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Today, I went to Guangzhou to see a high school student. He also studied computer science. But for his dream, after graduating from college, he came to Guangdong with hope and dreamed of achieving a career. I have been in Dongguan, Huizhou, and now in Guangzhou, and have been engaged in three unrelated jobs that have never been so beautiful. Although he said that he is in the Experience Accumulation Stage and all walks of life need to contact him, I can see that he is helpless in his words. When he picked me up before arriving at the provincial bus station, I saw him swarm a pair of slippers. His clothes and trousers looked very untrimmed. They were completely dressed as migrant workers, and they looked very down, I was shocked. Today's job is to engage in foreign trade of shoes and ornaments. I can see that he is working in a typical wholesale mall for small commodities. There are countless wholesale stores in the corridor. His environment is better, in the 8 th floor office, but it is also chaotic, and e-Wen is not good, even a foreign trade network can not find, even do not know. I really don't know what to say to him.
Think about yourself. In contrast, I feel a lot of comfort. Nowadays, many occupations pay more attention to skills. Without excellent technologies, it is difficult to get a high salary to engage in computer software development. Therefore, I have escaped from being a teacher in middle school, I have no plans for the future. In essence, it is also a confusing life. I also joked with my classmates that the price here is too expensive. If I could not find LP, I would go back to Sichuan in a while. But let me calm down and think about it. If there is no one who can give up, it's really boring to be alone here. I don't want to be like some school teachers, old virgins or old men. But there are also ugly women, but handsome men, if there is no money, it is not easy to keep women. It's so hard to find a girlfriend ~~~~ She spoke to bubbles last night and she couldn't hear me. Why? Because it lacks the Northeast flavor. In fact, the country music has changed people.

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