The Steadfast spirit in Photoshop rain

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This is a PS foreign course, for people to add a close-up effect, technology is not very good, but it is quite worth learning.

Effect Chart:


1, it is important to choose the right image, if the image is persuasive, the final result will be the same.

2, the rain needs to express the words, need close-up lens. Download and install splash brushes: Click here to download. Using the new brush, choose White. Each splash should be placed on a different layer so you can easily control the size and rotation

3, with the brush to make the splash looks logical.

4. Create a new layer, select a wiper, and start painting some raindrops with white.

5, apply some Gauss blur.

6, create a new layer, draw another rain layer.

7. Create a heavy rain, create a new layer, with a black background, add noise: Filters > Noise > Add Noise.

8, motion blur: Filter > Blur > Motion blur.

9, the blending mode for color reduction, copy the heavy rain layer, and set the blending mode for color Dodge 37%.

10, create a Halo shadow, create a new layer, a white background, create an ellipse, reverse the selection, and fill the black.

11, the use of Gaussian blur.

12, the blending mode is multiply, the opacity is changed to: 67%.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 339853166 welcome you to join

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