The whole process of project implementation Summary "original"--project summary of rookie project manager

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About XXX software project implementation process Summary

    XXX software xxxx year XX month XX day acceptance completed, in this project implementation process to do a summary, in order to facilitate our project development in the future to better implement projects, better standardize project process management and improve work efficiency, thereby creating more benefits.
The summary consists of the following three sections: Project review, project summary, and follow-up plan.
1. Project Review
The project review mainly describes the project history (time), Project Labor (manpower), project cost (cost) and project quality.
1.1 Project History

Serial number

stage name

Executive Notes

Completion time


Program Research


Project Bid Establishment


The tender notice is charged


Business Contract Negotiation


Contract signing


Request Confirmation


General design and prototype interface confirmation


System Coding and integration testing


Installation deployment


System Training


Test demonstration


Project Acceptance Demonstration

1.2 Project Labor

Serial number




1.3 Project Cost


Amount (unit: thousand Yuan)


Subject to financial records

1.4 Project Quality2 Project Summary
The project summary is mainly from the summary of the project results, the project phase of the process summary and work in the process of the summary of the three aspects of the description.
2.1 Summary of project results
The summary of the project results consists of three parts, including the results of the project, technical results and documentation, as follows:
2.1.1. Project-related results

XXXX software project began to contact at the end of October 2013, to the end of XXXX year XX signed the contract, to the final XXXX year XXXX month to complete the project acceptance, the intermediate process in accordance with the project contract requirements, timely completion of the objectives of each stage, and finally get the customer's praise, for the next project to lay a good foundation.

2.1.2. Technical results

Software project technology is relatively difficult, the technical results include the following features:

(i) Multi-sectoral cross-cutting applications: Sector 1, Sector 2

(ii) involving multi-service system integration: XXXX system

(iii) Business system data reconciliation: As a result of the above-mentioned multi-service system, the core basic data are derived from existing business systems, the existing system in the design of data processing may be duplicated, redundant and other garbage data, resulting in our system in the subsequent data statistics and query problems, after we spend a lot of time for data analysis, Root planing to the bottom, and with the customer one by one bluff, to ensure the correctness and consistency of data.

(iv) Strong industry expertise, such as data presentation of technical difficulties

(v) need to analyze and read the original Linux source code, and solve the system porting problems, while extending the functionality on the original system, very difficult.

(vi) Cross-operating systems: involving UNIX systems, Linux systems, Windows systems

(vii) Multi-database application: Linux mysql,windows mysql,linux oracle,windows Oracle, data integration communication via Dblink + materialized view.

(eight) the knowledge of GIS platform: from the gap of knowledge of GIS, now learning ArcGIS Desktop 9.3 is used, from map loading, rendering to map performance optimization and so on to do a lot of work, halfway encountered a lot of problems, and one by one, the GIS technology belongs to the core technology needs of XX industry, Further research is required for follow-up.

(ix) The software involves the 7x24 hours of Windows services, writing services and testing process encountered many problems, such as database connectivity, data processing aspects of the problem, do the repeated testing and optimization work to ensure the stability of services, reliability

(10) Linux interface development compared to Windows a bit of trouble, after the decision to use Python QT components, to complete the visual interface requirements of the implementation of the function

2.1.3. Documentation-related results

The XXX software project requires strict documentation of the entire project process, and must deliver all process documents upon acceptance. The project starts from the program research stage, to the bidding program preparation, the software contract preparation, to the demand analysis, the overall design, the detailed design, the meeting minutes, the training plan, the training program, the meeting registration, the test case, the test plan, the Operation manual, the installation manual, the trial operation summary, the project summary, Project PPT and other project process documentation completed, and through customer confirmation, in the project process documentation accumulated experience, documentation is the extension of brain thinking, is also a necessary tool for process communication, each stage of the document for the follow-up project to provide a lot of reference value.

2.2 Stage Process summary
Project stage Process summary is mainly to review the entire project process at all stages of the problem encountered and solutions (simplified ideas only), can be used as a follow-up project implementation process of attention, for the future new project manager to provide implementation reference, explained as follows:
preparation of the 2.2.1 Project research programme

Before writing the project research plan, need to communicate with customers many times, it is best to confirm the project cost bottom line (how much to spend), as well as the construction goals and content (how many things, in several stages), the program content mainly includes the following:

(i) Project background: Company/Unit profile, current situation analysis (existing issues, existing measures "current system", existing data, existing processes)

(ii) Project positioning: Positioning the project to solve what problems, to achieve what goals.

