The use of surveying software experience

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After the sophomore in-depth study of surveying and mapping major, we contacted the South Cass and Ke Silly two surveying and mapping personnel commonly used program software, in its use after the experience as follows: We use the section silly software, ke silly system (COSA) is the original Wuhan University of Surveying and Mapping science and technology The system includes two subsystems Cosa-ho and codaps for the field surveying engineering control and construction surveying internal and external industry integration and data processing automation system. The first subsystem has leveling and rags measurements, and other measurements that we did not have at the time, are not described here. This subsystem is suitable for the measurement of external industry.

The second subsystem is codaps, and the system is mainly used to calculate the adjustment and closing difference, which is the guarantee of the accurate calculation result.

The southern Cass is a software based on CAD software that is more adaptable to surveying and mapping engineering.

Cass Terrain Map Software is a digital surveying and mapping data acquisition system based on AutoCAD platform technology. It is widely used in three fields of ground formation diagram, ground drawing and engineering surveying application.

and comprehensively facing the GIS, completely through the digital mapping system and GIS interface, using skeleton line real-time editing, simple code user-oriented, GIS seamless interface and other advanced technology. Since the introduction of Cass Software, has grown into the largest number of users, the fastest upgrade, the best service of the mainstream mapping system.

These two software solves many surveying and mapping engineering calculation problem as well as the post-processing, has provided many conveniences.

The use of surveying software experience

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