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MySQL server time synchronization problem processing

1. Adjust database server timeBecause the app shook a shake activity found out of date 15 minutes, but also can continue to shake, the problem is that the database server time than the application server time is quite 18 minutes, and the app is the

Linux Server modifies timezone time

The consistency of time is critical, and the analysis of logs and the docking of the program are essential!01. Tzselect Modify Time zoneYou can use the command Tzselect to modify the time zone. Examples of operations: $ tzselect Please

Looking at the software test with the focus of customer attention

As we all know, in the software testing industry, the software is often measured by the number of software bugs to measure the quality. When a software Test team discovers a large number of bugs, the quality of the software is considered to be at a

Wordpress Build Station (i)

Last year, we bought two domain names on justhost in the United States ( and, are websites for a Buddhist friend in Malaysia who show the world on the site of Buddhist culture. is my own

Caixun launched the 6000 series Processors-successfully integrated the centralized and distributed processors.

As a high-end display system, the big screen splicing system is widely used in all walks of life in the society. Each industry has different requirements on the display methods and functions of the big screen, therefore, different image splicing

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