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Expectations are not popping out of stone, and all expectations are an outward manifestation of external influences and the combination of one's own needs.
Meet the expectations of the product can be eye-catching at the first time, is a good "marketing-oriented design."


Meet the expectations of the product can be eye-catching at the first time, is a good "marketing-oriented design."
Let's talk about this sentence.


Pandering to expectations is easy for most people to understand, and most marketing cases are catering to or directing expectations. (the demand is too deep, must be dug out, expressed as expectation, also can be called dominant demand)
Meet the expectations of the product can give consumers a good first impression (and a lot of detail design is to be used to know), with different marketing means, can be very good to achieve marketing goals.
Sometimes it may be possible to lose some other experience in order to meet expectations (for example, the cost of research and development resulting from the cost of marketing is reduced, resulting in inefficient use, etc.), which can sometimes be avoided by improving the design, as long as it is not "dictated to the marketing department".


To meet expectations, should be to seize the user's first purchase motivation, and the user's purchase motivation, is often the strongest demand! Can it be understood to capture the strongest demand?

White Raven:

The user's purchase motivation is the most strong demand I basically agree with.
But I'm more concerned about the really valuable needs of users. For example, users now buy a mobile phone purchase motivation is often more function the better, but this motivation for him is not the most valuable.
By capturing the most valuable needs and motivations of the user and directing it to the user's greatest expectations, the company becomes a great enterprise. Of course, it is often necessary to start with their strongest needs, but ultimately it is up to the most valuable needs of alignment.
For example, 51 for a long time in order to solve the bubble in the bubble, the value can not play to the maximum. But Facebook, from the outset, has solved the desire for bubbles, and has slowly led to real social interaction.


From my personal point of view, demand and expectation are two concepts, although their definitions are quite close. Demand can be said to be an objective object, whether or not realized, want to change a person's needs,
is a very difficult thing to do.
But the expectation is not the same, it must be realized, even if the customer's knowledge can not be quantified, at least it could be qualitative.
According to the hierarchy theory of demand, in different situations, only part of the demand will be translated into important basic expectations.

Or use the example of drinking water, at any time, five levels of demand are present, but because of different situations, the main embodiment of the demand is not the same, the transformation into the expectations are not the same,
In situations where physical demand is predominant, for example, and in the case of a very dangerous desert, it may be expected that there is water, even if it is quench thirst.
In the case where security needs are to be lived, then at least the expectation is that water is not harmful to the self, healthy.
In the case of social demand, it may be expected to drink a little culture, tea or wine.
In the case of higher demand, what is expected is not the same.


I think this is all about the material basis of the superstructure.
Ten years ago, who would expect MP3 to have a few g of memory, with touch color screen, disorderly multi-function, can have a portable MP3 machine will greatly exceed the expectations of users, now these have become the basic needs of users.

is not supposed to be called, to develop the vision to see user expectations ...

White Raven:

    1. The user's needs are fundamental.
    2. However, the most fundamental is the cause of demand.
    3. The most common mistake of requirement analysis is to take the requirement as a function.
    4. The first thing to analyze needs is "understand the cause of the demand".
    5. Then understand the user's expectations for addressing the requirements.
    6. Finally, it is to solve the demand. Based on the reasons for the requirements to analyze "how can meet the requirements" to understand the user's expectations of meeting this demand, and finally select the "user-valued, and meet the user's expectations of the method."
    1. Bubble in the bubble is a big demand of the network community
    2. Why is the demand so strong in the bubble? Do not understand this made out of the product.
    3. Many people come up with a function called "open room", up to pull a bunch of JN users. Finally, the site will be all around the "open room" and the prostitute wandering.
    4. The bubbles are caused by the fact that the hormone function is normal in the adolescent men and women (including the past).
    5. The expectation that the user wants to fix the hormones is not really going to go straight to the house, it may just be a mutual emotional comfort.
    6. Finally, there are many ways to deal with hormones. You find that socializing can help users solve their needs and bring value, and is relatively consistent with user expectations (spiritual comfort). Maybe you could end up making a successful social networking site.

Of course, you often start with the "open House" approach in order to grow more attractive. But be sure to remember: this is just the way you started, not as a "core function" (for example, you advertise your site for a lot of beauties, but don't expect most users to be beautiful, because at least 99.9% of users are smelly men and dinosaurs.) Of course, there may be a transvestite and vest), to a certain time the function of the room was slowly weakened and weakened again (Facebook has been more and more weakening the poke).


For the first 1-6 points mentioned above, I agree.

But as mentioned in the example, there are a number of different opinions, the needs or expectations of any user (here is the difference between me and the White Raven definition, I think the bubble and the bubble is only the user's communication needs to break out of an expectation). As long as there is such a stable group and relatively stable, there should be a successful website.

White Jay in the previous mentioned 51 of the problem, I think 51 fundamental point is whether the user group is stable, whether there are users out of the time there are user access, access to new users of the cost, the user's marketing value, etc. (of course, the national policy is also on the one hand).

We always want to do something great, but from a company's point of view, profitability is important. There is always the reason for prostitutes in ancient China, largely because there was a group of people with such expectations at the time. From a social point of view, perhaps an opera house is more noble than a brothel (this is certain), but do not deny the objectivity of the existence of brothels, perhaps a large brothel business value is much higher than the opera.

White Raven:

It seems that we have a different definition of success.
I don't think anything that can bring real value to the user is not a long-term success.


Well, at this point, I think we're in agreement.
However, many times have to pay attention to the immediate interests.

PS: Dialogue has been cut, only the value of the text retained

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