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A lot of enterprise router fault hidden is very high, do not pay attention to the words it is difficult to detect, it is a headache, if the performance of corporate routers, network interruption and other phenomena appear, just hurriedly use a lot of manpower and resources to remedy, it is very laborious. In addition, if you encounter lightning and other sudden situation, but did not advance the enterprise router adequate precautions, perhaps for users to create a new replacement equipment a good opportunity.

Therefore, the enterprise routers of all kinds of problems should be prevented in the early, timely and day-to-day management and maintenance work, and strive to be prepared. To do a good job in the management and maintenance of enterprise router should be done from the following aspects.

1. Marking, easy to maintain

Because of the relatively many computers inside the enterprise LAN, a wide range of cable, if there is a fault does not know which line to take, so for the connection between the computer and the router network cable to do a good mark, in the router to indicate the connection which host, in the computer to mark is connected to the router which port to facilitate maintenance work.

2. Provide a good working environment for enterprise routers

In the Enterprise router manual manufacturers have identified the normal operation of the router environment indicators, so enterprises in the use of the process should be as far as possible for the enterprise router to provide a compliance with the manufacturer's environmental indicators of the working environment, otherwise it will affect the normal work of the router, and even may damage the router. The general need to pay attention to is the power supply voltage, operating temperature, storage temperature, working phase humidity, relative humidity and other aspects of storage.

In particular, to pay attention to moisture-proof and heat, because the enterprise router is composed of many close electronic components, these electronic components will cause a short circuit due to damp, so be sure to place it in a dry place. Especially in the rainy season, more attention should be paid to keep the corporate router working environment dry. In addition, because the enterprise router in the process of operation of the device chip will emit a lot of heat, if not in time to distribute it, it may lead to the heat of the chip beyond the target range, and cause the enterprise router work abnormal. Therefore, it is best to place the router in a well-ventilated and dry location, do not use decorative cloth, such as cover routers, do not stack around the router books, sundries and so on, to make way by a good air to the line.

3. Electromagnetic Interference prevention

Data in the process of transmission, will be affected by a number of factors, electromagnetic interference is one of the main aspects, such as speakers, radio transceiver equipment, such as the enterprise router too close to, the network signal will likely be affected by external radiation, so as far as possible to put the enterprise router in a separate place, Far away from the devices that would produce electromagnetic interference.

4. In the enterprise router power process, do not arbitrarily plug

When the router is powered up, try not to do the operation of live Plug and pull, because such operations can easily cause damage to the circuit, although there are many corporate router manufacturers have taken some protective measures, but still need to pay extra attention, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to corporate routers.

5. Do the Lightning protection measures

Mined area is not uncommon in our country, taking Guangzhou as an example, the average thunderstorm weather can reach 80.3 times per year, so the number of router users who suffer damage because of lightning strikes is also many. According to the Qno Technology Engineers Survey analysis, 30% of network equipment failures and lightning has a direct relationship. Although a lot of times the induction voltage caused by lightning can not be completely reimbursed the enterprise router, but even if there is no network failure, but the enterprise router is often subjected to over-voltage impact, it is easy to cause the router equipment parts of aging, greatly shortened its service life, is more vulnerable to damage for older corporate routers. In this way, if there is no corresponding grounding protection measures, the enterprise router is vulnerable to natural disasters such as lightning damage, seriously affecting the stability of the network operation. Therefore, enterprises should do a good job of lightning protection measures, enterprise users can do a good job of equipment grounding devices and installation of effective mine protective system to prevent lightning strikes in two ways.

6. Anti-Power

In the current situation of "electric panic" everywhere, electricity to the enterprise implementation of power rationing has long been used to see not strange, and the electricity process will also be due to the lack of voltage and intermittent, the power is high and low (voltage is low, such as less than 150V, or too high, such as higher than 260V) and other such instability problems, The power supply is often unstable and can easily cause router devices in the corporate network to not work continuously. If the enterprise router often works in this kind of abnormal power supply environment, not only seriously affects the router to the enterprise network to provide the service quality, in the long term will also greatly shorten the enterprise router life.

Therefore, the best way to ensure the "robust longevity" of enterprise routers is to equip the enterprise routers with excellent and stable ups power systems. UPS power can effectively solve the power grid, such as: power outages, lightning spikes, surges, frequency shocks, voltage mutations, voltage fluctuations, frequency drift, voltage drop, pulse interference and so on, if the enterprise router equipped with UPS power system, There is no need to worry about the voltage instability or the sudden power loss will cause the router to suffer damage.

7. Try to avoid impact, concussion

When a corporate router is hit and shaken, it is possible to loosen the components of the router equipment, even directly cause the hardware damage, so after the mobile enterprise router reinstall, it is recommended that the router should be fixed on a specific rack, this can not only avoid the router by impact, vibration, but also can make the cable is not easy to fall off, Ensure the corporate router is communicating properly.

8. Effective defense enterprise router suffers from electrostatic intrusion

Electrostatic discharge is very easy to cause hardware damage to the enterprise router, with the network equipment chip technology continues to progress, the speed and function of the chip has been improved, but the chip has become more fragile. A not too high electrostatic voltage will be able to penetrate the transistor, a not too large electrostatic current will be connected to the fuse, and static electricity is ubiquitous, static electricity is the invisible killer of network equipment, so to the enterprise router for effective maintenance, we must take the correct measures to prevent static electricity. The specific approach has the following two points:

1 The enterprise router should maintain good contact, must have the reliable grounding device.

2 for some dry areas of the enterprise (such as the northern region of enterprises) in the dry season should be appropriate use of humidifier, to maintain a certain humidity of the air in order to avoid static electricity in equipment, office equipment and enterprise network users of the body accumulated.

9. Let the enterprise router away from the dust of the bustle

Dust in the enterprise router harm is also not to be ignored, if the equipment on the dust too much, but did not get the timely clean-up, then the Enterprise network may appear some inexplicable fault, light is caused by poor contact interface, heavy is likely to burn the enterprise router inside the chip. It can be seen that the enterprise router Dust Removal Kung Fu is also very important, should not be overlooked, nor wrong.

10. Pay attention to safety precautions

Enterprise routers in the actual use, in addition to the correct installation settings, but also to set the management password, and pay attention to secrecy, do not let the administrator other people casually approach the router, not to let others randomly configure the router.

11. Regular data backup of the enterprise router

To prevent network crashes and loss of the original configuration, the configuration of the corporate router should be backed up periodically. It is easier to choose a PC and run Cisco TFTP Server software before making a backup. The router configuration is then backed up to the backup server with the following steps:

1 Telnet to the router to be backed up, telnet (server IP address)

2 Check whether the router is connected to the TFTP server, ping (TFTP server IP address)

3 Use copy Running-config tftp to back up the profile to the TFTP server

4) Enter the TFTP server IP address and destination file name and confirm according to the command request

12. Frequently update the enterprise router system software

The operating system of a corporate router, like a network operating system, needs to be updated frequently to correct problems such as programming errors, software flaws, and cache overflows. Because the router's system software often has many versions, each version supports different features. When the current version of the software does not support a feature will cause the enterprise router part of the loss of functionality, and as long as the corresponding software upgrades can be a loss of functionality recovery. So you need to frequently query the router manufacturer for the current enterprise router updates and operating system version, if found to have a new version, should do the update.

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