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In many ways HTML and CSS are a powerful content publishing mechanism--easy to learn, flexible and powerful. But the complex layout is what he is not good at. If you want to make a complex, multiple-column layout, the compatibility of the many browsers you want to do is still very complicated. To cope with this situation, CSS3 contains a number of modules, which are easier to use with different layouts. Now we turn our attention to CSS3 's Flexbox layout module.

Flexbox layout is probably one of the most anticipated and useful features in CSS3. The powerful flexbox not only makes small layouts on tablets and phones easier, it's also enough to deal with the complex layout of various types of large projects.

Flexbox can efficiently and easily manage space by controlling the various properties of the container (width height, etc.), so that you only need to scale the subprojects appropriately to prevent the control from spilling out of the area, keeping the structure tidy. This scaling is not related to the direction, which makes it very comfortable on the mobile side.

The only obstacle to Flexbox now is probably browser-compatible, but given that BlackBerry 10 and old IE10 have no compatibility problems, overall, this is not much of a problem at all.

Today's article collects 20 Flexbox based solutions, some code snippets, and some frameworks that you can use to select the right one for your needs.

Flex Box Editor

You can test your flexbox layout on the Flex Box Editor, and you can easily add, remove, and select child elements, and control their layout, orientation, alignment, and line-wrapping rules.


Cssplus is a standard web scaffolding tool that generates lightweight, robust, responsive layouts that are perfectly compatible with modern browsers. The entire UI layout is very human, and even beginners are fairly easy to get started with.


Bulma has a safe and flexible feature that makes it very good for you in project development. The method is simple: Add new columns, and the system will help you automatically adapt to different browsers.

It is also equipped with flexible navigation bars, multifunctional media controls, content that can be easily controlled, a wide variety of classes, and core components of various foundations.

Flexbox Grid

Flexbox Grid is a lightweight but robust grid system that can help you manage content in fine detail. This means that you can use nested grids and be able to respond to the size, offset, visual width, alignment, and other properties of the column.


Kube is a CSS based framework used to quickly build modern, lightweight interface tools. It can make a clear and accurate layout, is very suitable for the production of grid systems, and support the current popular desktop and mobile-side browsers.

Flexbox Responsive Grid Playground

Marco Lago took Flexbox to do some responsive design tests, although the results don't seem particularly ideal, but you can see his experience as a reliable starting point. Based on this, the nested grid, the variable spacing of the Flow column layout, and so on.

CSS Flexbox Grid

The CSS Flexbox Grid is the product of the current popular card layout, which includes the gallery area, the sidebar navigation and the top navigation bar, the overall look neat and stylish. This kind of harmonious structure is suitable for many different projects.

Flexbox Equal Height Columns

This layout is ideal for pictures, display and blog sites, and each block can be used to host images, content, and even more complex forms of presentation. The grid system is flexible enough to match different sizes of screens.

Flexbox Cards

As the name suggests, Flexbox Cards is a solution based on Flexbox and card design, which looks clean and balanced. Different types of information are neatly lined up and carefully loaded with cards, although it seems a little easier. Nevertheless, it does use and works.

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