There is no reason to give up-a story that once beat you, but the final outcome is better

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This is a real story:

Bumpy life experiences

He lost his father when he was five years old and dropped out of school when he was 14 years old.
He had a miscellaneous job on the farm and a tram conductor, but he was not very happy.
At the age of 16, he lied that he had joined the army, but his military life was not satisfactory. After the service period was full, he opened a blacksmith shop, but soon it collapsed.
Later, he became a locomotive relay engineer at the Southern Railway Company. He liked the job very much, so he thought he finally found his position.
At the age of 18, he got married. On the day he learned that his wife was pregnant, he was notified of being dismissed.
One day, when he was busy looking for a job, his wife sold all of their property, and there was no trace of it.
Then the Great Depression began. He didn't give up because he had always failed, and he was always trying to find a chance to make a difference.
He studied law by correspondence, but he had to give up later because of his livelihood.
He sold insurance and tires.
He ran a ferry and a gas station.
However, all of these failed.
Someone said to him, "You can never succeed.
One day, he hid himself in the grass in the suburbs and planned a kidnapping.
Although his days have been a mess, before that he never had the cold idea of kidnapping. However, when he waited for the target to enter his attack range, he began to hate himself.
Finally, the kidnapping failed because he still failed to break through his own conscience.
Later, he became the chef of a restaurant. But soon, a new road just happened to pass through the restaurant, and he had no choice but to lose his job again.
Then he got to the retirement age. Time flies, and his life has passed, but he still has nothing.
He is not the first, nor the last person to be proud of in his later years. Maybe happy birds, or whatever birds, always flat their wings out of reach.
He has been keeping his feet safe, except for the attempted kidnapping, but he just wants to reclaim his daughter from the wife who left home. However, the mother and daughter later came back to him.
If one day the Postman sent his first social insurance check, he would not realize that he was old. This insurance check is like saying to him that you won't be able to hit when it's your turn to hit the ball for a lifetime. Now, you don't have to fight again. It's time to give up or retire. This pension check is like constantly saying to him, "You are old! Old !......" That day, something on him was irritated and he woke up again.
He said, "Sorry !" But he still took the $105 check and used it to create his new career.

  Years of rejection

On February 23, September 9, 1890, Harlan sentse was born in a farm near Henry Ville, India. When his father died at the age of six, sentd shoulder picked up the burden of caring for younger siblings and worrying for his mother. A year later, he learned to cook 20 dishes and became a famous cooking expert.
At the age of 40, sentd came to Kentucky and opened a gas station. As there were a lot of cheering guests, the mountain had a thought: why don't I make some convenience food to meet the requirements of these people?
Sick launched the prototype of the world-famous KFC fried chicken. It is very popular because of its delicious taste and unique taste.
Soon, the reputation of fried chicken exceeded the gas station, and Sands opened a sands franchise restaurant across the road. He studied the special ingredients of fried chicken (containing 11 herbs and spices) to make the fried chicken skin a thin, almost unbaked shell, the chicken is moist and delicious. So far, this fried chicken recipe is still in use, but the seasoning has increased to 40, and this is KFC's most important secret weapon.
In December 1935, the fried chicken of Sanda was well known. Governor Rubby lafeng of Kentucky thanked him for his contribution to the diet of the state and awarded him the rank of colonel Kentucky, who began to call him "Dear Colonel sentd" until now.
As the number of guests increases, it is not easy to quickly bring fried chicken to the table. At this moment, an accidental pressure cooker presentation gave him an inspiration. The pressure cooker can greatly shorten the cooking time and will not burn food, this is a good thing for his fried chicken.
In 1939, Sanda bought a pressure cooker. After doing experiments on cooking time, pressure, and fuel, he finally found a unique method of fried chicken. The fried chicken under pressure is the most delicious fried chicken he has ever tasted. So far, KFC's fried chicken still uses this recipe.
However, due to the outbreak of World War II66
The year old sentd has changed from a respected colonel to a poor man without any name. To get rid of the dilemma, he suddenly remembered that he had sold the fried chicken to a restaurant boss in Utah. Each time they sold a chicken, they paid the sents' 5 cents.
Sude started his second business. He drove his old Ford on the road with a pressure cooker, a 50-pound cooking bucket.
Dressed in a white suit and a black bow, the white-haired Colonel dressed as a gentleman stops at the door of every hotel, from Kentucky to Ohio, selling the recipe for fried chicken to the boss and shop assistant, if they like fried chicken, sell it to them for concessions. But for two years, no one believed him, and he was rejected.1009
Time, finally in1010
When I walked into a hotel, I got a "okay" answer.
In 1952, the first authorized KFC restaurant in Salt Lake City was established. This was the beginning of the franchise operation in the world.


Brilliant now


Today, his career is thriving. And he finally achieved success at the age of 88.
At the end of his life, the person who has begun to become brilliant is Harun de sentd, founder of KFC. The brand-new business he created with his social insurance fund is the famous KFC hometown chicken.


Reflection after reading

When I read the stories and experiences above, even if you are in a difficult situation, you will be excited and feel that you are omnipotent. You should do something immediately.

When I read the story and experience above, you feel a little emotional about it and feel confident that you should try to solve the current difficulties tomorrow.

After reading the stories and experiences above, you think this story is somewhat like a legend for you. However, you should cheer up and take some time to develop a plan for yourself.

When you read the story and experience above, you think the hero in this story is lucky. When do you try to work hard, you may have a good luck.

When you read the stories and experiences above, you think that is just a legend. It has nothing to do with you. Your present and destiny are doomed, and it is futile to try again.

Once you read the stories and experiences above, you have no feeling, and you have adapted to your ordinary or even mediocre life.


To be honest, I have watched this experience for almost the third time now, and the touch in my heart is no longer as big as I knew for the first time. I wonder if you have similar experiences. People are more advanced than orangutan monkeys because they are thoughtful and will analyze and summarize them. Do we analyze and summarize them when we encounter difficulties?

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