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The browser that fits the owner's personality is the most suitable browser. A few days ago, proud tour released 3.0 BETA4 version. In addition to the widely watched mouse gestures customization, multiple search, developer tools, AO 3.0 There are many personality features. If you want to create a unique browser, come with me, go to see the 3.0 "small skills", I believe it will be your personalized needs of a good helper.

Before this, we need to create a proud tour account, become a proud member can enjoy a lot of unique services. First open the Proud browser, with the left mouse button to click on the top left corner proudly travel logo, and then click the Pop-up dialog box to the bottom right of the new account. In the open registration interface to fill out personal information, click Register.

After the successful registration, you can login directly in the browser, proud to travel a lot of skills will be used to account functions.

Tips One, the proud tour logo into their favorite pictures.

Now the software homogenization is very serious, from Microsoft Office to a wide range of browsers, unified in the upper left corner of the software logo. Although the style is very modern, can be the same logo icon sooner or later will make people tired.

And in 3.0, you can easily change your logo to your favorite pictures, set the steps is also very simple:

Login proud to swim, click on the Logo button in the upper left corner of the interface, click on the Open dialog box your user name, will pop-up settings menu. Select the "Set Avatar" option in the menu to select or upload your favorite pictures. After the adjustment is over, the logo in the upper left corner will become the picture of your own setting.

Tips Two, intelligent filling, quick login

Are you a regular guest of the forum? Do you often log in to the mailbox? It must be annoying to fill in the login information every day. Today, let's 3.0 to help you solve this problem.

When you fill in the Web page login information, AO 3.0 will pop-up prompts dialog box, ask "whether to save the site your username and password?".

If you click the Save button, the next time you open the site, proud tour will help you to automatically fill in the login information, and with eye-catching bright yellow hint, very intimate.

Well, it's very convenient. As for the security of the account password, there is no need to worry. These data are stored using encryption technology, as long as your account is not a proud trip, no one can crack your personal data.

Tips Three, network favorites--Let the collection with your proud tour

No doubt, if the browser style is external performance, then the collection is the embodiment of the intrinsic. For example, the collection is a technology site, then this is a technical madman, if it is a literary site, then he is a literary enthusiast; if the collection is some kind of action movie site ... I guess his collection needs a lot of change.

Whether the collection is often replaced, as long as the replacement of a computer, there is a need for synchronous collection. Proud of the network favorites can be a good solution to this problem. On any computer, as long as the use of AO 3.0 login personal account, your collection will follow you to the ends of the earth.

See here, whether you already like the proud swim 3.0. Although here only three tips, but as long as willing to carefully experience, there are more surprises waiting for you to dig, come and try it.

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