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There are two brothers, age but 4 or 5 years old, because the bedroom windows are closed all day, they think the house is too dark, see the bright sunshine outside, feel very envious
. The two brothers said: "We can together the outside of the sun sweep a little in." So the two brothers took brooms and dustpan to the balcony to sweep the sun. Wait till he
when they moved dustpan to the room, there was no sun in them. This time and again again sweep many times, the room is still a little sun. is busy in the kitchen
mother saw their strange behavior and asked: "What are you doing?" They answered, "The room is so dark that we have to sweep the sun in." "Mama laughed:" Only
to open the window, the sun will come in naturally, why to sweep it? "Open the closed doors of the heart, the success of the sun can dispel the gloom of failure."
we areNetwork Time Group
1, the property does not have to worry about relocation problems, the engine room * * are independent IP Independent server rental and hosting, also * * Cloud host, can test, 198 yuan per month.
2. All-day 7*24*365 of Professional and technical engineers in the computer room monitoring and service, do not worry about the time to add resources when processing is not timely, to check the problem when the service is not timely
, to help you solve the after-sales worries, at the same time we also on the service of the project has the company charges, we free, to ensure that you can enjoy the service of the highest cost-effective service
3. The line is stable, we connect Hong Kong and Kee, Wharf, NTT, New World and other line resources, can automatically select the best fastest line, can also be a single line from the failure of automatic cutting
constant line change, multiple lines can be backed up
4. The price of 600 yuan per month can meet your needs and also allow you to get the value of the host services
so can * * Independent IP Independent server, service timely, stable line, enjoy fast, cost-effective self-built computer room resources
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The server expands your world

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