The second edition of "Ancient Innocence"

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On the second lecture of the ancient Innocence

Speaker: Xu Wenbing Chair: Liangdong Elder

broadcast time: 2008-12-20 23:00-24:00     

Scripture:The food Drink has the festival, the living has often, does not make the labor, therefore can form and the divine furniture, but does its old age, the degree hundred years is gone. Today's people are not also, to the wine as a pulp, to do often, drunk to enter the room, in order to exhaust its essence, to dissipate its true, do not know the full, sometimes imperial God, service quickly its heart, inverse biomass music, living without section, so at and decay.

Liang: Assist Chinese culture, carry forward, everybody good my liangdong, in front of me is I very respect of Magnolia officinalis TCM Tang Main hall Xu Wenbing teacher.

Xu: Liangdong good, audience friends, Hello!

Liang: Hello, everyone! We plan to new found that Chinese medicine is too beautiful, ready to spend a year of time, a good talk about the book-"Huangdi Internal Sutra." In the last show, we spent about one hours, said the "Yellow Emperor Internal Sutra," the First "ancient innocence" of the former 三、四十个 word, why say it can be used one hours to speak? This is really because, every word contains the truth of the world is too deep, but here, the truth of heaven and earth as if I feel a bit wrong!

Xu: "Tao" and "Li" are two concepts, "Tao" is invisible, can not touch, inexplicable, Tao unknown things, need to use your heart to understand it, "reason" is to see, reason, it is a jade word side, is the ancient carving jade, he will follow the jade grain to treat jade, Jade reveals the grain is "reason", You follow this stubble to treat Jade is more labor-saving, this call reason. So "Tao" and "Reason" are not the same.

Liang: So before said "Jade does not carve not the device", that is, the polishing of the talent, you say to polish him, you still have to follow his mind to polish.

Xu: Yes, you polish is man-made, and he is in line with the nature of the grain is natural, you follow the Earth to you refer to this aspect to polish, you can cure a good jade, or else is the natural beauty to ruin (Liang: Throwaway), is.

Liang: The last time we talked about the ancient innocence, the first few words are said, "in the Yellow Emperor, the birth of the gods, weak and can speak, young and sacrifice qi, long and Atsutoshi, into the sky", which is used 24 words, speaking in ancient times a very powerful person-Huangdi's life. Chinese ancient people really powerful, 24 words will be able to put this life is finished, and then said, one day, ask his teacher, say, "ancient times people, is in their forward people, can live 100 years old", "Spring and autumn are hundred years old", as if Pengzu is that time.

Xu: Pengzu is 800 years old.

Liang: 800 years old, "the action is not bad, this time of the person, the year at and the action is the loser, the Times different also?" Who will lose it too? His teacher said, "people of ancient times," the people of Antiquity, who knew, the law in Yin and yang, and the number of the operation, "The last time our program was just mentioned here," law in Yin and yang, and in the number of surgery, "and the special mention of the" number of surgery ", the front of the technique is technology, the number is the number of arithmetic, the two" number

Xu: Of course it's not the same. This "technique" is simplified, Traditional Chinese is "art", it refers to our livelihood of the technology or career, the last time we said, "Do not inadvertently", the choice of occupation must be cautious, China's ancient selection criteria is to choose this occupation, not only for life, but also to have the appropriate health, if you choose the occupation, All day long is the injury to your body and mind, that this "surgery" rather do not do it.

Liang: This makes me very touched, in fact, many people in the work are full of anxiety.

Xu: More than anxiety, some people even full of hatred, fear, anger, all the bad mood is the work brought to him, the end may have done a generation of work, with an injury, or the middle of the "halfway".

Liang: No rush to work for a lifetime.

Xu: Did not come to the urgent work for a lifetime, so Mencius said, "Not careless," The last program we also talked about, that is, must choose those who let you from the heart, love yourself, care about this kind of work, and not to do those, bows and arrows, how to want to kill Ah, to this for the work of music, In addition, to choose a unified body and mind work, the so-called "insincere", this from the heart of the unhappy to say, from the heart of the happy and not to express this kind of work, you are still a kind of injury.

Liang: What work is your heart like, but can not say it?

Xu: That is to say, you are in the heart is happy, but you want to pretend. For example, I see someone fall down, I want to laugh, but I feel not to laugh, impolite or immoral.

Liang: In the end should laugh or should not laugh?

