The solution of cross-section monitoring and control for the software of Tiancheng network

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For enterprises and institutions of customers to divide multiple VLAN network management status, in order to better deploy the day easy to network management system, we recommend the use of the Network Bridge mode of monitoring, that is, using dual network card to the Internet, the monitoring software installed in the use of the Internet bridge on the computer, so you can completely control the entire LAN, This mode is suitable for any network environment, powerful.

The bridge mode is set up in the following way:

1, the preparation of a computer with dual network card (recommended use of two gigabit NIC);

2, install the operating system, the proposed use of XP system, currently supports Windows Xp,windows Server 2003, Vista, Windows7, can not use Windows 2000 and Windows 98, because they do not support the network bridge;

3, create a network bridge: into the Control Panel, point to open the network connection, at the same time select the two physical network card, click the right mouse button, and then select the bridge, the following figure:

4, set the Network Bridge: After the successful creation of the Network Bridge, the local connection will automatically virtual out of a network bridge. This time the original two physical network card can not set TCP/IP properties, only the virtual out of the network Bridge to set a fixed IP address, gateway and DNS domain name server. (Note: The IP of the network bridge set should be in the same network segment as the router.) Successful creation of the Network Bridge, will produce a new Mac, if you have to do ip-mac binding on the router, should modify the corresponding rules);

5, connect the network: Using network cable to do a bridge computer network card to connect the router or firewall, another connection to the main switch, the following figure:

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