The steps of root canal therapy

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Root canal therapy is the use of special small devices into the pulp cavity and tooth root to remove the pulp and inflammation of the cells, before treatment, it is necessary to take X-ray to understand the shape and length of the root canal, and then the situation needs to be given to the anesthetic, and then the rubber blanket, can be entered into the dental pulp cavity by the crown, remove the pulp tissue and the expansion of the root canal, to achieve the purpose of thorough cleansing, The process is due to the very small space in the pulp God, so the process of endodontic treatment is very delicate and difficult, and finally, when the patient's symptoms disappear, you can take the root canal in a horse, tight filling, to avoid bacteria into the root of the infection again. This has the opportunity to stop the regeneration of the bacteria, as long as the acute stage of inflammation, then there will be no more pain. (If you only do the pumping, you may be able to resolve the pain, but as long as the bacteria regenerate, the pain will appear.) )

Root canal therapy Q&a

1. How often should root canal therapy be treated?

If the anterior root canal treatment, only two to three times of treatment can be completed, if it occurs in the large mortar, because a large mortar teeth have three to four root canal, so spend more time, it may be four to five times to complete.

2. Do I need root canal therapy?

If the following conditions occur, please seek assistance from dentists:

(1) The teeth continue to be uncomfortable when chewing food with cold hot water

(2) Teeth with persistent or self-developing pain

(3) tooth abscesses abscesses swelling

(4) Tooth change color

(5) Tooth fracture

(6) tooth is very sensitive

(7) The tooth is impacted by external forces to cause displacement.

* Does root canal therapy hurt?

3. How long does root canal therapy take?

Depending on the degree of complexity of the root canal and the difficulty of debridement, it is possible to divide the treatment into two or more treatments, so that the physician is easier to handle when the patient is undergoing treatment or post-traumatic pain.

4. What should I pay attention to in root canal therapy?

During the root canal treatment period, there may be a short, long-term discomfort that is a normal phenomenon. For the first time in root canal therapy, unless God has been killed or re-treated, it is usually necessary to do it under anesthesia, and the pain during the treatment period is mostly due to the unfinished treatment, the rest of the inflammatory tissue, or the dentin debris produced in the treatment, which can be resolved by taking pain medications, It is often possible to two days in a single piece of work, and if it happens to be more severe, you need to immediately connect with your therapist to take a step further. In addition, in the treatment of teeth, it is necessary to avoid chewing, so that fragile teeth easy to crack and must be removed.

5. Do you have to do braces to finish root canal therapy? How long can the tooth be used after the braces are installed?

Tooth teeth generally in the capacity of chewing time is limited, originally before the treatment because 齲 teeth and lost many teeth, while the root canal treatment of the tooth, the loss of lymph, blood and other nutrients to become more fragile, the color will be gray, if the tooth is not covered with braces, teeth can be broken by the force of the bite. After the appropriate supplement able, the function can be restored. The correct oral cleansing habits and regular return to the diagnosis, is the only way to protect tooth life.

6, what is the pillar heart? Why do we need to do the pillar heart?

Root canal therapy can be divided into two types: non-hand and hand-type. Attached to non-manual treatment:

(1) Tooth decay towed involved in the dental pulp tissue, it can not be filled only, it is necessary to remove all the pulp. Teeth are destroyed long after the root tip around will be followed by inflammation. Root canal therapy is required at this time.

(2) The root canal file in the clear creation and expansion of the inside of the root canal, so that the debris and bacteria residues no longer breed.

(3) In the human body can not react to the horse, the root canal dense filling, replace the original tooth pulp occupied space.

7, after treatment should pay attention to the matter

The tooth, which has just been cured, may be caused by a root tip that has not yet subsided, causing pain in the face or bite, and in normal circumstances, the pain is gradually reduced to no pain.

(1) dental treatment each tooth needs one to number of diagnoses, each time about a few days.

(2) After treatment, the tooth may have a slightly sour hyperinflationary feeling, this is a normal physiological reaction, can take pain medication.

(3) If the pain increases or swelling with the physician, do not take the temporary filling of the tooth or any medication.

(4) Non-physician instructions, the treatment process, do not have to use antibiotics.

(5) During the treatment period, the tooth should avoid chewing hard food. Normal oral hygiene should be done as usual.

(6) After the treatment is complete, the tooth still needs to be able and restored to ensure the function.

(7) It is important to determine whether the tooth is healthy after six months of therapy.

8. What is the obvious micro-root canal therapy?

The steps of root canal therapy

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