Xu: From the nature, you should laugh, when you "see people have lost, if you have obtained", see others have misfortune, feel that they have a happy time, that you belong to a negative negative state, you have a kind of yin and cold hatred of things need to express, just give you an opportunity to express, you show it out also is finished, That is, when you are not normal, you should have an expression of the way, and should not be suppressed, like the root Zidane, Zidane was scolded so vicious words, scold his sister or his mother, he chose to knock him down, take a red card down, from the physical and mental aspects, he did not suffer any damage, his revenge, He does not hold back, but from the level of consciousness, he was punished, received a red card, the French team also lost the World Cup, but in other words, you suppress this gas to play football, you may finally get the World Cup, but also with everyone in that cheer, but your heart is uncomfortable, because you scolded that tone did not come out, so how to choose Also depends on the time, place and occasion, said back to our choice of occupation, ancient said, if you choose some with their own inner contradiction between the occupation, these are the most despicable occupation, not recommended to let people choose.

Liang: What do you choose in ancient China?

Xu: In ancient times, this kind of ghosts (actors), prostitutes in the noes, the lowest occupation, he is not a person's income to be fixed.

On Nine streams: Emperors, sages, hermits, Dongxian, literati, samurai, farmers, workers, and merchants.

Nine streams: The Child, the Doctor, the Life, the picture (sells the painting person), the scholar, the Qin chess, the monk, the Tao, the Nepal.

Noes: Touts, NGA, Sheng scales (scales hand), matchmaker, pawns, time demon (kidnapping and witches), theft, theft, prostitution.

Liang: To emphasize, this is ancient China.

Xu: Not our current prejudice, in addition, this also shows a problem, for us this romance The stars, actors, should pay attention to their hearts of health care, saw a lot of this epic story, is an actor his father died, he was also performing tonight, he went home to his father knock, And then smile Solutions to give you a performance, as a professional ethics, very good, this is worthy of respect, but as a doctor's point of view, the heart of a great injury, the heart is very painful, but he would like to pretend to be very happy, this is a great injury to him, for a long time this kind will do the next disease, We see a lot of comedians to bring joy to everyone, but he himself is a serious depression patients, ancient and modern are, foreign Mr. Bean, Hong Kong Stephen Chow, jumping off of Leslie Cheung, these are to bring a lot of joy, laughter of the actors, but they are this serious heart disease.

Liang: So, if an actor he does not know he will have this conflict when he is not believed, if he knows, still so, in addition to respect, I will give them care.

Xu: Give them love, help them to adjust. See a lot of very good actors, he after the play, a long time out, and then near this demon disease, crazy state. When Pat Tati, Mr. Scorch, is a good long time to enter that state does not come.

Liang: At the beginning of the "Lin Daiyu" Chen Xiaoxu, the most typical, and then a lifetime did not come out.

Xu: But some think he pursues the thing, he thinks he is a kind of success, so dead also does not matter, but the Taoist viewpoint is, life is the most precious irreplaceable, no more important than life, if you think I play a "Lin Daiyu" on the expression of "Lin Daiyu" in the state to express, and then sacrifice their own life, That's the question of your values.

Liang: We just took 8 minutes to simply say the word "technique". Xu Teacher Chat with you really very interesting, with 8, 9 minutes can say a word, so let us rediscover, each word, every day in use, so familiar with the word, incredibly contain so many things we do not know, let me feel so ignorant, so the humility of people produced, you finally know, I think I know a lot of things, in fact, still very ignorant.

Xu: Yes, I often say that we are now a common problem of Chinese people, called literacy illiterate, this word recognized it? What do you mean, you know? I don't know.

Liang: We say ancient people because of his "and the number of the operation", so live relatively long, the front of the "technique" is his occupation, do not do their own counter-heart thing, I am suitable for this thing, I do, not like now, for the house, the evil of the system, some people say, we do not fully agree and support, is to provide for the house, sometimes forced to choose oneself is not very fond of work, scarcely scared oneself. There is also a "number" in "and the number of surgery".

Xu: In front of a word called "law in Yin and yang", "Yin and yang" We said is to see, the change of the Four Seasons is yin and yang, the change of day and night is yin and yang, you follow it to adjust their schedule, sunrise and make, sunset and interest, spring born summer long nuanced, which are to comply with yin and yang But some invisible touch or you can not imagine the ancients told you, the numbers there are yin and yang, you also go to shun it, 13579 odd is Yang, 24680 even is yin, so you choose the day, choose the hour, choose their own auspicious numbers to adjust yin and yang.

