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Many people are looking forward to their own site, can be in search engines to get an ideal ranking, but the same keyword below, the home page's core position on a few, the final smile is only a few, for most stationmaster, priority ranking may be just a desire but can not reach the dream. Site production and site optimization of the core method has long been refined by the good people, that is now being regarded as the golden rule of the "content of the King, link for the emperor." These eight words is very straightforward to tell us a simple truth, website optimization is actually very simple, as long as the content and links to work hard, you can win the site construction.

But the fact is not so simple, this is only to convey to us the core of the optimization of the spirit, that is, must attach importance to the content, attach importance to links. Because this is the site, but also the search engine existence and development of the fundamental, then how to understand the eight words more deeply? Professional website construction company Pilotage Technology ( think, may try to look at the problem, from the search engine point of view to judge the quality of the site. And we know that it is more to know why, to discuss the search engine to deal with the calculation of the weight of the site and the reason and purpose.

 First, why search engine like original

Why do search engines like original? To know this, we need to know the business model of the search engine first. The search engine business model is actually simple, is provides the free search service, attracts the user to its attention degree and the viscosity, when the number of users reaches a certain scale and is accustomed to use the search engine time, can through the merchant to advertise the form to win the profit. As you know, Baidu unrivaled Chinese search 83% market share, a huge amount of use also brought it a huge profit, although Baidu's main service target is small and medium-sized enterprises, but Robin Li can win this year Forbes China's richest man's laurel. Based on the survival based on competition and the temptation based on commercial interests, each search engine is particularly focused on the user experience. Can quickly retrieve the content of the need, has become the focus of search engine technology competition.

The same keyword, Baidu or Google search for a huge amount of information to show it. But we will find a phenomenon, that is, a lot of information is repeated, even if some do not repeat the "false original" after the makeover. And this time if can appear some unconventional, and the content of high quality is above the search engine, will catch the user's eyeball inevitably. Aside from more user considerations, another reason why search engines prefer to be original is that repeated or close content wastes the engine's time and server resources (after all, the server is needed for the data, and the snapshot storage needs the server), and the key is that the content has no particular value.

Ii. what is the meaning and purpose of the link

Like a person to go to a strange place to travel like, search engine crawling spider is also starting from a site, continue to crawl, this crawling is built on the Web site linked to each other. This is also the basis of the search engine, is why some sites even if not submitted to the search engine, after a period of time can be included in the search engine reasons. No link search spiders have no way to go, the link is to search the spider's Road, whether the chain or outside the chain, building links is for the search Spider paving Bridge. We can not understand so, if your URL links on other sites on the frequency of high, more times, will be more attracted to search spiders frequently visit your site? The answer is certainly true. and dead link, not open the link will make search spider cornered, this is a search engine is a kind of deception and harm, so be sure to ensure that the export links and links to the site at any time unimpeded.

Remove URL links, as well as keyword anchor text links. For example, we use the term "Shanghai website construction" as the key word, Anchor text link approach is to link the word to the target site. This is somewhat like a highway signage, search spiders crawl to a place, a link to the place, you will see the next link URL and site theme. The same keyword will have a lot of duplicate site, then which site is linked to the number of times, it shows that with a high degree of coincidence, the corresponding weight assignment is higher. Based on this theory, of course the more links, the better, but the actual link weight calculation has a very copied formula, not only take into account the quantity also take into account the quality of the link, as well as the import link site and the target site relevance.

  Third, can not ignore the keyword hits

People who do not know the search engine, must think that the ranking of the site and the number of clicks related, the author used to have this point of view in college. In fact, the same keyword, the same keywords, the site to retrieve the number of clicks are counted as the weight of the site. This is actually the search engine more humane consideration, through the user experience to determine the site rankings. But unfortunately, this detail has long been recognized by some, a few years ago in the market more popular keyword Brush station tools, that is, by simulating the way of manual brush, constitute the site more popular illusion. And, indeed in a period of time also can promote rankings, but this cheating method has not Baidu found and fixed.

