The wolf's architecture implies the Wolf group's structural Implication

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As mentioned above: Wolf group's architectural Implication

At present, humans have invented robots, and deep blue has also played a showdown with humans, which reveals that the range and capabilities of humans to control information are very powerful. However, I am not optimistic if we use existing technologies to create a group of machine wolves and invite them to collective hunting or individual hunting activities.

This comparison aims to demonstrate the outstanding performance of the Wolf as a natural creature in dealing with the diversity, comprehensiveness, and complexity of information. If a wolf is an information processing system, how can he establish such powerful information processing capabilities? What is his setup principle??

Nature is all-encompassing. The creature living in it must process the complex information in a timely and accurate manner, otherwise it will be difficult to survive. However, in the face of huge and complex information, the wolf only has a few organs for information collection and processing: Eyes, ears, noses, and brains ....... The wolf's eyes can see that you are watching it with a telescope. The wolf's nose can smell the clip and the smell of people left around the environment. The wolf's ears grow in the highest part of the body. Wolf classifies natural information so that each sensory organ can be unique and extremely precise and professional. All of these reflect the high cohesion characteristics of the wolf body structure.

Biology tells us that all organs in the body are dealing with the blood circulation system, from which nutrients are obtained and metabolites are excluded. The nervous system is responsible for transmitting information. Now let's take a look at the officers and brains of the Wolf. Are these two systems fundamental? Is this a loosely coupled representation?

There are still many physical organs of a wolf, but they do not have to run out of its architectural principles: High Cohesion and low coupling. So why is there such a principle? -- Adapt to the environment. For example, if you need an eye for the red, blue, and green colors, you need a nose for each smell ......, In this case, the wolf's body must be big, the consumption must be big, and the hunting capacity will be severely reduced. Therefore, the fate of malformed wolf is miserable!

To adapt our software to the environment, our architecture must adapt to the environment. I'm amazed at Wolf's ability to process information, but I'm even more shocked at the fact that we are already living in the information age!


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