(iii) Project programme: Inclusion of a business framework (involving business systems), technical framework, implementation of content

(iv) Project implementation plan: Project cycle, resource plan, cost estimates

Note: In addition, please note that the document content format, table of contents, title, content font size format uniform, form beautiful, process, picture specification number, but also pay attention to the different stages of document binding color, style selection, document content also need to communicate with the customer many times and confirm, avoid the hard, not a word.

preparation of bidding work for 2.2.2 Project

The preparation of project bidding mainly includes the detailed reading of bidding documents, preparation of expenses, preparation of documents and three parts.

(a) Detailed reading of the tender documents: when preparing the tender documents, it is necessary to read the contents of the tender documents repeatedly, and to prepare the contents strictly in accordance with the requirements of the contents of the bidding documents, the bidding documents will generally stipulate the contents and format of the business section, technical requirements, and the requirements of the contract writing format.

Note: Please do not be sure to repeat the reading, careful preparation, and repeatedly compare the contents of the inspection.

(b) the preparation of the cost: when bidding, the cost includes the purchase of bids, bid security, etc., the need to submit material money, prepare all the costs, and the bill as the submission of the material annex, as a pre-bid audit basis, the part still must be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the tender documents.

Note: May need to prepare multiple bid margin, at the same time, you have to understand that the larger the project, the project needs to prepare a large amount of money in advance, to know the boss and the company's pressure, mutual understanding and support, in the same boat.

(iii) Document preparation: The document mainly contains the preparation of business documents, bidding technology plan two pieces, business documents in strict accordance with the tender requirements, such as company license, organization Code certificate, nearly three years of tax registration documents, etc., must be prepared by the request for tender documents, technical programs can use the project research phase output of the overall construction program, Combined with the technical part of the tender documents to modify, match, print documents, please pay attention to a variety of stamping requirements, according to the requirements of the tender documents, cover the cover, all the pictures need to be stamped, all the signature parts need to seal, program Zifengzhang and so on, after the sealing package, submit materials.

(Aside from: if you need to prepare more than one plan, please note that the content is not allowed to repeat, in addition, please reserve sufficient documents to print binding time, so as to avoid the opening time before the urgent, panic, omission, causing significant losses, ages AH.

preparation of software contract for 2.2.3 Project

Meet party A is lazy, the project contract all need us to tidy up, do not think our workload increases, want to know, the contract content is led by us, is gives you the opportunity to guarantee our interest.

The main content of software contract includes: Software delivery content, delivery time, Project phase division, stage payment, acceptance standard and so on, the content mainly according to the request of bidding documents.

Note: To communicate with customers several times to confirm, should not pay attention to the contract cover, signed box, etc., when printing, in accordance with the requirements of more than one, as much as possible dozen, follow-up payment procedures, stage acceptance, etc., the parties may need the contract, at the same time, the company, the project team need to file for filing. After the signature of the general contract, the first payment can be collected, as the project start-up, please do the collection preparation (Invoice, financial section chapter) and so on.

Survey of 2.2.4 Project requirement Specification

Before the project Requirement Specification investigation, please notice to convene the project group to carry on the whole discussion, the project risk, the technical difficulty, the workload appraisal and so on discussion, prepares the research plan, including the research question, the itinerary arrangement, waits collects the form and so on, the advance appointment to the researcher's time and the place, the interview completes the research process record, and timely communication with customers to confirm, research completed immediately after the investigation needs, classification management (district functional requirements, non-functional requirements, user needs, etc.), and timely feedback to the customer, again confirmed that the entire research work completed, the preparation of requirements specification. Requirements Specification main content includes: System scope, business process, demand function list, non-functional requirements list, interface requirements and so on.

Note: Investigation, research issues to be divided according to the customer level, the research object for the leadership, the problem more from the point of view of management needs, the investigation system of the future users, the problem more from the use of demand, operation experience, business scenarios and other angles to investigate, due to customer expression, our understanding of differences and so on, to organize research records Please carefully analyze the customer's statement, accurately understand the customer's essential intentions.

preparation of the overall design of 2.2.5 project

The overall design of the project is based on the results of demand research content, mainly from the technical aspects of the overall project design, including the overall technical framework of the design (hierarchical description), the description of the overall business process, the system data processing flow description, the overall application architecture (application Deployment) Description, System function list, Hardware and software operating environment description and other content.

