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Hacker successfully cracked PlayStation 4 support running Linux

Hacker successfully cracked PlayStation 4 support running LinuxA Brazilian team claimed that the first time the PS4 jailbreak was successful, involved a cumbersome set of procedures that required the use of a Raspberry Pi to replicate the entire hacker's hard drive, and it was not until the month that it bypassed Sony's content protection.Since Sony PlayStation 4 has been on sale for two years, the hacker d

PlayStation Vue will land on Android next week

Sony announced that the PlayStation Vue will start landing next week on Android devices, the PlayStation Vue was launched in March 2015 and is Sony's cloud-based DVR live TV service, Android users will then be able to access on-demand content via a smartphone or tablet, watch a TV show online (the base package includes the 55+ channel), and the My shows feature, and the app also supports Chromecast or any G

Sony Playstation Vita browser 'window. open () 'URI Spoofing Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Sony Playstation Vita 2.05Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 57762 Playstation Vita is Sony's next-generation host platform. Sony Playstation Vita Browser 2.05 uses the JS window. open () method to process URLs with errors, causing URI Spoofing. Link

The winter of the process is coming? No, spring's coming!

Chinese medicine, the need for slow, need kung fu, to improve, to achieve the peace. The value embodiment of the process management in the enterprise is not "from scratch", but let the enterprise realize "from have to excellent" transformation. Enterprise Metamorphosis is not easy, relying on process management as a change is internal strength rather than curtailing, the process of spring has been in, but only do not forget beginner's mind, with good process, can let the process for Enterprise

The XAF video tutorial is coming. We have 6 courses and the xaf video tutorial is coming.

The XAF video tutorial is coming. We have 6 courses and the xaf video tutorial is coming.XAF has recorded videos with his brother in the exchange learning group. He does not have a blog. He has dragged me to the blog Park, hoping to benefit more developers. a good tool for developing enterprise-level applications quickly! XAF entry 01 Quick ViewXAF entry 02 features.XAF entry 03 Status ControlXAF entry 04 create a projectXAF entry 05 images, attachmen

Internet is coming, internet is coming

Internet is coming, internet is coming1. What is "Asynchronous non-blocking "? This name sounds ugly, but ifBuy underpantsIn this case, it is easy to understand the meaning of "Asynchronous non-blocking. For example, if you are a CPU thread, You need to executeProcedures for buying underpantsThe steps you need to perform are roughly as follows, At this time, as a thread, you may encounter several situations or choices. Obviously, the third method is t

Java Learning Note-0918 pre-class flood in Silicon Valley: Before coming to Beijing, like all college students, they are worried about the next step in life.

Most of the time, you don't know what your life will be like at the next moment, maybe you're still wandering in the first second, but you may get a chance in the next second. Before coming to Beijing Java training, I like all graduating college students, in the next step for life to worry about, to Beijing for one months, read a lot, think a lot, finally decided to stick to their hobbies, choose it, the most important thing is to thank family and fri

Java 11 is coming soon, compiling & running a command to get it done!

Java 11 is coming, scheduled to release in September, there are less than 3 months, please expect more new features to be added to the 11, this article is aboutJEP 330This new feature.Simplify and simplify, a command to compile and run the source codeLook at the code below.// 编译javac 运行java JavastackIn our cognition, to run a Java source code must first compile, then run, two steps to execute the action. In the future version of Java

Coming soon: CSS Feature Queries (CSS feature query)

-gradient (...), url (...));Believe that feature queries will soon be popular among developers, you need to consider when to use it, when testing to determine that they can be used in the same browser. Although Feature query does not improve performance much, they can make your code more manageable. Try these new features first, and then tell us about your feelings.Geek Label-professional and accurate sharing, focus on the geek you're interested in, community offers great boutique tutorials, int

Coming out as a cancer survivor:a Guide for Software developers

Coming out as a cancer survivor:a Guide for Software developers a Personal perspective on the responsibilities of a cancer-surviving Software Developer by Douglas Reilly My family has a genetic predisposition towards cancers of all sorts. My father died of cancer in 1975. At home, course, we talked about what is going on some detail. However, my father did is not feel able to inform he employers of his condition, and I would not being surprised if o

The World Cup is coming! Look at my big python analysis wave! The top four will be a country!