Liang: For example, I am a yang, Yang is more adequate, should be the number to choose Yang to conform to their own? Or choose the number of yin to subsidize yourself?

Xu: What are you going to do, if it is dawn, you have to fight, to work, to struggle, that should choose the number of Yang, the fire to pour some oil, booster, but to the night, the rest, the closed, or outside the environment is not good, wind strict phase forcing, I am ready to converge, then should choose the number of Yin, So it depends on what you're going to do.

Liang: So the work cell phone should be: 13913913913, Hugh.



Liang: Said back, said the ancient people longevity, there is another reason is "Eat drink has a festival." Eat is food, drink is drink, drink water.

Xu: We often say that is the diet, this is said, eat, drink water, drink water inside including tea, drinking and ordinary drinking water has a section, what is the meaning of the festival?

Liang: is the verse the meaning of moderation, or the meaning of rhythm?

Xu: The meaning of the festival is that people encounter delicious, good drink, from an instinctive nature of a natural attribute, he kept eating, (Liang: Duochiduozhan) Constantly drink, this is the biological instinct, this instinct is natural things, some people with traditional Chinese medicine contradicting said, you do not conform to nature you eat it, but this kind of eating is likely to be sexual indulgence is to indulge your desires, as if to see a beautiful woman, like, from the instinct to want, and want more, this kind of desire if not add control, that can only say, drink to drink to death, eat enough to support death, so there is a theory of Chinese medicine Taoist, he called "Take in", it does not promote sexual indulgence, also does not advocate abstinence, it in the middle "This section is meant to be moderate or rhythmic, so eat and drink with moderation and rhythm."

Liang: It can't quantify it!

Xu: Can not quantify, according to the person's this, personal differences, for example, the problem of water, we now many scientists advocate, every day to drink more water, you watch TV or radio, people a disease, told you to drink more water, a cold told you to drink more water, the result of drinking more water to people caused a great harm, Anything more, too much to go wrong, so there is a theory of Taoism, there is no beauty and evil, anything is not good and bad, after the disaster, too much, more than you can dissolve the ability, it will cause disaster.

Liang: How much water did a man drink in a day?

Xu: It means that your body is smarter than your mind, we now say, you drink water again late, I said wrong, that is the patient, healthy people know when he should drink, when to eat, so this diet has a section here to emphasize a few questions, one is, is not to eat on time, but also is not to drink more water, Let me emphasize to you that on time to eat refers to the health of people, healthy people's biological clock and the world is synchronous, so he will be in the morning 7 to 9, we call the stomach meridian, when the stomach, when the order, he will feel hungry, hunger, hunger and hunger is not a kind, hungry is empty stomach, hunger is a feeling inside, I want to eat something, So the normal will be hungry at 7 to 9 in the morning. So Just eat breakfast, and at noon, to the heart when the order, he will feel hungry, he will eat lunch, to 7 o'clock to 9 o ' Night pericardium by the time, he will feel hungry, this is healthy people, so healthy people eat by point. So sub-healthy or unhealthy people, what will happen, such as we say eat breakfast, do not eat breakfast harmful to health, do not eat breakfast to gallstones, this one a lot of, no one said, ask that person, 7 to 9 in the morning when you hunger, you hungry, many people last night to eat, or sleep late, Morning up a hiccup, the taste of yesterday's food can smell, the whole stomach is swollen, and a brushing will not live the dry vomit, retch of people, this proves his stomach is full of, now breakfast and to end up, is the egg, milk a lot of yin cold difficult to digest things, you eat breakfast, is equal to eat poison, So this diet has the words, one to conform to the world's biological clock, the change of heaven and earth, in addition to your biological clock changes, so to observe the extent of their hunger, and the manifestation of this abstinence? We usually say to eat 7, 8 full, people than animals can evolve excellent one of the main reason is, fast to the top, fast to the extreme when he braked, he does not go to the extreme, do not say to support my throat, why to eat to 7, 8 full, our stomach is muscle, he is flexible, you are young when the elasticity of good, How many things do you cram, he will soon be able to give you digestion, discharge loose, old age, the gas is weak, or the elasticity of the relief, you instantaneous time into so many things, he does not wriggle, like a ball, he has no elasticity, this time people will appear not enough stomach power, eat things do not digest, the Beijing dialect called " Diaphragm should be ", is in the heart of the nest that seems to block a thing under not go, ancient also has described called ballpark, is the old feel the heart block of panic.

