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How long does it take from 400 or 500 to two thousand knives? Very popular, open a new post separately for comparison.

I think this problem is very complicated because it is mixed with different purposes and puzzles of different people. I feel like I am a person, I have worked as a teacher in a university, I have worked in a foreign company, and I have worked on myself. When I had a monthly income of 2000, I have even considered writing small businesses. Although I am not a good guy, I think I have rich experiences. I am willing to talk about my feelings.

First, I want to talk about my understanding of work. The father-in-law certainly believes that a unit is necessary, which is related to their age. But after all, the times have changed a lot. (our country has changed from one system to another.) These ideas are indeed outdated. Most of the projects we develop are private enterprises, foreign companies, and a few countries. I only want to talk about the majority. working is the least reliable. In addition, our country's current labor protection is in its infancy, let alone. A group of foreign companies recruiting in China is nothing more than a cheap figure. If we don't talk about development, this status is all discriminatory. My old colleague has the ability to apply for a new job at the U. S. Headquarters. Why? For jobs with the same capabilities, why can we earn tens of thousands of yuan in China and tens of thousands of dollars in foreign countries? Winhack, what do you say makes sense?

Working for a job only transfers risks to the boss, but there are still risks. This is not a financial crisis. Some people are unemployed and some are paying down ?... For foreign companies and private enterprises, the so-called unit stability is not applicable. So when you see someone else saying that there is still a stable job, someone else may be reading a newspaper in the office to get a fixed salary, which is different from your situation. Therefore, it is meaningless to discuss this issue when we do not reveal what we do. My boss was upset that day. I 'd like to drop your salary and join the Cold palace. How do you stay? I am now half a boss. My heart is as dark as it is. I don't need to ask for more than one person. This is the essence of working. The so-called "assurance" is false. You can imagine it with your own wishful thinking.

Working essence 2: commissioned development.
What is delegated development? If you have not signed a contract, you will not understand it. Entrusting development means that others take the money for your development. What you develop is owned by others? Reasonable? No, you lost. After you have been working for a long time, you can get some labor compensation at one time, while others sell more money with your stuff,In turn, you can no longer use or use the same code on your own! Because intellectual property rights have been sold to others and you use them again, you are in violation of the law.

Do you think I'm kidding? For example, if you write something on your own and now develop a set of software for others on this basis, why can't I sell it? Because you entrust development with others, you get money, and others get your intellectual property rights, you have no intellectual property right now, you have no right, understand? Still not clear? Doubling some of the posts posted by Guo Fu in the Forum, reminding everyone to pay attention to intellectual property rights...

What does this have to do with working? Working is commissioned development. You have been working for a lifetime, and your intellectual achievements are owned by your company. In the end, you have nothing. Do you want to use the technology you are familiar with, and then the fields you are familiar with, to write and share jobs? Be careful not to make a lawsuit. In the simplest way, you may encounter problems when applying for copyright. If you have an organization, you must prove that the organization is not a title inventor '... I think most people have limited energy and share small products. Most of them are related to their own business (because they are familiar with this field), so you should be careful when you share part-time jobs, do not buy hidden risks for yourself.

The reason why I resigned was my work. Some departments in our company are working on it. I have to avoid potential risks before I get in touch with the company.

Working essence 3: working is mixed. Are you mixed?
Domestic workplace is full of various potential rules. Who can climb up? Does it rely on technology? Does it rely on overtime? We are the 'people who think about programs every day', and people who have ulterior motives all the time are 'Thinking about things every day '. Finally, it became the fate of the ox and the horse. Of course, some people are naturally suitable for the workplace and are suitable for leaders to 'manage' others. The problem is, are you? By working hard, you can achieve career improvement only by presenting your skills. The career ladder is just a fantasy for most people (because the management is always a minority. The workplace animals recommended on cnsw last time are good, and they call for a wolf forever. I am, huh, so I came out.

The essence of working 4 is the illusion of living in a big city-in fact, you are a slave of life.
To have a good salary, we need to go to a good city, and everyone will go to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou! How many people are counted as posts? I am now in Chengdu, no, and Chengdu, and I have already moved back to Leshan. I sold a suite for more than 0.2 million, soho does not need a car (it can be used by parents occasionally). A family spends 3 k RMB a month, making it easy to live. It's really life. When you need to shop, you just need to drive a trip to Chengdu for 2 hours.

If you want to reach the same level, it will take at least 7 k in Beijing, and 3 K in a month, and 1 W will be gone. To work inexplicably, it takes at least two hours to get on the road every day (two hours a day is enough for me to develop one or two products) I have to work overtime, deal with interpersonal relationships, and take annual leave to go home to see my parents. I am so tired. Is this still life? Isn't that about RMB a year? When the cost is deducted, only 0.1 million of the tax revenue is generated. It's not as much as the boss who runs a clothing store here to earn. Write a $29 small product, as long as it is useful, usually a month brings 200 yuan of revenue; the same fatigue I can maintain 7, 8 such small products, just a year to prove 0.1 million.

Of course, not all working people are suitable for work. Compare the following items by yourself,
1. Do you understand everything from art to web pages, to sales promotion to foreign languages? It doesn't matter if you are not proficient. What is your learning ability?
2. Are you a social imitation animal? Unlike others, you are in a hurry. When you go out for a group activity, you are not keeping up with the team.
3. Can you endure loneliness? Do you have to worry about yourself?
4. Have you suffered? (The best person who can endure hardship and enjoy life)
5. Have you ever written a product?

After these six items, what do you do, what value you provide, and how you make profits.
// Unfortunately, most people cannot survive, and only one way to work can be done.
I hope some of my views can help those who are hesitant.



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