL just tells us what to do, but doesn't say exactly what to do, and for ITSM, these are ITSM scopes.

The relationship and difference between ITIL and ITSM

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