Liang: Formerly called "with others cup of wine, poured his heart ballpark."

Xu: So say this "ballpark" how to make it temporarily better, is drinking, drinking or using some spicy things, or eating some spicy rice, we often say eat some spicy food can well with rice, that is, can promote digestion, but this is temporary, so "eat drink has a festival", The Yellow Emperor inside is said that these people are to their own appetite, including water is a rhythm, there is control, this rhythm is also manifested in such as eating, a lot of people eat wolf, mouth also chewing, and then to clip vegetables, these people are more strong desire, firelight more prosperous people, eat itself fast.

Liang: What kind of disease does this usually have?

Xu: These people belong to a kind of restless restless, firelight, desire surplus, serious called the fire burning person, firelight too prosperous, where "food drink has festival" words, simple 4 words contain a lot of truth, also said drinking water problem, drinking ancient people say is not thirsty not to drink.

Liang: The concept is really different now.

Xu: Now it is not thirsty you also need to fill, and every day to fill 8 cups of water.

Liang: And the cup is not the same.

Xu: Pour these people, a touch belly crashed crashed, all is the sound of water, some people still urinate to the toilet, also said I detox it, in fact, so drink very hurt the kidney, serious on the urine, on the kidney, I heal people have a cough urine out, still in that irrigation, there is a long face of water spots, is water more, water is the yin cold things , don't think the water is good, there is no good and bad in the world, more is bad, I am in the countryside when the time, look at those big mules, horse cattle to do a day of work, all out of a sweat, and then go to drink cattle to, drinking cattle water is from the well to fight up the cold, especially special cool, this water poured in the food trough the horse, The peasants did not let the horse drink directly, sprinkle on the water, the grass is applied to the water, the horse's nose and mouth long together, a sucking water, the grass is choking to the nasal cavity, he drank a mouthful of water to fight a snorting, the grass sprayed out, so that forced it, food drink has a section, let it a mouthful, a mouthful so drink, This water the next day cattle can not be sick, if you do not sprinkle grass, that cattle and people, like a day of work, it also want to drink, thirsty not, drink down, the next day livestock on the disease, the common people said fried lungs, is a hot plus a cold, cattle are unbearable, and now the animals are affected by the matter, the person is

Liang: And now the people are playing after the game, the ice-cold beer, ice-so-so drinks, young people banging, even the farmers understand things, our advertisers do not understand.

Xu: So now a lot of allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, a lot of children have this disease, in fact, it is such a diet, no rhythm, no control, so drink out of, "The Yellow Emperor inside the sutra" We will talk about the inside there is a sentence, the shape of cold cooling is cold lung, is that you have a cool, drink is always cold Cold drinks are 0 degrees or almost 0 degrees, drink to the stomach, in the stomach to rely on your warm gas to Wen Yu it to the same body temperature, which consumes your energy, in addition we said that a hot water bag to cover a cover, it is a hot water bag, you installed belly cold drink, it is a cold water bag, and in the inside chilled, lungs absolutely unbearable, heart and lungs can not stand , so drink so much water, I think a lot of people's illness, are inadvertently so out of the small things, but may accompany him for life, a lot of Chinese people generally to the United States for two to three years, began to get hay fever, is because to the United States no hot water to drink, like the United States to drink ice water, drink drinking after three years of their stomach thoroughly spoiled.

Liang: Why do Americans, people drink so much cold water is OK?

Xu: Americans will get a lot of strange disease, the fat Americans are fat, you go to the American restaurant to that seat, the waiter came up first will give you a large glass of ice water, a large glass of water above all ice, why?

Liang: Because they like to drink.

Xu: The United States This society is all business behavior, you drink a glass of ice water before eating, what you feel, ice cold, through the heart cool, very cool, after the athlete injured, we use ice, ice deposited after what feeling?

Liang: No feeling.

Xu: No feeling, on the pain, pain, swelling does not feel, so at dinner come to a cup of ice water, you eat at the time of eating as much as you like, you eat more to support the same no feeling.

Liang: And you don't feel the same thing in general.

Xu: You do not feel, and then these people eat into this kind of fat, we generally eat to 7, 8 full, hit a slightly, know to eat, do not eat, but you first drink a glass of chilled water after it, did not feel, so this boss to earn money, and sell.

Liang: Like your mouth seems to have a conspiracy theory.

Xu: It's conspiracy theory.

Liang: You have lived in America.

Xu: I spent less than two years in the United States.

