There is no multiline comment in sh, only one # for each line

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There is no multiline comment in sh, only one # is added to each line. Can only be like this:

    1. #--------------------------------------------
    2. # This is a script that automatically plays IPA, based on Webfrogs's ipa-build writing:
    3. #
    4. # features: Automatic packaging for Etao iOS app, 14 channels of output IPA package
    5. # Features: automatic packaging, no input parameters required
    6. #--------------------------------------------
    7. ##### User Configuration area start #####
    8. #
    9. Li> #
    10. # project root directory, it is recommended to put this script at the root of the project, there is no need to change the
    11. # application name, ensuring that the name under product in Xcode is identical
    12. #
    13. ##### User Configuration area end #####

What if, in the course of development, you encounter a large segment of code that needs to be annotated temporarily and then uncomment later? Each line with a # symbol is too laborious, you can put this piece of code to be annotated with a pair of curly braces, defined as a function, there is no place to call this function, the code will not be executed, to achieve the same effect as the annotation.

There is no multiline comment in sh, only one # for each line

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