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There are two types of timed shutdown commands that are commonly used: shutdown-s-T 36,001 hours after the active shutdown (3,600 seconds) at shutdown-s 12:00 self-shut down the computer system timer shutdown: WindowsXP with the relevant machine program Shutdow There are two types of timed shutdown commands that the N.exe,shutdown.exe command can typically use in a program:
Shutdown-s-T 3600 1 hours after the active shutdown (3,600 seconds)
At Shutdown-s 12:00 I shut down my computer voluntarily.
System timer Shutdown:
WindowsXP comes with the Machine program Shutdown.exe,shutdown.exe command can be in the "program → Start
→ accessories → command Prompt to run manually, you can also create a shortcut on the desktop,
The "soft" shutdown command is available in the
To have the computer shut down at 23, you can click "Start → run" and enter "at 23:00 shutdown".
-S "so that by the 23 point of the computer will appear the" System Shutdown "dialog box, the default is 30 seconds countdown and
Prompts you to save the file.
-F: Forcibly closing the application
-L: Log off the current user
-R: Shutdown and restart
-T time: Set shutdown countdown
-C "Message content": Enter the message content in the Shutdown dialog box (cannot exceed 127 characters)

Uncover shutdown's magical veil
Shutdown is one of the widely used shutdown command programs in the Windows family of operating systems. The author by collecting
A large amount of data and practice, comparative analysis, found Microsoft's latest version of the Windows Server 2003 operating system
The shutdown command program's parameter switches make the function richer and more powerful. It is not only convenient to manage this
Computer, and is more flexible in the management and monitoring of remote computers. Now, the participation of these
The number of switches introduced to everyone, and friends to share.
Shutdown enables you to shut down or restart one or more local or remote network computers at once.
The general syntax for the format of the Shutdown Program command line is:
ShutDown/Parameter switch
The following is a specific description of the/parameter switch function.
Function of the shutdown switch
Function: Turn off the computer.
Parameter function: Start the computer again after shutting down the machine.
Function: Cancels the shutdown operation (valid only within the time-out period). /A is only possible with/M
Use [Url=file:////computername]//computername[/url] together.
Parameter function: Displays the Remote Shutdown dialog box. The/I option must be the first parameter typed, and later
All of the parameters are ignored.
Function: Log out of the current user immediately, no time-out period. Cannot convert/l to/M [Url=file:////computername]//computername[/url]
or/T to use together.
Parameter function: Shuts down the local computer (not the remote computer) without a timeout or warning. /P can only and/d a
Use. Assuming your computer does not support power off, using/p will shut down the system but will not cut you
power to the computer.
Parameter function: Causes the local computer to hibernate (assuming hibernation is enabled). Only the/h and/F can be
Parameters: Agree to log unexpected shutdown reasons on the target computer
Parameter function: Forces the running application to close without warning the user in advance.
Warning: Using the/F option may result in the loss of unsaved data.
/M [Url=file:////computername]//computername[/url]
Parameter function: Specifies the target computer. cannot be used with the/I option.
Function: Setting the time-out period or delay to xxx seconds before another boot or shutdown will make the local console
Displays a warning message. You can specify a range of 0-600 seconds. Assuming omit/T, the default timeout
The term is 30 seconds.
/C "Comment"
Parameter function: Allows you to make a specific gaze on the shutdown reason. You must first use the/d option to provide an original
Because The gaze must be cited in the argument. can use up to 127 characters.
Parameters: Displays help at the command prompt, including the primary reason and the secondary that are defined on the local computer
A list of reasons to be. You can display help just by typing shutdown without any parameters.
/d [P:]xx:yy
Parameters: Lists the reason why the system started again, shut down, or turned off the power. The following table describes the number of references.

Ii. Examples of shutdown applications
1. Turn off or restart the local computer
(1) SHUTDOWN/S/d 1:1
Wait 30 seconds (default) to start running without scheduled shutdown, causing no scheduled shutdown of the main original due to "
Hardware ", secondary originally due to" maintenance ".
(2) SHUTDOWN/R/T 60/d 1:1
Wait a minute after the ability to start running the scheduled shutdown after restarting, the scheduled shutdown after restarting the main
To the original due to "application", secondary originally due to "Installation".
(3) shutdown/p/d P:1:2
After waiting 30 seconds to power off the computer and the operation is scheduled, the main source of power off is "
Hardware ", secondary originally due to" Installation ".
2. Turn off or restart the remote network computer
(1) shutdown/s/M [Url=file:////computername]//computername[/url]/d 1:1
After waiting for 30 seconds (the default), run an unplanned shutdown operation, causing the main source of the unplanned shutdown due to "hard
"Minor original due to" maintenance ".
(2) shutdown/r/M [Url=file:////computername]//computername[/url]/T 60/d p:4:2
Wait a minute after the ability to start running the scheduled shutdown after restarting, the scheduled shutdown after restarting the main
To the original due to "application", secondary originally due to "Installation".

Third, PostScript
Shutdown many of the parameters, with/s,/r,/d P XX yy,/t xxx Most often used and useful, they
Makes it easier for users to manage local or remote network computers. Of course, to use these parameter switches
, you must first obtain permission to shut down the computer locally or remotely.

Timed Shutdown Command--shutdown

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