Liang: You have a personal observation, not like some people, belong to the sidelines type, seen in the scene.

Xu: I have seen it on the spot, the United States another characteristic, the American meat, the vegetable did not taste.

Liang: Why?

Xu: Because he is all industrialized production, no taste, so my most painful is to eat pork, you look like pork, and then fry out no pork flavor, celery so thick, and then do not have the taste of celery.

Liang: As I have traditionally said, this long, pork-like vegetable is, oddly enough, a pork-flavored meat.

Xu: This kind of evaluation of the traditional is called, the physical non-QI, has that type, has that individual, but inside does not have that gas, did not have that energy.

Liang: We have just spent 8 minutes, said the four words "food Drink has a festival", eat not only to have moderation, but also have rhythm.

Xu: In addition, we just said a drink, this "drink" also includes drinking tea, drinking, drinking more to talk about, because a moment to say "Yellow Emperor internal Sutra" said a lot of people sick called "drunk to enter the room", drink more, take the wine strength and then into the room to make love.

Liang: The thing that makes love.

Xu: This makes love to do, this is also in the food Drink No festival inside show, many people greedy wine, nothing on the wine, then a drink on more, a lot of drunk.

Liang: A drunk does not pay the bill.

Xu: A drunk does not pay, also committed something, this also belongs to the food Drink No festival, in addition to drink tea, many people say tea can fight cancer, green tea can fight cancer, but do not know their physique, tea also has cold points, you own body heat, you drink some hot tea, or you have a physical cold you drink some herbal tea, so your body will collapse, Drinking tea every day and drink a lot of people are sick, so these things are learning.

Liang: So there is no right and wrong, inappropriate is not right.

Xu: We speak the right, many people say you give me a good medicine, tell me, I said I know your medicine, but I do not know is not good medicine, because I do not understand you, with you the right to applaud, and then you do not fit is not good, so "food and drink has a festival" is our life the most common things, and every day to meet the thing, This problem is not solved well, the result will be ill.

Liang: The Yellow Emperor in the "Food Drink has a festival" is very important, and another called "Living has often", I think this is for young people, especially should speak about it. What does "Chang" mean?

Xu: "Often" is a fixed change of things, we say it does not change, and said it changes seems very contradictory, in fact, there is no contradiction, "there is often" the antonym is called "impermanence", we put people dead called "impermanence", people live should be "have often", should have a fixed living rule of life, why should be fixed, Because the world Yin and yang changes have a fixed law, for example, day and night rule, to winter December 22 on the winter solstice, the solstice is a short night long, this time people should sleep more, "The Yellow Emperor inside the sutra," said the night night, early to sleep late, will be daylight, is no sun when you do not toss, you sleep more, And then you come out after three, you are your change law is followed by the sun, but if in the Special Yin Cold (chill heavy), you disregard your body, and then winter practice Sanjiu, run out to run, to exercise, if the body is good, you can bar to, if you have problems in the body, A lot of people will appear on the winter solstice This heart stem, sudden die, so that people want to "living often", this "often" means that there are rules, rather than that, I have to 6 every day and then when to sleep, in winter, you should sleep a few hours from the spring, you should sleep a few points, it is a regular, This law is in line with People's Day and night and four seasons of the law of change, if you want to conform to this law, congratulations, you have luck, we often say, good luck, wish you have good luck, this luck who brought you? This luck is the process of heaven and earth to have a rhythm, there is a rule, you follow him away, you are lucky, if you carry him, you luck, it is unlucky, but we now see a lot of people are day and night upside down. We say that spring, summer long, this is to adapt to the world changes, to the fall of some, to winter cat winter, closed hidden, this is called lucky, I Go is the world of luck, winter practice sanjiu, Summer practice dog, Summer practice dog can understand, summer open sweating, no matter, summer air conditioning is luck.

Liang: If it is South Asia, there is no winter at all.

Xu: But it has a dry season and rainy season, it also has a change of yin and yang, for example, Guangzhou is no winter, of course, there is no winter he will lack a closed, he is always a kind of open vent state, these people on the Yin Jin, the loss of the yin liquid is relatively large, need to add, so Guangzhou, Hong Kong people are in That this person can not bear, energy can not keep up, and many longevity people, are in the cold place, (Liang: Xinjiang that area), is the Caucasus this part of the cold place, he has a collection closed convergence stage, like animals it has a hibernation, in the Equator people show is one is precocious, another is premature aging.