].text,headers[4].text 98 print (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5) 101 continue102 103 try:104 Info =m Atch.find_elements_by_xpath (".//td") 106 107 Cup =str (Info[0].text.encode (' Utf-8 ')) 108 109 match_time =str (info[1]. Text.encode (' Utf-8 ')) 111 Home_team =str (Info[2].text.encode (' Utf-8 ')) 113 FTS = info[3].text114 #print ('-', Cup, '-') 117 Fs_a,fs_b=int (Fts.split ('-') [0]), int (fts.split ('-') [1]) 118 119 Away_team = str (Info[4].text.encode (' Utf-8 ') 121 print (Cup, Match_time,home_team,

Final exams coming WPS template helps you cramming

The end of the year is coming, although the legendary doomsday has not come, but the final exam is on schedule, for students that this is absolutely not escape a pass. In order to pass the exam, everyone can be said to rack their brains, some hope are pinned on the last lesson of the "test scope", someone put the "treasure" are pressed on the cramming, but also someone to their own network name changed to "Too children" ... Today's small series also b

Just finished reading the BOOTSTRAP3,BOOTSTRAP4 is coming _bootstrap

Just finished reading the BOOTSTRAP3, BOOTSTRAP4 is coming, offers more styles, but is currently beta, version: v4.0.0-alpha.6 | Document Updated on: 2017-07-25 URL: Because the classical novel Web is built with WordPress, can not use bootstrap directly, and I found that many of the theme of WordPress is very good, especially the navigation function, more powerful than the bootstrap, Deficiencies, is the t

JavaScript 2 coming up! __java

Javascript 2 is coming up.This is not the news, but the news seems to have not circulated at home. Anyway, I'll just turn to the relevant information. This is an introduction to the language features of JavaScript 2, which is a straightforward illustration of why there are so many improvements to JavaScript, how to improve, how to plan for development, and so on. Today is not much time, d

I'm coming

I'm coming, I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming I'm here I'm

Design principles and excellent design cases of coming soon page design

Article Description: the upcoming "Coming Soon" page is a relatively new concept in the Internet, where, for a long time, there was nothing when new products were ready for business, and it suddenly appeared online the next day. The upcoming "Coming Soon" page is a relatively new concept in the Internet, where, for a long time, there was nothing when new products were ready for business, and it s

Design principles and creative elements of the "coming online" page

When I smoked in Friday, I said it felt like an era was over. One colleague said it was only time to start a new page. Yes, that's true. Now the ear Radiohead in Not plug in the album Wish You were come here, I do not know whether this is a kind of calm or numbness, or the brain to help me to shield off some of the feelings of the heart, let me just quiet in all the scene and get carried away. Think of another colleague said: "I really just want to do settle down design, do the things I like"

Php5.4-php5.4 is coming soon. Let's see what features you need most. What features do you expect most?

The beta version of php5.4 is coming soon. Many new features of php5.4 are available on the Internet. Here is an official list for reference. php. netviewvcphpphp-src .... For me, apart from fixing some bugs, it is most worth looking forward... the beta version of php 5.4 is coming soon. Many new features of php 5.4 are available on the Internet. Here is an official list for reference:

2014 summer vacation Summary-beautiful things coming soon

The summer vacation is coming to an end. Let's sum up the harvest of this year. This year has been so fast that it has never been a year, but there have been many gains. Summary. Smooth and silent Mr. Mi often said that his learning method is to improve things without being heard, and he felt a lot about it. At the beginning of this year's personnel project, I was not confident at the beginning, but I found my understanding of the entire system

Programmers can also romantic----to dedicate a share of your worth of romantic website source (Valentine's Day coming ~)

mess. touched haha. By the way, we're getting engaged this month, and I'm not going to refuse your blessing. Ha ha..Three, the outline of the implementation of Technology 1, first look at the structure of my small websiteYou see, very simple ~ ~ Inside can say there is no difficulty to speak of.I use HTML and JS real ~ 2 aspx file is to help friends build invitations use! ~2. About the databaseSpeaking of data, a few days ago, help friends to get a self-generated invitations Web page, the frien

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