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WordPress fixed link settings

Document directory Fixed Link Type Select Permanent Link Structure Use "beautiful" fixed links Do not use a fixed link of mod_rewrite Fixed Link Problems Fixed links,. htaccess files, and MS Frontpage See External resources Permalink is

What do you need to know when using WordPress to build a business website?

In the 4 years of playing WordPress, witnessed the function of WP more and more powerful at the same time, also feel that WordPress is more and more bloated and complex, is no longer a lot of bloggers think of simple and easy to use, especially for

WordPress do portal seo+ Marketing ultimate experience to share

I believe that any site webmaster will encounter such an idea, is to do a set of WordPress portal program, because WordPress is too friendly to search engines, easy to get rankings, but based on technical limitations, or lack of experience, many

WordPress set Post Type custom article types example tutorial, wordpress instance Tutorial _php Tutorial

WordPress set Post Type custom article types example tutorial, wordpress instance Tutorial What is a custom post?Don't take it for granted that the post here is just a blog post, it's just a surrogate word for an article class, and you can even

How to select a website template

The previous tutorial has taught you how to select a website program that suits you. After you select a program, you need to install our program. It is generally not difficult to install the program in just a few minutes, due to the large number of

Website Template Optimization Test detail analysis

Template in the role of optimization: The template almost determines the content of the site layout, determines the user experience of our site. Determines the location of these specific features provided by our website. So it is important to say

Transfer a website from dnn to WordPress

Pimshell's official website was initially built with dnn. Dnn has many modules. You can create a new page and add the required modules to the page, such as the Forum module and blog module. Although there are many dnn modules, it is found that the

Setting post type custom article types in wordpress tutorial _php instance

What is a custom post?don't take it for granted that post is just a blog article, it is just an article class agent Word, even you can think it is content.The custom model is not a very standard what rules, the article model can be any one of the

What is the main process of website construction? -

A while ago, I started my own business. After learning HTML, CSS, js, and python, I ran to install x and said that I could help build a website. The next step is the various face-hitting situations... The webpage code is almost the same, and there

WordPress can also be used as an e-commerce site

In addition to professional e-commerce applications such as Zen-cart and magento Source codeIn addition, we can also use WordPress as the core and install the WP e-commerce plug-in to build an e-commerce site. Plug-in address:

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