Liang: So, like India, why the release of Gamma Muni so early to understand the "empty", "off" such a feeling, may be with that place too hot, soon burst out of life, so faster to see the decline of this life.

Xu: In addition, they call monks, nuns, monks in the Buddhist scriptures means begging, begging means, tropical countries have a characteristic, is rich, do not have any labor, the inside old long things, hungry not to die.

Liang: Inserting the root chopsticks can grow the emergence.

Xu: Like our Place (Beijing), a little dry and cold, we need a little labor, but also the world of good fortune, not quite the same. I especially like the food in Guangzhou, one day in Guangzhou to eat tired, see a "Tan fish head", I in Sichuan when eating "tan fish Head" special incense, want to change taste to eat tan fish Head, the results of eating the day the throat swollen, so a side of water and soil to raise a person, Guangzhou is drinking herbal tea place, eat tan fish head is not, too hot.

Liang: We still talk about it, we call it a regular living. "Constant" is the constant, unchanging change that has a regular change.

Xu: There are rules, but this law is with the Four Seasons change, Spring can get up early, to summer can sleep less at night, early to sleep can, to the autumn to converge, to the winter simply is late to sleep late, sleeping in.

Liang: They said, some old people live long, after autumn, every night after reading the news Lianbo went to bed, sleep until the next morning the sun out.

Xu: Yes, old people, to a certain age, feel less.

Liang: What should I do if I can't sleep?

Xu: Can't sleep to look for a doctor to recuperate, like a car, only refueling no brakes, sleep is the brake is broken, brake the car.

Liang: That's dangerous.

Xu: Very dangerous.

Liang: "The Yellow Emperor internal sutra" speak of people to health, it is necessary to "living there are often, do not make a lot of work", "do not make a job" is not casually working and labor, you can say?

Xu: Preliminary understanding can, "jump" the word meaning is dead in the woman hand is called "false", "for labor" we tube This "labor" is called anti-labor.

Liang: "Lao" is not only refers to the labor, "do not make the work" "Lao" refers to the meaning of anti-labor.

Xu: First, there is not much lust in the heart, "for" after the five Zang of the Chinese Medicine, kidney, to be strong official, kabuki skillfully out Yan, said is the kidney itself on the Tibetan essence, refinement and then reproductive function of an organ, so, we often say, a poor human function, fertility function Poor said this person kidney deficiency, refers to the kidney essence out of the problem, " Not to make a lot of work. "One speaks of desire, one is the excessive or excessive labor of XX, which is a very important aspect of the regimen."

Liang: Then is "so can form and the divine furniture", "The food drinks has the festival, the living has often, does not make the work", therefore can "the shape and the divine furniture".

Xu: The degree of hundred years is gone.

Liang: This I actually have a little worry, why in 4,000 or 5,000 years ago, the Yellow Emperor that time people live less than 100 years old, less than half, 50 years old died, the average life may be 30 years old, why in the earlier than it, there really is a "degree hundred years old is going" an era?

Xu: There, don't say the past has, now also have, not all can do, one is, longevity, another is we want to "health", health and longevity is not the same, unhealthy people do not live long, many people "medicine jar" sickly and alive, many people are healthy, and have the ability and energy, and finally suddenly died, Quality and quantity there should be a balance between it, say "shape and the divine furniture", often said to look at a work or look at a painting, said the picture resembles, or that the painting likeness, or actors acting "form God both", so the Chinese judge a death standard of life, unlike Western medicine, western medicine is to see the heartbeat, heart rate is gone, no breath, And this man is dead. Later development said, found that some people died and live, although not breathing, no heartbeat, but his brain is not dead, so now to determine a dead not dead brain death, you can judge the standard of human death is, this person has no God, he died, what meaning, this may still be able to eat, can drink, can sit, But he's dead. We call this person a vote "The Walking Dead", this person's meta-God has left his body, for our body, is just our meta-god of the "small hotel", if you spend your life waiting for this God, to serve the good, to make him happy, so that he is well-protected, then he will stay a few more days, If the poor, he will be away from you, will live very painful, even some people will commit suicide, self-inflicted, suicide, self-mutilation is the reason why this god did not want to stay, he walked away, so the ancient people live a lifetime, is the shape and the divine, his shell and the yuan God get along very harmoniously, nor like now people When the pain of death, not to euthanasia, people have to end, called the foreseeable time, the reincarnation of the perfect, complete my mission, the life of the day, and then wash their own clean, a few days ago began not to eat, and then very peaceful walk.

