The thought of the "chauffeur service" after dropping a taxi

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Recently driving to work will listen to the radio program, the two most recent focus on a topic is dropping a taxi and other new "chauffeur service."

The so-called chauffeur service, as far as I know is the taxi software and some car rental companies to launch the chauffeur-drive service. Car rental companies are not just car rental also provide drivers, I think is to imitate the rise of foreign Uber taxi software.

These cars are generally upscale such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz or SUV's so-called luxury car, the driver is also relatively professional service, of course, the cost is higher, probably 3 times times the average taxi.

If the simple projections, this service feeling is to compete with the existing taxi industry, so the program, two hosts seem to stand in the angle of the taxi driver, outraged complaints car, in the name of the black car, and called for criticism, and call for taxi drivers to unite, uninstall the drip taxi software, sounds like the embodiment of justice, Cries a taxi driver for a weaker party, but is that really the case?

Once I took a taxi home by the drip taxi software, and the way to talk to a talkative driver told me to revisit the problem ...

The driver Master said he was not a cold car service, in fact, and I think the same, the car service is only a market segment, he corresponds to the customer although there are some intersection with the original taxi, but most of the two markets, chauffeur service positioning higher, mainly for some business, or special needs (such as frequent contacts in the airport city, or the body is not very convenient passengers, hoping to get better service of passengers), the driver said he is most annoying radio station those people, shouting that that, in fact, the root cause is, drip taxi not leather the life of the taxi market, but the life of the broadcast!

You know, there are fewer people listening to traditional broadcasts, and young people like us, like me, usually listen to Internet podcasts, which means listening to the radio while driving. So for the radio station, taxi driver is a very important market, but the advent of the drop taxi, unexpected inadvertently, let the radio station lost this important market , because many taxi drivers in the installation of the drip taxi can not listen to the radio at the same time, Most drivers choose to give up listening to the radio because you know that making money is the most important thing ...

I ride a lot of taxi drivers told me that it has been a long time not to listen to the radio, I think this is the radio station never thought of, so the most hostile to drip taxi in fact, the support of the TV station and the interests of relevant personnel, moved people's cheese. So everything is said, also explain I have been puzzled about the problem, these hosts how to hate the car, to let taxi driver unloading car, original all the root cause or interest ... The same is true of most seemingly unrelated events-the eternal interest.

The thought of the "chauffeur service" after dropping a taxi

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