This must be translated into a conversation between a derailed man and Buddha.

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This must be changed: a conversation between a derailed man and Buddha
In the middle of the night, one person and one Buddha sat in the temple.

Person: Buddha of shengming, I am a married person. I am crazy about falling in love with another woman. I really don't know what to do.

Buddha: Can you really write that the woman you fall in love with is the only one in your life?

Person: Yes.

Buddha: you divorce and marry her.

Person: But my current lover is gentle, kind, and virtuous. Is it cruel or immoral to do so.

Buddha: It is cruel and immoral to have no love in marriage. It is correct that you fall in love with others and do not love her.

Person: But my lover loves me very much and really loves me.

Buddha: Then she is happy.

Person: I want to marry another person after I divorce her. How can she be happy?

Buddha: she still has her love for you in marriage, and you have lost love for her in marriage, because you fall in love with others, it is said that you have happiness, what is lost is painful, so the person who is suffering is you.

Person: but if I want to marry her again after divorce, it should be because she lost me, and she should be suffering.

Buddha: You are wrong. You are just a specific piece of true love in her marriage. When you do not exist, her true love will continue to another one, because her true love in marriage has never been lost. So she is happy and you are painful.

Person: She said she only loves me in this life, and she will not fall in love with others.

Buddha: Have you said that?

Person: me. Me .. Me...

Buddha: Now you see the three candles in the incense burner in front of you, the brightest one.

People: I really don't know, it seems like they are all bright.

Buddha: these three candles are like three women. One of them is the one you love now. There are millions of people and even tens of thousands of women, you don't even know the brightest of the three candles. You can't find the ones you love now, why are you sure that the woman you love is the only one in your life?

Person: me. Me .. Me...

Buddha: Now you put a candle in front of your eyes and look at the brightest one with your heart

Person: of course, this is the brightest.

Buddha: Now you put it back to its original location and look at the brightest one.

Person: I can't see the brightest one.

Buddha: in fact, the candle you just took is like the last woman you love now. The so-called love is born with the heart. When you feel that you love her, when you put it back to its original place, you can't find the brightest feeling. The so-called "Only Love" is just a mirror. In the end, it is nothing.

People: Oh, I understand. You didn't want me to divorce my lover,

Buddha: Let's go.

People: I really know who I love now. She is my current lover.

Buddha: Amitabha, Amitabha


Someone you and I once loved is nothing more than one of all sentient beings. They only love the heart and think that they/she will be the favorite in this life. When you feel that you love her, if you love him/her with your heart, you will find him/her the most precious. when everything goes back to the original, his/her life will continue. He/she is nothing more than a passthrough in our lives.

We cannot determine which one is your favorite in this life. If you don't know how to cherish it, the person you love will become a passer-by around you one day.

It is not easy to find a person you love. If you cannot determine which one is your favorite person, why not cherish this feeling when you become another person's lover? If you tell yourself that you love him/her, You can naturally fall in love with him/her.

If the person you love does not love you, remember: love is born with heart. You are too focused on him/her, and try to let go of the focus, you will find Bright candles everywhere.

Love and no love are nothing more than a single thought.

Let the past be the love of past things. It's just a part of our life, just a drop of water in the sea, just a tiny grain of dust in the dark. Without those past, you and me will not be created.

It is always better to cherish the present.

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