Liang: This belongs to the Blessed people. Yes, we took another 8 or 9 minutes to share with you what is called "do not make a work, so can form and the divine, and the end of its day."

Xu: The shape and the divine furniture, the degree hundred years is the person who goes is too few. Now say the age, what is the age, talent you live life, is how long, as far as you know.

Liang: Recently saw the Yellow Emperor inside the sutra, said that seems to be 120 years old.

Xu: Yes, we often say, I wish you a long life, longevity, ancient is a specific meaning, 60-year-old a koshien, called Shou, that is, you are born in XXX years, and then back to this year, lived 60 spring and autumn, called a Koshien, this is called Shou, so we 60 birthday, 60 is a life, 60 years old before

Liang: I thought 2, 30 years old or 10 years old when that is called Yao.

Xu: I thought I didn't have a dead name, in fact, no 60-year-old death is called Yao, are very unfortunate things, Shou and Yao is the antonym, 60-year-old is called Shou, so as long as the age, the so-called age, the age is two, is 120 years old, so 60-year-old called Shou, 80-year-old called China, according to the north, , the grandchildren are going to be red, called comedy Funeral, that is, this old man, this life has no white life, live to the longevity, and then to centenarians called Long life, to 120-year-old called to do its age, that is, God to you set the procedure is to let you live so long, listed below, why they do not live so long, and ancient people can do their old age, The spring and autumn two degrees two each.

Beam: Two to five, hundred to go.

Xu: And in the middle of this hundred, is not sickly, and is the action is not bad, can do its old days, if you lie in bed, lose fluid, plug in breathing tube, that is "The Walking Dead".

Liang: That is really fearless, "Sleepy Hundred Years".

Xu: That is longevity, but there is no quality.

Liang: "Degree hundred years old is to go", so "the people of this time", praise finished before the people began to criticize the modern man, "this time people are not also, with wine as a pulp" How to say?

Xu: "With wine as the pulp", "pulp" is the ancient water, drink and drink like water, now people drink beer or liquor is the same as drinking water, many people nicknamed "sewer", for the last section said "Food Drink has a festival", so drink which has moderation, no moderation, no control, this is the reason for his death, with wine for the pulp.

Liang: "Take the usual."

Xu: Just now I said, died in female, "jump" later on to expand into a lot of unrealistic illusion, one day, my old mother told me, now people "need not much, want more." ”

Liang: Interesting.

Xu: This want is to be around propaganda, compare with others, was incited the kind of virtual fire, is delusional, you have delusional not scary, terrible is you think of this delusion as should be so, as you want to pursue things, as normal things, is not normal when normal.

Liang: In order to do often, is not normal when normal.

Xu: I don't think so.

Liang: "Drunk to enter the room", this sentence I think is the whole inside the most exciting sentence.

Xu: "Drunk to enter the room" is meant to drink like water, and then take advantage of the wine and then have sex to go, is to drink first, and then make love, but the problem is what, in this case, is equal to the absence of consciousness in the case of open faucet drain your kidney essence, this situation according to the theory of TCM, the human body And the children born in this situation are all staying, silly, crazy, listless, not only we are now, Science developed, Tao Yuanming found that Tao Yuanming and the descendants of Li Bai is a stay, silly, crazy, listless mentally retarded, and then Tao Yuanming on the summary, my children how so silly, I do what wicked thing, he later summed up, the cup in the wrong drink , they both love to drink, so we are now very young people have realized, and the wife plan to get pregnant, the first three months or half a year began to quit smoking alcohol, this is right, it is completely right.

Liang: So "drunk to enter the room" behind the implication of a great truth, if you think this time will be more pleasant, in fact, you next time a greater unhappiness to pay, overdraft, typical overdraft.

Xu: And at the cost of a lifelong unhappiness, because he went on to say, "to exhaust its essence, to dissipate its true"

Liang: This sentence how to say, "in order to exhaust its essence, to dissipate its true."

Xu: This will be very excited, but the result is that your essence of the material basis of the "fine", kidney essence to overdraft, and the kidney essence is what I often say, practice refined gas, the root of the vitality, no kidney essence, your true qi, that is, we said the vitality is dissipated, just now I said, after drinking wine, Feel the gas scattered, so the following sentence is called, "to dissipate its true", the vitality to the dissipation of the loss.

Liang: Then, the Yellow Emperor inside the sutra said, "Do not know the full, sometimes imperial God", what is called "do not know to hold full."