Note: The overall design phase, the need to communicate with customers many times, proof, confirm and then proceed to the next part, after each communication. Need to record meeting minutes, and timely feedback to the project team internal, corporate leadership, customer side, to facilitate a consistent understanding of the project situation, facilitate follow-up work carried out. In general, after the completion of the signature confirmation, the second payment can be received, please prepare the collection (invoice, financial chapter) and so on.

detailed design and coding test of 2.2.6 project

Project detailed design and coding test can be carried out in parallel, by the coding staff in accordance with the overall overall design of the content, the function is refined, and design database structure, function form, object definition and other detailed design content, and coding implementation, Unit testing, verification function no problem, submit and carry out the next function of detailed design, coding, Test.

Note: When writing code, the programmer should not only consider the system normal operation logic, but also consider the system exception handling, and consider the abnormal recovery mechanism and other control logic, such as: Consider the problem of disconnection, such a programmer is qualified programmer, such a program can be tested (not the alcohol test AH), Please take Comrade Le Hai (courtesy: Haigo) As an example, each encourage each other!

Preparation of 2.2.7 project commissioning

Project commissioning phase of the work, mainly consists of several parts: System installation and deployment, system training, System improvement optimization, System test demonstration.

(a) System installation and deployment: Please prepare the system Environment installation manual in advance, the system installs the package, according to the software module, the network parameter setting, deploys the unit and so on the customer deployment request, installs deploys the good software, completes installs the deployment record.

(ii) System training: Please prepare the system operation manual in advance, develop the training plan (training personnel, content, time, place), and confirm with the customer, coordinate.

(c) System test demonstration: In case of customer requirements need third party or organization expert Test Team System to demonstrate, please prepare the test case, test report and other documents in advance, and in advance to confirm the internal test no problem, coordinate the test time with the customer, and do the test conclusion signed documents and so on.

(d) Perfect system optimization: Any system from the beginning to the present can not be perfect, one step, according to the system test results list, modify system bugs, optimize system performance, and organize the archive, timely test problems and the results of the correction to the customer feedback.

Note: The pilot phase of the project before the acceptance of the link, this phase is focused on interaction with customers, as well as the use of propulsion system and functional correction, easy handover and subsequent acceptance of the project!

preparation of 2.2.8 project acceptance

Project Acceptance is a project completion identification (in addition to project maintenance), but also the final phase of the project payment, including: Preparation of acceptance documents (interactive list), Acceptance report PPT document (Project Profile "background, objectives", project implementation, system operation, outstanding statement, after-sales service plan, etc.), The project results demonstration (key core requirement function) and so on, as well as acceptance rear payment follow-up work.

Note: When the project acceptance, party a customer has a large leader to participate, so the project acceptance meeting focus on preparing the Project acceptance report PPT and project results demonstration two parts of the content! Charge of the tail if you catch the end of the year, please pay attention to the customer financial closing time, please in (usually before December 15) to complete the collection task before closing, in addition, due to party a payment may involve a number of departments business process, fixed assets Warehousing, audit audit, finance and other departments, independent departments, take the process, may be out of business, or the process of party a lack of communication between the Department, may cause a round-trip toss, need a variety of information, signatures, contracts, etc., the project manager needs to follow up, chasing, otherwise it is likely to drag for a long time.

2.2.9 Follow-up project development

After the acceptance of the project, due to the general work can not be one step, the project may involve business expansion, involving multi-departmental business integration, involving the Department of business in-depth application of the new needs, need to carry out two project research, follow-up, finishing, in accordance with the above project process, re-do two projects, re-project and other work

Note: This stage of work needs to be noted, and other business units before the communication, please ask the current customer comments, avoid unauthorized communication, obtain the consent of the project stakeholders, organize everyone to participate in the next phase of the project discussion, need to prepare the research plan in advance.

2.3 Work Docking Summary

Work docking is mainly about the work of how to cooperate with the summary, work docking mainly includes the project team internal work docking, the project team internal to the customer side of the docking, the project team internal to the company's leadership level, the project team within the partner (including with other departments of the company, as well as third-party resources, such as hiring part-time staff , technical support staff) and other work related to the summary, the work is only part of the content, respectively, described as follows:

2.3.1 External work

(a) Work interface development (this aspect of the work of the pre-docking interface is not good, late can also)

The promotion of the project often begins with the docking of the client's work, especially the opinions and arrangements of the customer leader, from which the project manager receives the project's next task information as the source of the project team's task assignment.

