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When Mr. Duan was sitting in a spacious office and studying his documents intently, an email aroused his attention. The content of the email is very simple. Congratulations, you have obtained the Microsoft MVP candidate qualification. Please fill in the complete personal information as soon as possible to facilitate participation in the selection.

Duan fuyun smiled after reading the email. What is qualification for a candidate? What is complete personal information for selection? These are all official comments. In fact, at this step, we have basically determined that we will surely be awarded the MVP title. If you don't expect it, Microsoft will be too reluctant to do so much! I can't help but get a little funny. I used to look forward to the first release of the list when I applied for it. But the real MVP has already known the result.

As expected, four days later, the Microsoft Project Team announced the MVP list and listed them on their own. If you don't have an MVP, you will never be excited after you get it. If you do, you have nothing to show off. Duan fuyun said to himself.

Duan fuyun looked at the eye list again. After he was sure that he was correct, he drank tea in a comfortable chair, and his thoughts couldn't help but get confused.

After so many years, is it a success or a failure? A rookie who once had nothing to do, debugging a program does not know what a breakpoint is, and now has a certain reputation in the industry. Although there is still a gap from a real master, I have also published a "Windows CE dashboard" and another "fun. net micro framework porting-based on the stm32f10x processor is also under intensive planning. I can't talk about any great achievements, but at least I can say that I have been worthy of the word "technology" in the past few years!

But what about career? From the very beginning, I was ignorant of haocheng Wei, and then I followed Huang Huazhong to create a sword electronics. Finally, I was cheated by Wu zongmeng and got to Ann. from any angle, this is not an example of success, or even an example of failure. As for the environment, it cannot be better said, especially in the later period of anles, the intrigue of the event is even more shocking. Fortunately, I have been blaming others for this. From then on, I have seized the opportunity to break down and have been striving to improve my technical skills. A good working environment can be easily refined, but a bad environment may not be able to get a good sword.

Fate may be unfair to many people, but fortunately everyone has the opportunity to grasp their lifeblood. If we always complain about God in bad luck, there will never be a chance to fight back. In the past few years, Mr. Duan has heard of many talented friends, because he thinks that the environment is not very good and he is always self-disciplined, so that he has not made much technical progress. Every time I read this, Duan fuyun always feels a little emotion, and I am glad that I have persisted.

While Duan fuyun was still thinking about the past, Mr. Lu came and said, "What's wrong? Go, eat !"

Duan fuyun listened and gave Xiao Lu a look. He smiled and said, "Okay, let's go !"

Fate may always be so interesting. The salary negotiation between Mr. Lan and Mr. Lu made Mr. Lu disappointed with the company, so he switched to the current company. The resignation message of Duan fuyun was sent to Xiao Lu's ear. He came here again with Xiao Lu's suggestion. After many years, Mr. Duan once again became a colleague with Mr. Lu. This is the best fate.

So what kind of path does other people take?

After Xu yasi and Duan Fuyu got married, his work had changed. Instead of designing, he switched to the accounting industry. This section also agrees: design is tiring. Why are girls so tired? It is better to calculate the Security score.

When Liu Simin arrived in Beihai, he started the clothing business. Because of its flexible mind and sweet mouth, it is said that the business is booming. Even more, Liu Simin and Wu Dingxuan have decided to officially get married next summer. Split and merge, this pair of lovers finally walked together.

Mr. Xiao also officially resigned one week after Mr. Duan's departure. There may be some examples before Duan fuyun, and Wu Zong did not dare to make it difficult, so Xiao Hei's departure was also very smooth. The neighborhood of Tom is Phil technology where Liu Gong was located. The most interesting thing is that Phil's positioning for Tom is to replace Liu gong.

Little blue is still the same, and now the company is leisurely, occasionally complaining in the group, saying that you cannot learn too many new things. Every time this remark was made, everyone was always scolded and said that they were not blessed in the blessing.

Wu Zong, it seems that the fate is still not good, KSF officially acquired the vehicle department of anles, and set up a new company in tian'an digital city, called itouco. Wu Zong, who has always been a planner, is naturally worth a lot of money and is in the top position of the new company. Sitting in this position, Wu is naturally energetic and has recruited more than a dozen new people at once, and is eager to make a career in the vehicle industry.

In addition to vehicle-mounted vehicles and mobile phone departments, ashboard is naturally more indispensable to administrative departments. Zhang Wenxiang, as a strong supporter of Wu Zong, is naturally not inferior to Wu Zong because she is the top manager. Therefore, she is the chief executive. If the name is determined, Zhang Wenxiang will not converge, and the arrogant momentum will not be inferior to that in the past.

Due to the two backgrounds of Wu and his sister-in-law, Zhang Wenxiang's sister would naturally not be able to score points. Although there was no formal post hanging, she was very arrogant.

Because Wu is always the leader, the head of the Vehicle Department is naturally on the yellow. Not only that, but Xiao Huang also hangs the name of a Technical Director, and looks pretty good.

Shen Jun is the kind of casual character. He doesn't want to change too much. Naturally, he also came to itouke with Wu. Shen Jun's role is becoming more and more important with the rise of Xiao Huang.

As for Chen Li and Maggie, although they said privately before, they will never leave with Wu Zong, but the actual results of the two are still followed. Duan fuyun was puzzled. After all, after arriving at etuco, both their positions and salaries did not change much, and Wu was not unknown to them, why keep following Wu Zong?

After entering a R & D Institution, Cao Yan never moved into the nest. Her younger brother, Cao Yun, started from the storm. With Wu Zong arriving at itouke, she became a mobile phone department manager and Xiao Huang, also known as "Shuang Xiong ".

Destiny is in your own hands. What kind of mentality determines the path. The past is like history. If you flip a page, you don't have to worry about it. Is a person, always look forward; is the road, always people to go. Duan Fuxi looked up and found that the sun was so dazzling that people were excited. What will happen next? I don't know. As long as you keep on going and don't regret it, this is the right path you know.

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