The survey shows that the United States is already the king of spam. How do individuals prevent spam?

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According to Sophos, the security company, the United States continues to be the country with the largest number of spam mails in the world, accounting for 15% of the total spam mails in the world.

For the first time in two years, Sophos said that the UK had vanished from the top 12 countries that produced the most spam mail, and its ranking would reach 14th. The UK-made spam accounts for 2.1% of the world's total spam.

Many people have this experience. They can see a lot of unread emails in their mailboxes, but they can see overwhelming advertisements. This is spam. So why do we receive spam and how do we prevent them? This article will start with email and introduce several tips for preventing spam and protecting personal privacy. I hope this will help you.

Many people have doubts. Why do "Others" know my mailbox?

In fact, many people collect our mailboxes and then package these mailbox information to some companies for advertisement promotion, so that we will receive spam. A well-known method for collecting mailbox information is to use some scanning tools to scan strings that Match mailbox characteristics on the webpage. Therefore, if you publish your mailbox to the Internet, for example, posts, forums, or blogs can easily be collected, so that you may frequently receive spam emails in the future.


Email can be sent to many people at the same time. All recipients are in the recipients list, and any one of them can get the entire recipient list. These lists contain not only the recipient's email address, but also their name or nickname. In short, we can see a lot of privacy information from here, which makes people worried. Let me put it another way. I have received emails from more than three hundred recipients, and all the information of these recipients is unretained in front of me, of course, I am also present in front of them. This reminds me of one sentence: "No one on the InternetNoYou know you are a dog ." (Once there was a sentenceFamous sayingYes: "No one knows you are a dog on the internet .") The recent increasing popularity of human flesh search confirms this sentence.

 Therefore, it is best not to expose your mailbox. If you have to do so, you can use some methods to avoid being collected, such:

    • Use images. The mailbox is represented by an image. For example, the mailbox in the cat's garden is an image, which is difficult to be scanned by machines. This is the safest way. However, each time a mailbox is provided, an image must be taken. One is troublesome, and the other is not supported in many occasions. You can use the second method.
    • Replacement character. Most scanners use the @ symbol to determine the mailbox. Therefore, if you replace @ with other characters, you can effectively avoid being collected. So you will see this writing: Cat's garden mailbox is a # (please change # @). This method is convenient and secure.
    • Add the character method. Similar to the second method, can add some characters, such as CAT garden mailbox is: (please remove the com before @), is also a good way to circumvent.

Similarly, do not expose mobile phone numbers to the Internet. I used to publish my mobile phone number on the Internet frequently, causing me to receive many spam messages and phone numbers. Now it seems that I have not properly protected my privacy. We can also find a way to protect our mobile phone by following the example of mailbox. But there are still some good methods for cell phones. For example, the mobile phone number in the cat's garden is l392l52lo6 (Declaration: this mobile phone number is purely fabricated). Do you see any difference? It is to replace numbers with similar letters (1 to L, 0 to O), which makes it easy for readers to recognize, but is confused about machines. There are also some special characters that can be inserted: the cat's garden phone is a l39-2152-1106, this can also effectively avoid being collected, it is also convenient to read.

Let's go back to the email list. I 've been paying attention to this issue for a long time, but it's still inevitable. For example, if you participate in a competition, the organizer will concentrate on notifying you about the issue, in this way, they send emails in a group, and you can see that you have become a member of countless recipients. Do you feel dangerous. For example, I registered for the Tongji ACM competition (toJ) I just attended. I can see who else signed up through the confirmation email. The method to deal with such problems is relatively passive, because the sender is not controlled by you, so it is more difficult. In this case, you can register a new email for this registration and then discard it. However, this method is not conducive to mail management.

In fact, the email itself provides a way to avoid this phenomenon, because the email recipient can "cc" and "BCC", CC can still be seen, bcc will not be seen, therefore, when sending a large number of groups, it is best to choose Bcc to effectively protect the recipient's information. However, many people do not have this kind of consciousness, or even the BCC does not know what it is, it is quite troublesome.

Therefore, I think email service providers should help to change this situation, for example

    • By default, the BCC mode is automatically used when multiple recipients are recipients.
    • Or, if you do not have the email owner's permission and the recipient is multiple, you cannot put the recipient in the recipient list, but only in BCC.

However, in the final analysis, we still rely on our own defense. Only by raising the awareness of personal privacy protection is the fundamental path. May everyone live in a clean Internet world.

Source: Cat's Garden: how to prevent spam

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