Xu: We began to say "Atsutoshi" when said, away from the virtual, the full, the ridge is the kidney, so "hold full" is to maintain our kidney essence, the kidney is like a container, he wrapped all our essence, semen.

Liang: that "sometimes God"?

Xu: This is what we have just said four seasons, day and night Changes, heaven has a god, he has the law of change, people who are gods, called Heaven and Man in one, is the human God with the rhythm of the gods to go, this "go" is by time, is 24 hours of change it has a regular, four seasons change has the law, you To do the world synchronization, you will be very jingxiang, it is called "from time to God", if you are on time God you will be very jingxiang, if you do not press this hour to go, do not follow this season to go, you will live very tired, many people say I sleep in the night work, can ah, but you consume more energy, as if the You have to follow the direction of the Earth's rotation to launch, you save fuel, you say I am not closure hair, then you have more than hundreds of tons of fuel, which is called from time to God.

Liang: The following is the "service Fast Heart".

Xu: "Service fast its Heart", now popular a word called, play is the heartbeat.

Liang: Yes, that's what Wang Shuo said.

Xu: Now a lot of sick people pursue is what to stimulate, what can let me excited, what can let me tempted, what can let me move God, the result of this pursuit, in fact is indulge in.

Liang: Nothing to jump a pole ah, hit a that what gun ah.

Xu: In this kind of inviting, the process of moving God, just said or in the consumption of your kidney essence, there is a way, not the pursuit of speed, still can be happy, is that we said in the extremely quiet, sit, stand piles, meditation, the feeling of enlightenment, a lot of people quiet not down, so only by drugs, the heart of the fast, by drinking, fast its heart

Liang: That is to say, you see some people meditating and meditation there.

Xu: others are beautiful.

Liang: Then also sweating, oneself happy, more environmentally friendly a pleasant, do not toss others, oneself also quite happy, and will not cause others jealous.

Xu: and is the best "energy-saving emission reduction", section of your own kidney essence.

Liang: Energy-saving emission reduction, not so high carbon distribution.

Xu: Yes, no.

Liang: So we spend a little time today, talk about "God, service fast heart", said that some people do not know how to take their own God and the rhythm between Heaven and Earth (Xu: synchronous), is the pursuit of simple, immediate happiness, in fact, in the long term, is a hurt, so called "inverse biomass music."

Xu: He is not in line with our regimen.

Liang: Yes, inverse biomass le.

Xu: We speak in conformity with nature, you do not closure come.

Liang: Yes, "living without a festival, so at and decay." ”

Xu: This is the modern people, we can take the seat, ancient this person also has part is this, I estimate the ancient people also have "service fast heart, drunk to enter the house" of people, Chairman Mao said, is a person can distinguish left, center, right. In any age, in any crowd, he has a healthy and long life, some people who are not healthy and live long, and those who are not healthy and not long life, at any time, we are now educating people is, I tell you, people can live 120 years old, and this 120-year-old is not dull, there is a way, Also can smoke, but also can drink, can satisfy sexual desire, but also can healthy longevity, this is the Taoist told you.

Liang: This thing, we can find another time, and then we share slowly.

Xu: Taoism on the diet, both men and women have a very deep research, and tell the ordinary people, we are people, do not pursue so extraordinary things, we as ordinary people, can completely live and very happy, and very healthy.

Liang: Can live to 120 years old, you listeners, our today's re-discovery of Chinese medicine is too beautiful, and everyone together to share the "Yellow Emperor Internal Sutra", the Yellow Emperor in the first book called The Ancient Naïve theory, this is actually quite long, with our FA, estimated how to have a month or two. But I think, this is the happiness of reading, and we share: First, the Yellow Emperor He is how to walk through life, before the young time is very smart, "born and the Spirit", and then "long and Atsutoshi, into the sky", and then talked about the ancient Chinese people, is in the Yellow Emperor in the book before the book earlier people, It is very clear that a person can live at least 120 years old, as long as you follow some simple rules, for example, "Do not do it often", "do not make the work", in a word, I think why "the book has its own Golden House, the book has its own Yanruyu", why the ancient people read so happy, why modern reading so uncomfortable I think the main reason is now a lot of people, never seriously to ponder, one, two simple words contained in the huge life of truth and great spirit happy enjoyment, good, very many people listen to today's re-discovery of Chinese medicine is too beautiful yellow emperor of the ancient naïve theory before the 50 words, we see next.

The second edition of "Ancient Innocence"

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