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We must have thought it was a cliché to see this topic. But this time we're talking about how the platform based on Windows Server 2003+windows XP leverages the Internet Connection Sharing feature provided by Windows itself to achieve ADSL sharing. Although the implementation principle is the same as other systems (Windows 2000, Windows 98), there are some differences in the specifics of the operation.

Add Network card

The computer used to make the Internet Connection Sharing server should have two network cards installed, one connected to the ADSL modem and the other connected to the intranet computer or switch.

Turn on Internet Connection Sharing

Assume that the server side is using Windows Server 2003. Right-click the ADSL connection icon in the Network Connections dialog box, select Properties, open the Properties dialog box, and then go to the Advanced tab and check the "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection" option in Internet Connection Sharing. Then select the local connection to the intranet computer or switch in the home network connection Drop-down list (this is "local Connection 2"). The other options remain in the default settings, and then click the OK button.

Tip: When Internet Connection Sharing is enabled, the IP address of "local connection 2" connected to intranet will be automatically set to "" by the system. Therefore, if the IP address of other computers in the intranet does not belong to the network segment, the communication may terminate. It is recommended that the computer in the intranet be set to automatically obtain the IP address mode.

Client Sharing Internet access

For example, to install Windows XP clients, set the IP address to automatic acquisition mode without specifying a gateway to achieve shared Internet access. Of course, the IP address can be set to one of "", the gateway designated as "" can be.

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