The visual gdb: gdbv0.54 compiled with gtk is coming soon!

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The visual gdb: gdbv0.54 compiled with gtk is coming soon!


Finally, I used my spare time to write the first practical software for visual gdb !!!!

Don't talk nonsense. First, the source code will be released later !!!!

V0.54a has the following functions:

1. Enable the program with debugging function during compilation for debugging

2. The source code location of the program can be automatically analyzed and displayed in the list on the left.

3. Click the list on the left to open the source code of the program to be debugged.

4. Complete the following debugging functions: set breakpoints, clear breakpoints, add monitoring (shown in the monitoring tab below), run, continue, run in one step, and step in one step.


Currently known bugs:

You cannot open the file multiple times, and do not handle fault tolerance for the illegal running sequence (the program does not stop at the breakpoint but executes next.


Continue to work hard to do better than redhat insight.

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