(ii) Confirmation of the contents of the work (which can be done at present)

In order to ensure the direction of the promotion of the project, to promote the focus, need to always maintain the work of the confirmation link, especially in the early stages of the project more prominent, such as the project background, target positioning, solve what problems, do what, do not do, the confirmation of these issues will determine the duration of the project, costs and results of the project Not only the project manager needs to confirm with the customer, including all the team members, all the work needs to be confirmed with the customer, in order to accurately and effectively advance the next work of the project.

(iii) Feedback on the results of the work (in general, needs to be strengthened)

All team members, after the completion of their respective work tasks, please timely feedback to the results of their clients, on the one hand, the customer can receive our feedback, work enthusiasm and attitude, on the other hand, can timely and effectively advance the next step, define the completion of this work, to cut spicy sausage, complete a work, to carry out the next work, Do not leave any trail, or before and after the involvement of the chaos is not clear.

2.3.2 Internal Work

(i) Assignment of tasks (not well done at present)

After the project manager or project leader and customer interface docking, the generation of new tasks need to be assigned to the team members before the implementation, to fully assess the team members of the current work saturation and assessment of individual work ability, preferably with the team members, communication, the growth of the group and personal growth needs to be completed through the work of the project to grow, therefore, Members should also understand that to grow, you must have an active heart, even if the current task has not been done, please do not forget, there are team support, the support of the company's leadership, customer support, accept the task, it means the task of the main body is your own, please take the initiative to think about how to solve the problem in the work task, What help is needed, what support is required, whether the request is reasonable, whether someone is obligated to help you, and what I can offer to help others.

(ii) Development of the work plan (the current work in this area is generally done)

After confirming the assignment of work assignment, the responsible person of each task will need to make the work plan of the task, if the plan involves other resources, need other people's assistance or customer participation, please give others advance quantity, make an appointment, and prepare the content in advance, bold but cautious, be a reliable person.

(iii) Implementation of the work mandate (at present, the work done well)

Please follow the work plan, actively carry out the task, the implementation process, may encounter the need to adjust the plan, please adjust, the impact of important things, please timely inform the project team for internal discussion, joint consultation, and even need to submit the company for decision-making. After the work task is completed, please communicate with the supervisor to finish the task in time. And ask the superior to check the work.

(iv) Examination of the results of the work (currently lacking in this area of work)

Work tasks completed and feedback to the superior, the superior to actively follow the task requirements of the tasks to check, the task completed one, and then carry out the next task,

2.3.3 on the job

(i) Request for major decision-making (at present the work can be done)

Major decisions in the project need to be directed to the company's leaders, such as the larger risk factors in the project (technology cannot be achieved), about the project contract amount (much lower than the project cost), etc., need the project manager and the company leadership feedback, ask questions, and provide the solution, help leaders solve problems, and obtain leadership support.

(ii) Applications for work resources (which can be done at present)

In case of workload overload, need to add manpower, or need to connect with the client leader and other resources, need to lead matchmaking, or project process plan, document review and so on, need leadership cooperation and support, please ask leadership time in advance.

(iii) Report on progress of work (at present the work can be done)

When important milestones or important events occur in the project, it is necessary to actively report the progress of the work to the leader, to listen to the leaders ' opinions carefully, to organize the project team members, and to prepare for the next work.

2.3.4 to Partners

(i) Work with other departments within the company (at present the work can also be done)

If the project encounters the need to recruit staff, need to work with the Human Resources department (Integrated management Department) to the docking, inform others to recruit personnel requirements, quantity, to the time of the job, in addition, the project bid, business part of the work needs the company's operations department to assist (Integrated management Department), need to cooperate with the preparation of business documents, Need to docking with other departments of the company, please prepare the docking content in advance, ask the other party department time, say clearly our counterpart content, each responsible for the department's work, effectively carry out the work.

(ii) Work with external resources of the company (currently working very well)

If you encounter important technical links, such as ArcGIS technical support, need to recruit external resources, technical training, provide technical support, and so on, please be prepared to take the responsibility of the matter, co-negotiate a good remuneration, payment phase, the project follow-up process if required to cooperate, please make an appointment with others in advance, and work together to solve the problem.

3 Follow-up plan

After the acceptance of the project, after communicating with the head of party A, the recent work goals and the long-term work plan are sorted out.

3.1 Recent plans3.1 forward Plan

The whole process of project implementation Summary "original"--project summary of rookie project manager

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