There is no insurmountable gap between web design and graphic design

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Article Description: design works in the texture and the relationship between the plate.

Have you ever had, for more and more homogenization of the title gradient, texture and distress it? is design a daily stack of material? As more and more flat Korean pages appear, we may be able to change ideas, less texture, special effects. More design sense.

01. For designers

01-1 can ' t design without type

"You can ' t design without type."

This is my favorite word, design should design what? When there is no light effect texture, the original painting material. How can you quickly handle your page and make your page look good?

To some text of the interspersed combination, you can.

As shown in figure:

01-2. Web design and graphic design There is no insurmountable gap

A few examples above, you may feel too flat. Daily business applications may not be suitable, but their essence is the same, the advantages can be analyzed and replicated. Let's look at some of these styles of activity pages. The main stress is also the plane of the point line surface combination.

Mainly in the combination of the size of the text, the thickness of the contrast, and the overall page division of the sense of form.

02. For the Product

Just a personal little complex of designers? What is the emphasis on layout and design to bring to our products?

In the red and yellow background of the big Chinese environment, this emphasis on page layout and layout can bring what?

02-1 make your product look more professional and internationalized

Our adjectives for all products are always the atmosphere, the upper. But really do not have much, especially when the two appear at the same time, you can more clearly see that more professional, which more cottage.

Figures: 2-1 and figure 2-2

02-2 clearer subject, with controllable visual focus

The same is the case with the above two examples. Figure 2-1 has a clear visual center, almost every player opens the page, will be attracted by a long strip of advertising. In contrast, figure 2-2 is disunity, advertising bit more, also do not know the point.

02-3 more stable quality assurance and less modification cost compared to textured flow

Layout in the majority of the page to reflect, not a lot of effect, modify the text, the page effect will not be affected by it, the modification time is also very fast. Texture flow, the flow of material needs to be made again, take a long time. For urgent changes, the time is not guaranteed, the quality is difficult to be guaranteed.

Of course, each product positioning may not be the same, there is no absolute good and bad. We give more to the face of high-end, stable and fast a visual packaging solutions.

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