The UE principle of web2.0 should begin with its essential characteristics

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From White Crow:

I just saw a friend called Jiao Yanwu on DoNews and wrote an article"Some principles of Web website usability design",
Well written, it also triggered me (recently I am also working on something about 2.0, and I feel something in it ..).
Let's take a look at what Jiao Yanwu wrote:
1. lowering the threshold for users, your small step is a huge step for users
2. Cherish users' time and every click
3. developers use web pages to communicate with users.
4. Creatively meet user needs
5. Simplicity is beautiful. complexity does not mean being powerful.
6. Focus on new technologies to provide user experience services
7. solving user confusions anytime and anywhere

Address on donews:
This Jojo man,"Some principles of Web website usability design"Not just the 2.0 principle, most of his content should be the principle that most products need to abide. So there are more principles that need to be observed. These are just "common ..
(And some may still have arbitrary opinions. For example, "simple is beautiful, complex does not mean powerful". I also worship google. I prefer to say "concise" is beautiful, and google is not simple .)

So how can we determine the design principles of Web website usability? I think:
First, the 2.0 principle must be based on all general usability principles,
Second, the 2.0 principle needs to be determined by its characteristics.
1,Web2.0It is just a concept and a kind of consciousness. Please do not speculate. The 2.0 principle determines his usability principle.
2. Open
Information Openness: Jiao Tong mentioned that "lowering the threshold for user use" should be only one aspect of the threshold. The degree of user participation and the openness of information input should all follow the principle of openness. There is also open source of information and open user information (see the following article)
On UCD: simplicity and diversity
User openness: please do not rape the user's will. We need to open this platform and the user needs can be customized freely!
Of course, this includes the contradiction and necessary supplement of "function opening" and "Information Opening". Users must also have the right to "filter information" while opening user information. You need to customize "whether to disclose my information"
3. Communication
Communication between users: I like it very much.DoubanThe word "friend" invented "..
There is a paragraph in the dating principle: one of the six will be a friend of your friend ..
A \ open user information as much as possible.
Opening user information is a prerequisite for promoting user communication.
B \ makes user communication easier and more direct to the greatest extent.
"Open user information" can be easy to communicate, and "Open Source of information" is required to communicate directly. We can fully accept the principle of "let users go to the information source ", do not stick to the principle that "users must stay with me ".
(User communication is more about social areas)
Communication between the system and users: Now the most common is "cookies".James's story"
To enhance the communication between the system and users, there are more ways to improve the availability of the system. Jiao old also mentioned that "developers use web pages to communicate with users "..
4. Share
Information sharing: open is a window, and share is a door. Sharing refers to bringing out information, while opening up refers to releasing information.
It is not only necessary to give the information editing right to the user, but also the right to publish information to the user ..
Resource Sharing: information cannot be shared.
So I made "recommend others" in my stuff ..". (Of course, I only recommend it to the system ..)
5. Users
This is written later, but it is the most important.
The availability principle varies depending on different user groups. 2.0 is by no means the same ..
In his article, the Jose said, "solving user confusions anytime and anywhere", as I mentioned a few days ago.Managed vs basic managementSame. We need users to conveniently see help information, and we need to get prompt anytime and anywhere when users operate.
Of course, this cannot be a unique 2.0 principle.
I found that I could not elaborate on the problem at the beginning, and the ease of writing is getting worse and worse...
When these are bricks, I hope I can find the stones that can be discussed and analyzed in detail ..
I began to like to discuss and hate writing my own things. I found that only thinking can be generalized ..
By the way, the day before yesterday, qianniu brother recommended a Website:
(I don't want to talk about anything. People who read it will have a public opinion)

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