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ThemeForest is a paid website platform for publishing and downloading website themes under Envato. Its Envato also includes multiple platforms, including Codecanyon, Videohive, Audiojungle, Graphicriver, Photodune, and 3Docean, basically covers most of the website front-end, graphic design, audio, art and other materials. As webmasters and domestic users, ThemeForest platforms are widely used, including WordPress, Magento, Joomla, HTML5 and other website templates and plug-ins.
Generally, we select and use the ThemeForest platform's website templates and plug-ins for foreign trade and business website projects, and the Chinese project is relatively small, because the ThemeForest platform provides a very powerful topic template function, in addition, it is still a paid service. Unless we look for a cracked Chinese version, few of us will use it. In particular, we are used to being free. We would rather waste time searching for free and cracked versions, and will not spend any money on paid themes. This also leads many domestic top WordPress topic authors to gradually abandon the Chinese topic market, many excellent topic authors will also submit topic resources in ThemeForest for paid download by global users. It is said that the revenue is also high, but the platform's review is quite strict, if we can publish several themes or resources above, we can automatically generate revenue in the future.
If we are not willing to purchase theme as individual users, we should look for free or crack theme usage, however, if we are preparing for commercial purposes or do not want to waste time searching for or possibly finding a subject with vulnerabilities (many large business themes are embedded with vulnerabilities for release as cracked versions ), then we can choose to purchase ThemeForest platform topics. Previously, lajiang helped many websites purchase several resources on ThemeForest and other Envato platforms, mainly because netizens did not pay for ThemeForest, it can be seen that there are many users in China who are used to choosing to pay for resources.
If we have ThemeForest resources that are suitable and required, and can afford the resources economically, we can choose to pay for them, here, Lao Jiang registers an account and records the purchase process with ThemeForest.
1. Register ThemeForest account
If we want to purchase resources on any website platform under Envato, we must have an account, here, Lao Jiang chose to first register an account and then purchase it because the pre-paid recharge consumption after the account is registered can save 2 US dollars in service fees compared to the resource payment option, because no service fees are charged when you recharge your account, direct payment requires a US $2 service fee (you can live ).
The code is as follows: Copy code
Official website:
We recommend that you log on to the website, because the verification code used later cannot be opened in some regions. Here we see the interface shown in the figure above. Click "Create An Envato Account" according to the arrow, because we need An Account.
Enter the account user name and email address, and confirm registration.
There is a problem here. It is slow to load the verification code using overseas resources. It will be easier if we can flip it out to register an account, or sometimes it will not be loaded. After the registration is submitted, you need to verify the email.
After confirming the email, you will see the above figure selecting the country where we are located, as well as selecting the terms and new email reminders, there will be some promotional emails and so on. There is also an email to confirm the email subscription reminder. This feeling is quite useful, and some holiday promotions and discounts will be cheaper. In this way, we have registered an Envato account and can purchase resources from all its platforms.
Second, ThemeForest recharge and purchase topic resources
As mentioned before, after registering an account, you can select the subject and website template resources of the corresponding category as needed, or even purchase other resources under Envato. However, here is a tip. We can deposit the subject fee into the account based on the actual purchase, so that we can save 2 US dollars by using the prepayment balance during settlement, because we need to pay a single $2 service fee when paying by credit card or PAYPAL.
1. ThemeForest recharge balance
As shown in the figure above, click the Make a Deposit link and you can see the pre-recharge option.
We can choose to recharge at least $20, and then pay by PAYPAL, credit card, and Skrill. Currently, Alipay or China UnionPay is not supported, but we can also pay if we have a Payoneer card. After recharge, we can see the balance in the account.
Lao Jiang previously paid 30 US dollars and helped a netizen purchase and consume the remaining 16.2 US dollars. The balance can be used for consumption next time or other platforms, so you don't have to worry about it will not expire.
2. ThemeForest purchase topic
ThemeForest provides all of our frequently-used CMS themes, including WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and various mainstream HTML template applications. ThemeForest is ideal for website creation and can save a lot of development time.
We can see from the navigation that there are various categories of themes. For example, we can select WordPress themes for business websites (WordPress theme topics) here) magento topic can be here (Magento topic ).
3. Select the topic resource to purchase
For example, you can see the TH7 topic that you like here (a classic topic), and then select Add shopping cart.
Here we can see the price of the theme, which costs $59 to provide technical support for 6 months. We can also purchase technical support for December, which is generally not required. If you want TO purchase another theme, add to cart to the shopping CART first. If you want to buy this one, then buy now is ready TO pay.
If we purchase a text box that adds personal information for the first time, we can simply add it. After saving your personal information, you will see the figure above. PAYPAL payment or balance payment is used. The former requires a fee of + 2 USD. Therefore, it is more cost-effective to recharge your account in advance.
4. Download ThemeForest topic resources
After the payment is complete, we need to go to the background to download the purchased theme resources.
As shown in the figure above, all purchased resources can be downloaded from the background after the theme of the seller is updated.
This is part of the resources purchased in my account and can be downloaded to your local device at any time. If the resources are relatively large, such as a purchased audio resource, it is best to download them out, or if the speed in China is too slow, it will take a long time to download them. I personally suggest that, after all, we should use resources outside China after purchasing them. Do not publish them publicly or for free, and respect the author's copyright. Although we can find the so-called cracked version on some websites in China and abroad, many of them are purchased by ourselves or published after obtaining it. Although we also like this, it can save money, however, we do not advocate that, after all, the author has no development motivation in the future, which is why the domestic payment topic has been unable to do so.
3. ThemeForest purchase topic summary
ThemeForest platform has abundant theme resources. Basically, we can find the common CMS theme template resources we need. If we can budget and save time and technical capabilities, it is relatively reliable to purchase ready-made resources. ThemeForest purchased resources are upgraded and downloaded free of charge for life. Its registered account is available on all the websites of Envato.

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