Keyword Click rate can be left and right rankings, but gave us another revelation, that is, through the characteristics of the site title writing, rich description of the content of writing, to attract users to click. Baidu related technical personnel in the answer, whether the CTR will be counted into the site rankings of the reference factors, its very artistic at that time to say that all help calculate the weight of the site we will consider the way. This implicit answer, in fact, has affirmed the keyword click rate in the rankings played a role. In fact, the careful website construction friend must have found that in Baidu bid advertising keyword quality calculation model inside, very important is the click-through rate. Is it a bit of a coincide?

  Four, why stable operation is vital

Website construction production and website optimization, the most taboo server instability, frequent failures will make optimization results destroyed once. How do you see this problem from the perspective of a search engine? A weight fair site, search spiders can crawl thousands of times a day or even tens of thousands of times, as long as the site slightly wrong search engine can even immediately discover. Web site problems, search spiders can not crawl again search site content. For the import of the link, is a dead chain, regardless of the link inside or outside the station link. An occasional failure, may not cause the search engine's attention, but frequent failure or frequent virus is hanging horse, it will certainly affect the weight of the site.

Search engines are actually more for the user to consider, because the user is the first search engine God, followed by the search is the site of God. Frequent failures can not be opened or slow to run the site, often failure of the virus is often linked to the horse's website, if the platoon to the front will certainly affect the search engine's user experience. In fact, for search engines, lower ranking is very polite way to deal with the frequent instability of the site Google to take a more straightforward way, direct warning text "This site may contain malicious programs that harm your computer ...". Regardless of that way of handling, search engines are actually taking into account their own and the interests of users on the basis of finding a balance point.

  The rate of jump and the time of stay

Perhaps you have not known before, the other copy or even false original copy of your article, even if deleted from the source, as long as the search engine is included in you, as well as to enhance the weight of your site. Search Spiders crawling site content, found that new content will also record the crawl time, in the final comparison of the analysis of the time it is easy to know where the true source of the article. Some people will ask, why the same content included in the site instead of the first included in the site? That is because your site is not the weight of their high, ranking is not only the key words and the overall site weight factor in the calculation. An article a website its content is frequently reproduced, can only show that the quality of the site is relatively high, more attention, and search engines like this into the weight of the calculation to consider within.

Search engine also has a way to observe the weight of the site, but also based on the user experience to consider, that is, site stay time and bounce rate. Click on the keyword to browse the target site that instant, the search engine is cached to the browser to write the specified program to record the site stay time and bounce rate. Needless to say, the longer a website visitor stays, the higher the quality of its content, and the more in-depth the Web site is, the deeper it is, the richer the content, the quality, and the ability to attract viewers. This series of actions are in fact under the search engine's observation record, enhances the user to reduce jumps out the rate the only way only then unceasingly enriches the website original content, only the quality content may retain the user.

  Six, the legendary sandbox and coping strategies

There must be a lot of webmasters have experienced the 11th Baidu Assessment, is through a keyword search, the site for a long time to maintain the first position on the second page. Some times in the morning has been sprint to the home page, but in the afternoon or was forcibly pulled back to the 11th place. This kind of slender is meticulous website makes and website optimizes expert, call Baidu optimizes 11th place phenomenon. Also some people call the website into the Baidu Sandbox, is going through the search engine investigation. In any case, the search engine on the site at different times must have different ways of inspection. For example, the new site, Google will soon be able to include and join the search home directory, Baidu is a lot of cautious, artificial set up a test period. And after the 11th phenomenon, but also a lot of webmaster confusion, and even some website construction personnel will be impatient to know the wrong.

In fact, from another angle to see, into the Baidu inspection period is a good thing, at least the search engine has been concerned about your site. Or the weight of the site is about to rise (of course it may also be right, but on the right to the site, the search engine seems to have never been so cautious, and more direct operation, if the site really has the quality through the inspection, the weight will certainly have quality promotion, the corresponding keyword ranking will reach a more ideal position. Professional website Construction company Pilotage Technology ( gives the suggestion is, calmly calm, as always, adhere to the use of high-quality content rich sites, stable and continuous construction of high-quality linked resources, is the best way to pass the inspection. In the site into the search period, do not make drastic changes to the site, especially the title of the site, keywords, web site content description and the structure of the site.

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